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Executive MBA from IIM (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta)

See if you fall in one of the following two categories.
[Editor’s Note: Article updated in September 2021 to reflect the latest data]
Category 1. You are in India working in a corporate setting for many years. The pay is good. The designation is ok, but not so great. You want an added qualification to spice up things and you always wanted to impress others with an IIM degree. The future prospects don’t really suck. You can’t leave your job.

If this describes you, then a part-time Executive MBA from IIM could help soothe your nerves to some extent. Read on.

Category 2. The description fits the bill for the first few statements as described in Scenario 1. What changes is when it comes to the future prospects, which do suck.

If you are in this situation, a superficial cosmetic surgery (for lack of a more appropriate analogy) won’t help your career. It needs a more transformative and invasive surgery that only a full-time course (like IIM Ahmedabad PGPX, IIM Bangalore EPGP, IIM Calcutta MBAEx, IIM Lucknow IPMX, IIM Indore EPGP) can offer.

If that describes you, this post won’t help. Our earlier article will be more relevant for you as it covers the shorter format full-time residential MBA at IIM. Read it here – best one year full-time MBA in India for Executives.

Now that we have addressed the two paths, let’s get back to our primary subject of this post – Par-time Executive MBA programs from IIM that allow you to gain an IIM alumni status without leaving your job.

In our post on the Best Executive MBA Programs in the world, we listed many good EMBA programs in USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong. When it came to India, we listed ISB PGPMAX and INSEAD ILPSIE. But we didn’t talk about EMBA courses from IIM. Once you finish reading this article you’ll realise why. Here’s a short listing of IIM EMBA type options.


Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata

Under the bigger umbrella of Executive Education, the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) offer a staggering range of courses.

Compared to the content and feature rich portals of new age bschools (like ISB), IIM’s websites are quite formal, barebones, cryptic and not too user friendly.

As these executive management programs are essentially cash cows for the institutes that offer them, it’s strange to see how they are (not) being promoted.

It’s almost like some Dan Brown fan designed the pages and thought, “Global managers are expected to make decisions based on incomplete data. If these aspirants want an IIM brand, let them prove their aptitude by making sense of the random jigsaw pieces I’m gratuitously leaving on the table.

Till fan-boy changes the web-pages (and his attitude), we hope the sections below will help you cut through the clutter and get straight to the course you are interested in. We’ll skip the highly specialised, topic-focused programs and concentrate on the general management courses offered by the top 3 IIMs.

Executive Education at IIM Ahmedabad

Among the 80 odd executive education programs (EEPs) that you’ll find at IIMA, you won’t find anything that’s close to the regular Executive MBA format. Most are much shorter in length. Here are the ones to consider that have a broad-based curriculum.

General Management Programme (GMP): Total duration is 9 months, however the classes happen only on weekends (23 contact days). Offered in Dubai. [Note: The website no longer shows this course option. However, we would advise you verify their updates to find out more.]

3-Tier Programme (3-TP): Consists of 3 executive programmes [Emerging Leaders’ Programme, Senior Leaders’ Programme, Top Management]. Duration 2-3 weeks per tier.

Transforming Small & Medium Enterprises: Aimed at entrepreneurs and those who come from a family business background or smaller companies. Duration 2 weeks. [Note: The website no longer shows this course option. However, we would advise you verify their updates to find out more.]

For the rest of the short time executive programs and their program calendar, refer to their list of here.

Executive Education at IIM Bangalore

Post Graduate Programme in Software Enterprise Management (PGSEM): With this program, IIM Bangalore has found a way to target the techies working in the top technology hub of India. Duration 2.5 years, with classes held on weekends (Fridays / Saturdays). There is also the PGPEM (Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management), a 2-year executive MBA designed for working professionals who cannot leave their jobs.

Here’s a list of their Long Duration Programmes, programs offered in a 2-12 month period part time. For Short Duration Programs, lasting an order of a week, you are advised to visit their page here.


