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IIM Bangalore PGPEM Review – EMBA eligibility, fee, placements, success story

IIM Bangalore PGPEM Review

IIMs love acronyms. Here’s one that you may have come across – PGPEM – and wondered what it was, and if it was worth it.

The full form of PGPEM is Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management. Offered by IIM Bangalore, it is an executive MBA for working professionals. It’s been around since 1998 but has remained in the shadows of the more popular PGP.

We’ll try to shed some light on it by reviewing the PGPEM eligibility, fee, placements, admissions success story to help you decide if the IIMB PGPEM is worth it or not.

IIM Bangalore PGPEM Review

Duration / Format

PGPEM is a 2-year executive MBA designed for working professionals who cannot leave their jobs. Since students are in full-time jobs, all classes happen over the weekend. You’ll have the opportunity to travel internationally as an exchange student for one term or take up a 1-week course with a partner institution.


You’d be expected to be a mid-to-senior level executive with a minimum experience of 4 years. While not specifically a requirement, it helps to be based in Bengaluru, to avoid commuting time and expenses.


For the current batch the PGPEM fee is ₹20,11,000. In addition, there’s a caution deposit of ₹10,000 – which gets refunded at the end of the program if you have not done anything naughty.

If you take up the international exchange, there’s no additional fee. But you’ll have to take of the travelling and living costs.


PGPEM does not offer placement assistance. This is aligned with the placement policies of all executive level programs. The rationale is that students are already employed, and in some cases sponsored by their companies. But nothing stops you from applying to companies directly, leveraging your new qualification and status as an IIMB grad.

Success story

For Nivedita, it was a dream to study at IIM Bangalore. Given her experience, she shortlisted two programs aimed at experienced professionals.

We’ll let Nivedita narrate her journey!

How I got into IIMB PGPEM

Executive MBA for working professionals

by Nivedita

To the new mothers struggling to create a balance between your family commitments and your career aspirations – this blog is for you.

IIM Bangalore was a ‘Love at First Sight’ kind of click for me. Way back in 2011, when I was working on my final year Engineering project, I used to visit a place near IIMB campus.

I remember stopping in front of the college gate couple of time admiring the campus and thinking – “maybe someday. I will be on the other side of the gate”.

And finally, after 12 years I am going to live that dream!!!

I describe myself as a mother constantly trying to create a balance between family commitments, work and my career aspirations.

I strongly believe that my child should see her mother as a strong woman and learn to respect her profession and her identity as an individual.

And at the same time, I wouldn’t compromise with my responsibilities towards my kids.

My elder kid is an extremely generous and beautiful 6 years old Indian Spitz female dog, and my younger one, my son is two and half years old. Both are cuties and share a great bond with each other.

An executive MBA was in my mind before the birth of my child. As the responsibilities grew, I felt the need to understand the business fundamentals and decision making skills to excel in my career.

I began my preparations during the COVID times when pregnant. Due to WFH, I could save some time by avoiding travels.

I was at a decent pace but during the later months I struggled to sit for long hours, and I decided to take a break and resume preparations later.

After my child was couple of months old, I tried to resume my GMAT prep but I couldn’t.

It took me months to accept that postpartum depression is a real thing and I need to surrender in order to come out stronger later.

By this time second wave of COVID had already hit and we were operating with minimal external support.

I extended my maternity break to improve my mental wellbeing and support my family including elderly parents. It was the weakest phase of my life.

I felt less confident, anxious, extremely moody and had a constant fear that most probably I would never be able to regain ‘the old me’.

I was totally unrecognizable and avoided meeting anyone. But at the same time, I was lucky to be surrounded by my extremely caring family who helped me come out of this difficult phase.

After a break for more than a year, I was about to resume my work and when my family experienced another jolt. My father suffered a heart attack. My mother was in complete shock and could barely speak anything.

My mother-in-law moved in with us and within hours, we were running around the various departments of the hospital.

