94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Wharton MBA admit in Round 2 for Indian student with low GMAT score

It’s common knowledge that the average GMAT scores for Indians in the top programs are higher than the averages listed by MBA colleges on their websites. You may also know that the MBA admission chances in Round 2 are lesser than in Round 1. And as an icing on the cake, Indians are more likely … Read more

Differentiation: A big challenge for Indian MBA applicants

Self-help gurus from across the world have made millions convincing readers that they are unique. When some of these Indian readers with pumped-up egos, sit down to fill up an MBA application form, they experience what many Stephen Hawking students never will – a big black hole. How do you differentiate yourself from other MBA … Read more

IESE Business School MBA in Spain

IESE Business School in Barcelona (Spain) offers a 15-19 month program that has been ranked high consistently by Financial Times, Forbes, BusinessWeek and the Economist. After the first year, students get the opportunity of a corporate internship, summer entrepreneur experience, or a social internship. The IESE Career Services team plays a key role in helping … Read more

W.P. Carey with full MBA scholarship & graduate assistantship

MBA re-applicants have a tough ride compared to those who are applying for the first time. After going through the tedious MBA admissions process once and facing rejection, it requires a stronger determination and an unwavering focus on the ultimate goal to shake off the memory of what happened earlier and get back into the … Read more

USA MBA accepting 15 years of education from Indian universities

Many US business schools and top universities expect applicants to have completed 16 as opposed to 15 years of education. In India, apart from fields such as engineering, medicine and architecture, graduation in many popular disciplines require 15 years of education. This post is for those MBA aspirants who have completed their graduation in India … Read more

Why Do An MBA In Europe (UK, France, Spain)?

Our friends from BusinessBecause.com are back with another guest post. Editor, Maria Ahmed, explores whether it still makes sense to consider an MBA program from the UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany or for that matter, any European country. Why do an MBA in Europe? by Maria Ahmed   With all the doom and gloom coming … Read more

Indian MBAs going to business schools in Singapore, the UK and Italy!

This is a guest post by Maria Ahmed, editor of BusinessBecause.com, a global business school networking, news and jobs site that helps applicants choose a business school and business students find a job.   Three Indian MBAs on going to business school in Singapore, the UK and Italy! by Maria Ahmed   If you’re considering … Read more

IMD Switzerland 1 year MBA: Chronicles of Hari Puttar – 3

Hari Raghavachari, an alumnus of IMD, has been sharing his experiences with us in a 3-part series. In this final post, he describes his career hunt. || This blog post for MCB focuses on my journey to and through an MBA at IMD International (www.imd.ch). Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, IMD is a Top Tier European … Read more