Long Duration Program Part-Time Duration (Approx.) Management Level
Executive General Management Programme (EGMP) 10 months Mid-Senior
General Management Programme for IT Executives (GMITE) 10 months Mid-Senior
General Management Programme for Aerospace and Aviation Executives (GMAE) 10 months Mid-Senior
General Management Programme for Healthcare Executives (GMHE) 10 months Mid-Senior
Advanced Management Programme (AMP) 12 months Senior C-Suite
Business Analytics and Intelligence (BAI) 12 months Mid-Senior
Big Data Analytics (BDA) – 3

(No longer listed on the website)

9 months Mid-Senior
Weekend Programme on Finance for Executives (For non- Finance Manager) – 5

(No longer listed on the website)

6 months Mid-Senior
Next Generation CHROs -2

(No longer listed on the website)

7 months Senior C-Suite
Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Businesses (MPEFB) 6 months Senior Entrepreneurs and Family Business Owners
Accelerated AMP-1

(No longer listed on the website)

7 months Senior
General Management Programme for Young Leaders (YLP)-2

(No longer listed on the website)

12 months Frontline-Mid
General Management Programme for Aerospace and Aviation Executives (GMAE) 10 months Mid-Senior
Aerospace MBA 12 months Mid-Senior

(Successful Completion of GMAE Programme)

Certificate of Excellence in Global Business

(No longer listed on the website)

International Management Programme (IMP) 16 months Senior
Leading Digital Transformation (LDT) 6 months Senior
Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP) 7 months To-be Managers
Strategic Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) 8 months Mid-Senior
General Management Programme on IMBx for Dubai (GMPx2) 6 months Mid-Senior
General Management Programme for Healthcare Executives 10 months Mid-Senior
Modular Programme in Data Science (MPDS) 6 months Mid-Senior
HR Analytics 5 months Mid-Senior
Tanmatra Women in Leadership Programme 6 months Senior


Executive courses at IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta offers a wide range of part-time executive education options. The shorter Management Development Programs (MDP) are structured classroom type sessions that last from 3 days to 3 weeks. Topics like Digital Marketing Technology and Strategy, Internet of Things (IoT), Applied Corporate Finance, Competitive Marketing Strategy, and many more. For a complete list of MDPs, you can refer to their MDP Calendar. There are also customizable programs that can cater to the training demands of corporate clients.

The longer programs, appropriately called the Long Duration Programmes, also caters to professionals seeking a part-time education. They are conducted through a distance learning format. Classes are held in the evenings and weekends via satellite-based content delivery. There are close to 20 independent executive programs focussing on topics such as business management, sales & marketing, management of software development, international business, supply chain management, human resource management, business analytics etc.

Executive MBA variations in other IIM and non-IIM colleges

If you aren’t hung up on the IIM brand (or even if you are), there are many other colleges in India that offer Executive MBA type options. For the sake of brevity, we can’t cover them all in this article. So, check around to see what institutes like NMIMS, SP Jain, Symbiosis, and even some of the IITs (IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay) have to offer.

As you’d see, if you are looking for a traditional and general management focused Executive MBA from IIM (similar to the highly selective and rigorous ones offered by the international universities), you won’t have much to choose from. This is why the IIMs didn’t make it to our top EMBA programs in the world list.

While these courses make it easier to get the IIM brand on your resume and an alumni ID, don’t expect them to put your career on a fast-track. Unlike the full-time programs at IIM, executive MBA variations don’t have any placement assistance despite the steep fees they charge.

Don’t think you can pass them off on your CV or LinkedIn profile as a regular MBA by skipping the course name & details. Most serious employers will find out it’s a part-time course and if you’ve tried to paint the wrong picture (of being in the same elite club as the full-time IIM MBA grads), you’d just be shooting yourself in the foot.

But you still get to interact with the same top notch professors who teach freshers in the IIM 2-year MBA degrees (PGP to be technical correct). If you have the aptitude and the inclination, you’d be able to quickly learn about management theory in a short span of time.

Consider the pros and cons of part-time executive MBA type programs at IIM before joining.

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64 thoughts on “Executive MBA from IIM (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta)”

  1. Hi Sameer,

    I am having 3+ years of work experience.
    Marks in 10/12/BTech-86/67/78.
    Want to pursue MBA . Which MBA option would be best 2 year, 1 year, Distance through niit imperia,certificate courses from IIM?
    PLZ HELP & ADVICE if any other option are good.Plz tell regarding that too.