That day something changed within me, and I decided to leave the back seat forever and never looked back.

I came back to Bangalore, resumed work and started working on my plans again. During my postpartum days, my husband realized that I really want to go for management studies.

He said that I must continue with studies, and he would support me in every possible way. That was a big relief for me.

We both worked like crazy for another 7-8 months. It was really a difficult phase for both of us.

I used to work and attend classes for my ongoing certification with IISc over weekends and prepare for GMAT. 2022 was a year with zero weekend and holidays for us.

However, I am happy that it was a successful year for my husband too and he could switch to a new company.

IIMB EPGP vs PGPEM – The race begins

I planned to apply for Round 2 in Indian B Schools.

IIM Bangalore was my priority, but I heard that for an engineer with higher experience and getting admission there might be challenging.

I wanted to give my best this year.

Hence, I approached Sameer Kamat from MBA Crystal Ball. I have been following him on LinkedIn for quite some time.

In initial conversations, Manish (MG) suggested me other Indian B schools relevant to my profile and work experience and introduced me to my mentor Avinash.

I signed-up for 1 School package with MCB. I applied for IIMB’s EPGP (1 year) and PGPEM (2 years) Programs.

The application help process in MCB is very well organized and smooth. I signed up for application help for 1 School and upon selection for PGPEM, opted for interview prep package as well.

Avinash was assigned as my consultant. I would rather call him my mentor and guide for my MBA journey.

Application help starts with a basic introduction of the applicant in which applicant shares his/her resume and background information which helps the consultant understand more about the applicant.

This was followed by a brainstorming session in which he explained the SOP flow and data driven short instances to showcase my achievements to make SOP more effective.

Avinash reviewed my SOP drafts multiple times till it shaped well. In each edit, I received thorough feedback and suggestions given were totally relevant to my profile and nature of work-ex.

I barely had any co-curricular activities to mention, my application was mainly relying my academics and achievements during my professional journey. Avinash helped me bring those perfectly in the SOP.

It was handed over to me well in advance of the application deadline. He further helped me composing couple of more sections in the application.

I would like to quote one experience here which gave me confidence on MCB team, and I ended up signing for interview prep as well.

Avinash not just helped me with the application process but was extremely supportive throughout. He made several adjustments to accommodate my requests. I truly admire his patience and humble nature.

When GMAT fails to impress

My GMAT score was not that great, and I was planning for drop for 2022 admissions. But he encouraged me to not give up.

He quoted several examples of success despite having low GMAT at initial attempts and guided me how to improve. With his suggestion, I worked with GMAT coach CJ to improve verbal.

However, instead of GMAT, I applied for IIMB PGPEM program through IIM Test. With GMAT preparations already in progress, it turned out to be a cakewalk.

PGPEM interview experience

I received an interview call for PGPEM program and I immediately approached Avinash for help.

I signed up MCB again for interview prep and requested MG to assign Avinash as my mentor.

As we had already worked together on applications, he was fully aware of my journey so far.

We had 2 rounds of mocks. Each round was 1-1.5 hours long call in which post mock interviews, Avinash reviewed each question and suggested how to improve.

I wonder how he could exactly remember what and how I answered in each question. He also shared a list of questions relevant to my profile.

The interview prep gave me confidence and helped me manage my pace and stay calm during the actual interview.

Though my interview began with some unexpected questions, I could keep myself calm and didn’t loose the flow.

It was a special day for me. I appeared for IIM interview in the morning and then delivered my final project presentation at Indian Institute of Science for my ongoing certification program.

I would like to thank Avinash and Manish for helping me secure admission to my dream B School.

In the recent conversation Avinash shared some useful tips, based on his IIMA experiences, to make the next two years more effective.

To the women around, I would like to tell you that you should not give up on your dreams.

You may not have choices today; you may take longer than others to achieve your targets; you may need extra help but your consistent efforts would definitely pay-off sooner or later.

So, never stop trying. 😊

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