94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Why tech professionals are leaving IT companies for MBA

When we think about IT professionals and their various known avatars like software engineers, data engineers, software developers, and what have you, we usually conjure up images of vast huddled masses hunched up in front of propped up laptops in matchbox cubicles. Only now, in the great (?) pandemic world, they are huddled up in … Read more

NYU Stern School of Business with $60,000 scholarship in Round 3

The world can take a lesson or two from the American marketing model. Like the business schools in the U.S., the global admissions consulting space is also dominated by a few large American consulting firms. Their reviews are highly visible on multiple MBA websites, their success stories are better promoted on prominent forums, and you’ll … Read more

Katz MBA Review of my application journey: Scholarship with low GMAT score

Rohit Kabra left his job in USA to return to India so he could focus on his GMAT preparation. But he wasn’t able to score as much as he expected. He explains how he was still able to get into a Top 40 ranking program with a $40,000 (approximately INR 29 Lakhs) scholarship, without having … Read more

Differentiation: A big challenge for Indian MBA applicants

Self-help gurus from across the world have made millions convincing readers that they are unique. When some of these Indian readers with pumped-up egos, sit down to fill up an MBA application form, they experience what many Stephen Hawking students never will – a big black hole. How do you differentiate yourself from other MBA … Read more

Career change options after MBA for software engineers

When reputed publications like Bloomberg start proclaiming that software engineering careers are dying and Indian IT companies continue to deal with the swaying moods (and H1B / L1 visa policies) of their client countries, it’s bound to generate some level of stress among the huge pool of IT professionals in India.

IIMA PGPX, IIMB EPGP, IIMC PGPEX – Shiv scores a hat-trick

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) successfully ventured into the world of GMAT based 1-year programs in India by launching IIMA PGPX (IIM Ahmedabad), IIMB EPGP (IIM Bangalore) & IIMC MBAEx (Formerly PGPEX) (IIM Calcutta). And soon enough the demand for these shorter duration MBA courses shot up. And so did the confusion about Executive … Read more

MIT SCM Course (MLOG) – Supply Chain Management, anyone?

The MIT Supply Chain Management (SCM) course, formerly known as MLOG, combines two lethal components – the strong Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) brand and one of the key disciplines that the brand is known for – Supply Chain Management (SCM). Suraj Dharmadhikari (name changed) already had an MBA in Operations from the Indian Institute … Read more

IIMC PGPex for Executives | 1 year MBA at IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta offers a 1 year MBA Post Graduate Program for Executives (PGPex) that is meant for those with many years of work-experience. It competes with IIM Bangalore and IIM Ahmedabad that have similar programs. Just like in the case of 2-year MBA programs offered by IIMA, IIMB and IIC, the shorter MBA programs (accepting … Read more

NUS Singapore MBA and 4 other admits for Indian IT Engineer Male

The NUS Singapore 1 year MBA program gets a lot of applications from Indian IT Male Engineers, just like all the other top bschools. Being closer to India and being more affordable than the US programs means that it gets more than its fair share of such profiles. Rohit Jaggi was one of the hopeful … Read more

Q&A with Paul Bodine: MBA Admissions Consultant

In an interview with MBA Crystal Ball, MBA admissions consultant Paul Bodine shares some tips on how to tackle MBA applications and get into the top business schools. Paul is also the author of several popular books: The Perfect Phrases series (Perfect Phrases for business school, law school and medical school acceptance), Great Applications for … Read more