    • MY SON SCORED 96.7PERCENTILE IN MAT. He wants to pursue MBA from Top RATED COLLEGE suggest names.
      Other options
      If he should work for two years n then pursue Executive MBA FROM IIM

  2. +12 yr manufacturing exp. salary 12 lakhs, salary will be revised to 14 lakhs in next month IA
    I have got admit from new IIM for 2 yr program. Should I join IIM rohtak for 2yr regular mba. ( my interview was good. will get admit). I dont have energy to appear in GMAT and wait for another one yr for IIM ABC executive programs but fees is too high. if we calculate ROI , it is almost same for execuitve MBA (IIM ABC) and 2 yr IIM rohtak PGP.
    whats ur advice.
    I was also plannin to go for entrepreneurship after MBA. exe mba ke baad I will be forced to join job for repaying EMI (edu loan) but ,.,.. 2 yr MBA ke baad i plan to start my own company with some money coming by part time working as faculty in colleges.

    • Bhai direct jump onto entrepreneurship if you have some feasible ideas….. IIMs in India is only for affluent, rich n super rich class… Dat too if they have lil intellect.. These gov’t aided intuitions would suck all your money and leave you in a much tense job to do… But hat’s off to your efforts for clearing cat … Best of luck

  3. Hi Sameer
    This is vipul. I completed B.Tech in Civil from NIT. I have been working in a civil engineering work based company (PSU). I want to change my job profile and employer too. Suggest if Executive MBA is a good option for me. I am confuse.

  4. @Chitij: If you can afford the break (from work, salary), the US style 2-year MBA will fit your profile the best.

    @Shanu: If you have no other option, then ok to take it up. But you’ll stick out like a sore thumb in a class filled with freshers and none of the experience and professional maturity that you have.

    @Vipul: For a career change, a regular (full-time) MBA would work better than a (part-time) Executive MBA.

  5. Hi Sameer,
    Hope You’r doing well!!!!

    You’r very interesting guy, thank you for helping all, who’re in diloma

    My Profile: 10th: 77%
    Inter :87%
    B-Tech: 77%

    I’m 2014 passout and presently working for a small IT company, my salary is very less 1.2l/yr
    and have signed a bond for 4 years, by the end of 4 years it would be nearly 4L/yr.
    Should I continue as a developer or shift towards MBA, if MBA then which course in it.
    which will help me to have good pay(Don’t suggest it depends as per my interest).
    will their be any pay difference if I do MBA/not.


    1. Preparation tips for gmat online/joining institute
    2. which B-school to prefer after 4.5 years of experience, Except ISB(I wish to join ISB but not interested to apply for loan and keep debts on my head)

    I’m still in diloma whether to pursue mba/not, because 4 years here after, can’t guess what happens……….
    I don’t think will get in to IIM’s, I’m not that intelligent.


  6. Hi Sameer,

    My profile is-

    Completed engineering in 2011 with mechanical branch.

    Started career in purchase (experience – 9 months) presently in sales (experience – 2.7 years)
    Total Work Experience – 3.4 years
    Designation – Sales Executive, Tractor industry

    My age is 26 and now I am planning to pursue MBA. Please suggest if i should join executive MBA or 1 year mba and also which college to opt for. As this year has gone i’ll be able to join in 2016!!

    Thanks & Regards,


  7. Hi Sameer,

    my profile is
    B Sc Chemistry – 63 %
    PG Diploma in industrial fermentation – 78%
    I have work experience in Bioprocess technology fermentation and downstream of bioduels , biochemicals For 7 + years.
    can you suggest me the right course (executive / parttime ) which will give me more out of it.
    How is the welingker institute of manegment and research Mumbai or symbiosis pune to do it. or you suggest.
    plz guide

  8. i have experience of 10 years in engineering design , My highest qualification is My current salary is 12 lakhs. Now, i want to join “Senior Management Program”IIM cullcutta. Is it beneficial for me?? or suggest for other option?

  9. @LKR: For GMAT MBA programs, 5 years is the average work experience in most programs. So, working for a few more years won’t hurt. You can prepare for the GMAT on your own using the popular MBA books.

    @Shibu: Try for a regular, full-time MBA. The opportunities will be much better than Executive MBA courses.

    @Irfan: If you are working in Mumbai, Welingkar as a decent evening MBA program that you can enroll for without having to leave your job.

    @Ashfaq: It would be beneficial from a knowledge perspective. Not so much for career growth, if that’s your primary objective.

    • Hi Sameer,

      I have done BTech from NIT and have 5+ years of workex in tech-managerial field.
      GMAT score 690.
      With this score will I be able to get 100% scholarship from US Bschools? or should I retake GMAT?

  10. Hi Sameer thanks for this great Post and clearing the air between the myriad of the options available.

    Like Many others I Have my own queries.
    I am currently working with one of the Top Indian IT company for almost 1.5 years.
    I earlier wanted to go for the 2 year MBA program right after the college but due to circumstances I was not in the
    position to go for higher studies by rejecting the Job offer.

    Well the situation still remains the pretty much that I still cannot go for the 2 year MBA program. So i am now planning to go for the One year MBA program as for that I ll have to quit the Job only for year or 15 months.

    My expectation are
    1) Fast Career Growth
    2) Fat Package
    3) and kaam karne vala kaam not like in IT where you just have to sit in the front of the computer everyday for 8-9 hours.

    But after going through the post above everybody seems to be talking about the profile

    So what do they exactly look in the candidate and how can i make my profile strong.

  11. Hello Sir !

    My work ex is 5+. Today,When I was going through the batch profile of Top B schools ,I found no one having work Ex more than 4.5 years in 2 year flagship programmes.I am preparing for CAT since last year and have to appear for GMAT also.

    As the fees were too high for for executive MBA’s( India as well as aboard) ,I can’t afford them.That’s why i was trying to get admit in 2 years flagship programme in any Top B – school.Even there are no additional marks for work Ex of more than 5 in profile evaluation.

    Is a work Ex of more than 5 hindering the selection ?

  12. Hi Sameer,

    I Have a queries.
    I am currently working with one of the Top MNC as a SAP BI consultant for almost 4.7 years.
    I am now planning to go for the One year MBA program you can say excutive MBA .

    My expectation are
    1) Fast Career Growth
    2) Good Package
    3) and i dnt like to spend 8-9 hours daily in front of computer.


  13. Hi Sameer,

    First of all, let me thank you for the amazing amount of effort you have put into building the MBACrystalBall. It is one of the most helpful sites for career decisions I would say. Cheers!

    I have a similar question for you as everyone else on this forum, “please evaluate my profile and let me know if i am of any good!” 🙂

    I am a 28 year old male, working with a top UK bank in Gurgaon, analyzing their Interest rate risk exposure and other basel metrics for the last one year. Prior to this role, i was with a KPO for 3 years, assisting a top US investment banker prepare financial models for his clients (which was pretty high end work i would say). Before that, I had stints with an indian IT consulting firm for an year and a US management consulting firm for two years. Both of these roles were entry level roles and the exposure wasn’t great.

    In terms of academics, I did my business economics grad from an average DU college and got a below average score (50%)! Wanted to make up for it so did the CFA program (US) and FRM (GARP). Both of these programs helped me realize my potential. Also, i am coaching students for these programs over the weekend now.

    Talking about salary, (if that moves the needle at any b-school!) I get paid ~19lakhs an year with 6.2 years of experience. Its not too bad, but there was room for improvement if I had done better during college.

    I am yet to prepare for GMAT (my wife is preparing for the exam and motivating me to take it up as well). The concepts look okay, and can be digested. I know this as I do a couple of questions with her every now and then.

    Do you think if I get a decent score (say 700+), my profile would get a chance to stand the higher mortals applying for IIM PGPX?

    Sorry for the ultra long post!

    Many thanks!


  14. Hello Sameer Sir,

    I scored 89% aggregated in class 10th. I’ve got a 98.3% in PCM in class XII and overall 93% (CBSE Board). I got into BITS-Pilani (Pilani Campus) and did a Btech in Chemial Engineering. The glitch was that I did not perform well academically in college and passed out with 63% overall.
    Thereafter I joined an intellectual property IP consultancy firm as a Research Analyst in Chemical & Chemistry domain for a year. By luck I got an opportunity to join the leading private fertilizer producing organization in the country in the Operations/ Production dept. I’m presently posted as Assistant Manager in the Ammonia plant. It has been 2 years now here. I’m thinking of going for an MBA now either in Operations & Strategy Or Sales/ Marketing.
    With my background can you guide as to what setbacks I may have to face in the interviews for B-schools, how well do I have to score in CAT, etc. I’m from the General category.
    Shall I do the regular MBA or an executive MBA after a couple of years. I have total 3 years work experience presently. Can I target the top Bschools in the country ?

    Thank you

  15. Hi Sameer,

    I am 32 years old & I have an experience of more then 7 years in HR & now am thinking to shift my career to some other domain. As i have done correspondence MBA & few certifications in HR. I am interested in full Time MBA(1year/2years). So would you please suggest me some BSchools in India & abroad.

    GMAT Score:-720
    B.Tech:- Town Planning
    PGDM HR( correspondence)

  16. Hi Sameer,

    I have 10 years of work experience and i plan to take a break and do Executive MBA. I aim is to move ahead in salary and managerial role. I need help in understanding difference in SP Jain’s Global MBA which is regular and need GMAT score above 650 against ISB Executive MBA with no GMAT score and no placement facility.

    As i am aware of my abilities, i prefer not to give GMAT and do ISB but will it help me achieve my aim of doubling my salary. Also, i plan to move abroad like Dubai or Canada with that degree, will it help?

    My research on SP Jain Global MBA showed that people with 5 yrs of exp did SP Jain Global MBA and were placed nicely whereas ISB was done by professionals who wanted to move ahead in their current company.

    Please advice.



  17. Hi Sameer,

    I am a 2012 Passout. I have done in Information and technology and doing job as a Procurement associate and had an experience in supply chain operations. I am looking for a better Job Growth and better profile with good package.

    I have 2.5 years of expereince in supply chain and procurement. Package is 3 Lacs/Annum.

    Please suggest me some good part time course/ Regular course which will excel my carrier growth.

    I am looking for a Executive MBA from IIM’s. Please advise the procedure of taking admission for executive MBA.

  18. Hi Sameer,
    Hope you are doing good.
    Just needed a guidance from your end.

    I have pursued my B.Tech in Computer Science. I am 2013 pass out. I have 2 years of experience in US recruitment and 6 months of experience as an HR Executive.

    Please suggest some executive courses from IIM or any reputed institute for me.

    Hope for a quick response.

    Anika Sharma

  19. Hi Sameer,

    My earlier post was incomplete, Here is the complete post.
    I have over 12 years of experience in the IT field. I haven’t found much success in my current organization and am stuck in a technical role (not event a project management role). My aspiration is to be in the top management where I would be into decision making and responsible for the growth of business. I pursued a distance learning (due to financial concerns) PGDBA course with dual specialization in Marketing & Finance. However, I did not get any opportunities outside or within my organization. Since I already have considerable years of experience and a PGDBA, I don’t see the two year full time MBA of much prospect. I have already started preparing for the GMAT and I am thinking of an Executive MBA. My budget is a max of 30lacs (though I would still prefer scholarships). Am I on the right track to meet my aspirations? If not do you have any suggestions? If yes, which business schools can directly put me there?

  20. Hello Sameer,

    I am a working professional with 5 + years of technical experience as Senior Software Developer in an MNC. I intend to opt for Executive MBA from IIMs.
    Could you please help me with the below queries :
    1. Is GMAT the only entrance exam for applying in IIMs?
    2. If this a 1 year full time course, then what are the placement oppurtunities?
    3. What is an approximate fee structure for this course?

  21. Dear Sameer,
    I am working in a healthcare industry in the Finance Department for the last 15 years. I am a graduate of commerce and have computer sound knowledge. I need a MBA degree from reputed institutions without leaving my current job. I could invest 2hrs a day for getting the degree. Please guide me for doing this.

  22. Hello Sameer,

    I am currently working with a well known IT firm as an Admin/Human Resource professional since last 2 years. previously i have a working experience with Tata group of Hotels on a managerial position. As far as my education is concerned i have bachelors degree in Hospitality management and Bachelor of Arts with English literature and have also pursued PGDCA. my overall working experience is 5 + years.

    Since i am a resident of Ahmedabad, i just came across IIM Ahmedabads Executive MBA program so just wanted a guidance from you that which program will suit my career aspects if i want to see myself on a successful HR post?

    and what are the procedure to apply for the same.

    Thank you in Advance,
    Drashtee Bhatt

  23. Hi Sameer,
    I have 11 plus of experience @ 32 years in various functions from Manufacturing domain like Shop floor operations,Planning, SAP implementation, Quality Audits, Value stream mapping, Process improvement etc. And wanted to have an Executive MBA from IIM which will help me to reach to Strategic/Decision making roles in Retail/Manufacturing sector . Would request to give suggestions whether @ my age and experience it would be right to go with my dream . Thanks .

  24. Hi Sameer,

    I am having 5+ years of work experience in Accounting & Finance
    Marks in 10/12/Bcom-55/68/65.
    Want to pursue Executive MBA . Which MBA option would be best for me from IIM?
    Please ADVICE

  25. Hi Sameer,

    I Have 5+ years of IT experience and did my MCA in 2008.My aspiration is to be in the top management where I would be into decision making and responsible for the growth of business Please guide me the ..

  26. dear sameer , i have done 10th/12th/ with 92/78/67 respectively . apart from it i have 5 years of exp in mechanical core industries. i am trying for cat while doing my job but i have not been able to crack. i am commited to do for which i want to leave the job and go for preparation for a year .what is ur suggestion on it

  27. I am currently residing in UAE. I would like to know if IIM offers executive programs in Dubai. And does executive programs have a scholarships

  28. Hi Sameer
    I am experienced non-MBA professional looking for Part time executive MBA programme. I have 15 year experience and does not want to leave or take long breaks from my current job. I will be happy to get call from any one from the center.
    sandeep Mehta

  29. Hi Samir,
    My profile is as below
    10th &12th ( govt board ) : 74 & 68% UPTU : 69%
    MBA full time : Avg university 2011 pass out
    Now after 4 years of work experience in mumbai I feel that my MBA which isn’t from a reputed institute wasn’t a good decision at that time and weightage given is just slightly above a B.E guy.
    would it be a good decision to do another MBA/Executive MBA/ GMBA as offered by institutes like S P Jain in Mumbai.

    Pl advise as I am not satisfied with career growth so far

  30. Hi Samir
    I am a science graduate with PGDM in banking and finance and a 5 year experience as Deputy branch manager in the leading pvt sector bank ,
    I want to change my profile to move into HR assist me with an MBA course that I can manage from home as i am married and cannot afford to relocate.


    i have done mba with marketing and finance from traditional
    institute and working with HDFC BANK and want to executive mba from a reputed b-school .
    so plz tell me may i apply or pursue this course? 8979708581

  32. I am a Bio Science graduate and working in a bank….having 13+ years of work experience..looking to change my job to business analyst and want to opt for executive program of iim bangalore/Ahmedabad ( 7-9 days course )
    Pls guide if the certificate can help me to change my job from sales to analytics.

  33. Hi Sameer,

    Its nice to see a platform you are providing for information. I am having 7+ years of experience in oil and gas engineering. Please let me know what options are there for me to persue a great career ahead.

  34. Hi Sameer,

    I am working as module lead in a top MNC company with good pay and having 4 years of IT experience. I want to add value to my skills and obviously get more handsome pay. But I have time constraint as I can’t leave job. I did some research too, but end up with following confusions:

    1. Will distance MBA helps in getting an awesome paycheck?

    2. I’m from Computer Science background and working from last 4 year in an IT company, so my first thought was to do MBA in IT. However on research I find that Finance + IT combination is the most demanding in industry. Is it true? Should I do MBA in Finance as I already have IT experience?

    3. Symbiosis, NIBM, Welingkar, etc offer a PGD only, while ICFAI, IGNOU, BVDU offer MBA. So does PGD and MBA degree makes any difference?

    4. Final question is after reading lots of articles and forum I find that for distance program of Symboisis, IGNOU or BVDU are trusted. As other’s diplomas and degree is either not accredited or not help in grabbing higher package in industry. So could you please suggest actually which institute will be good for executive or distance learning MBA?

    Thanks & Regards,

  35. I stay in gauwhati i want to persue the emba course ..i cant attend the weekend classes due to tough work schedule..pls suggest how its possible

  36. Hi I am Pranai. I belong to category 2 but I am open to any helpful MBA Program. I am a Science Graduate with 55 percent in Zoology, Botany and Chemistry in 2005. I have an experience of 10 years in Sales in Healthcare Industry with leading MNCs throughout. I am currently in a Regional Role which is a team management profile in my organization. I want to pursue MBA (degree or diploma) that can add to my resume and provide my career a boost so that I can grow up through the ranks in the same industry or can help me venture in other industries as well. Kindly suggest me some options that I can consider and undertake. I cannot leave my job in the endeavor. Modest fee structure is what I will prefer. Pls suggest.

  37. Hi,
    I am working as a Procurement Consultant having 2+ years of experience and I am looking forward to do my Post Graduation from the same field, my preference will be IIMs for executive programs. I would like to know if I am eligible for PGPX from IIMs this academic session. I am preparing for GMAT, but would like to know about my eligibility in terms of my experience.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Swarnim Tripathi

  38. Hi
    I am retd fm Indian Air Force and working with SBI as an assistant/Cashier cum Clerk for last 03yrs.I have total of 25yrs of work exp.I am 45yrs old and EQfn BA LLB PGDHRD.Can you Pl suggest me to go for part time MBA or exec MBA at this stage.How it can help me in career enhancement.I am not wishing to score for CAT/GMAT but I can take up MAT level entrance.Kindly give me proper advice with <20% risk factor.I want exposure of my degrees and experience and want to be suitably placed.So I needed your valuable advice.Advice me Pl,even though you find it an exceptional case.

  39. Hi sameer…i had done in marine engg passed out in may 2012..
    I left that field & Currently i am working as an assistant in the reserve bank of india..
    I wanted to boost my career by doing mba from IIM.
    What mba will u suggest for me… E-MBA or full time waala???
    plz reply sameer…

  40. Hi Sameer,
    I have completed my BE in 2009, and working in MNC since then, having Exp. of 6yr. I am looking for 1yr full time Executive MBA which is the only option i think left for me. Can you help me understand is this the correct option.?

  41. Hi Sameer,

    I did my BCA + MCA (5 Years Integrated Course) through distance learning and have 6+ years of experience in Software Testing. I am preparing and planning to give my GMAT exam soon. Since I did my education through correspondence, I want to know whether I am eligible for executive MBA (residential/regular) from Top Tier MBA institutes in India like IIM, S P Jain or any other institute if I score well in my upcoming GMAT exam. Looking forward for your guidance and support. Thanks!

  42. Hi Sameer

    I am working as a Deputy Manager Admin having 12+ years of experience and I am thinking to do Executive MBA Course from IIM.
    Kindly confirm which course I should opt for and also confirm the process.


  43. Hi Sameer,
    I’m working as Project manager (IT Industry) in Fortune 500 multi national company and having 12+ years of experience. I do have working experience directly with clients in US and UK. My package is also descent.

    I’m looking for executive MBA parallel with my job so please advice which course I should opt and process.


    • Hi Sameer,
      I’m working as Project manager (IT Industry) in Fortune 500 multi national company and having 12+ years of experience. I do have working experience directly with clients in US and UK. My package is also descent.

      I’m looking for executive MBA parallel with my job so please advice which course I should opt and process. I’m looking for executive MBA from IIM.


  44. Hi Sameer,
    I have a total of 6 years and 5 months of experience in IT industry.
    I have taken a break from work (almost 2 years )because of my daughter. Now instead of joining back i want to pursue executive MBA full time program. Which one will you suggest and what will be the criteria.
    Plz advice even if you find this as a rare case.

    Rashmi Choubey

  45. Hi Sameer ,
    I am having 2.7 years of work experience.
    Marks in 10/12/BE-82/85/78.
    Want to pursue MBA . Which MBA option would be best full time or executive MBA
    Please advice

  46. Hi sammer…I hve seen here people are getting valuable suggestions here.

    I’m an civil engineer with 10 yrs of exp. In project management n I’m a PMP too.

    Will going for a mba in finance will be beneficial fr my career. Meanwhile, I want to get into that direction.

    If yes, ex-mba or part time mba based at Mumbai will be beneficial?

    If yes, can u suggest any good b-school.

    I dont want to go for a full-time.


  47. Good evening Dear Sameer!
    I am a Wing Commander of Indian Air Force. I have put in 20 years of service in almost entirely operational domain in the field units. I intend to do MBA PGPX from IIM A.
    Assuming I successfully pass out off the program, what are the career options for obviously older person (45yrs)like me, given my defence background. Please clearly mention what kind of remuneration should I be expecting. Currently CTC for me is 24 lacs a month.
    Eagerly waiting for your unbiased assessment.

  48. Good evening Dear Sameer!
    I am a Wing Commander of Indian Air Force. I have put in 20 years of service in almost entirely operational domain in the field units. I intend to do MBA PGPX from IIM A.
    Assuming I successfully pass out off the program, what are the career options for obviously older person (45yrs)like me, given my defence background. Please clearly mention what kind of remuneration should I be expecting. Currently CTC for me is 24 lacs a year.
    Eagerly waiting for your unbiased assessment.

  49. Hi,
    This is amit Singh
    I am working in Educational corporate in Preschool dept as BDM and I have completed my PGDM in 2012 but after spending 3-4 year i am keen to have some professional degree from IIM or any premiere Institution specially in Sales /Marketing ,

    My education
    10th- 61% UP Board
    12th – 63% UP Board
    Graduation- 64% Distance Education
    PGDM-69% B grade College ( regular)

    BDM with 6.5Lac package

    Please suggest me for admission procedure

  50. Hi Admin ,

    Plz suggest me if any skill improvement happen by doing a part time certification in advanced marketing from IIM Calcutta after having a work exp of 7 yrs. I do have an MBA degree full time 6 yrs back. Will it enhance the weightage of my CV and help me to take up full time marketing job?

  51. Hi Sameer,

    I am 3+ experienced IT employee, and want to go for MBA, as i need a change in career line.
    I have appeared for CAT, but getting score of 77-81% in last 2 yrs only,

    Kindly, advise if i should be going for an executive MBA, if yes, than please advise preferable college, and specialization which would be better in Marketing, Finance, IT, etc. for an IT employee.

  52. Hi
    I am planning to pursue part time (or Correspondence)MBA/Executive MBA from top institutions in India/Abroad .I am having six years of experience in software industry mainly into software development. I have done my graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
    Could please let me know the which course is more suitable for me, pros and cons and contact details

    Please do the needful


  53. Why do people keep posting questions when the author isn’t replying any more! None of my business but it only disheartens you.

  54. Hello Samir,

    I am a Mechanical Engineer with approx 10 yrs of experience in Design and Consultancy sector for steel and power plants ,basically EPC sector.I not very happy with my present career also i wish to switch career, request you to suggest which MBA certification or Executive MBA from IIM will help.
    S S Bakshi

  55. Hi Sameer,
    I have 14 years of experience in R&D after my in mechanical,now i want to do MBA course part time /executive MBA evening course.
    Currently i am residing at Ahmedabad. Which are top 3 business schools offer the same course.Do IIM-A provide part time MBA?
    Please suggest the same with details.

  56. Hi Sameer,

    Good Morning! My Hubby is a IT porfessional amd Incident Manager and working in U.S MNC IT, he wants to persue MBA IT but cant leave his job, kindly suggest and also for me i am in to HR however i have done MBA specialization in MBA marketing, right now i am a senior executive in HR, to move upto the ladder which certification course in HR will help me, i have total 8 years exp out of which few years in L&D as Training Coordinator, HR Analyst and HRBP. Please help.

    Many thanks

  57. Hello sir
    Prakash Chandra Shukla here still I am working with novonordisk pharma company
    I want to admitioin in executive MBA program please suggest me about stream I have
    4 years experience in pharmaceutical industry

  58. I fall on the 2nd category you mentioned with 13 years of work ex and don’t see career growth clearly. Will EMBA add value to my career in accelerating my growth or steer it towards growth. Is the ROI worth at this point of time ? I am in an automobile industry and have BE degree.


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