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MIT SCM Course (MLOG) – Supply Chain Management, anyone?

The MIT Supply Chain Management (SCM) course, formerly known as MLOG, combines two lethal components – the strong Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) brand and one of the key disciplines that the brand is known for – Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Suraj Dharmadhikari (name changed) already had an MBA in Operations from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Like many who’ve jumped into their first MBA course early, Suraj soon felt the need for another degree that would open up global opportunities.

He tried his hand at the top MBA programs, but without luck. He then explored the option of gaining a specialty degree in a niche area. The MIT SCM course (MLOG) seemed to be the perfect choice for his career goals.

Why the MIT SCM course (MLOG) scored over a second MBA for me

by Suraj

I already had an MBA from a tier-2 school in India and which I did immediately after my engineering. I was working with a large Indian IT company and it was a pretty comfortable job. But after a point, I felt like I don’t have many career options. So I thought a while and decided to pursue an international MBA for brand/network and skill set development.

Like many internationals I wanted to switch to consulting (preferably) and if not to at least non-IT jobs. I applied to multiple schools (5) and didn’t make it to any. Naturally I was frustrated.

Then I relocated to US and for a year I didn’t even think about it. Then, I thought about alternatives to doing an MBA. Thanks partly to some of my MBA classmates who went to Cornell, Haas, I realized trying for super specialization could be a better move.

There were several reasons that went in favour of a specialized course. It will be easy to justify. It gives me the necessary brand and network. I can tailor the curriculum so I can study exactly what I want. And there is a fair chance that my employer of choice will be recruiting there (assuming it’s a top 10 school). The only risk I saw was I might end up not getting the job I want. And this was ok to me as I can always come to back to my current industry.

So I spent next 12-18 months, planning my finances and family stuff and applied to one year master’s program at a top school. Even the application was easy as I could easily justify my position. I got into it this year and am hoping I would get into the company/roles I want.

With that said, I finally chose to enroll in MIT for their 1 year program in supply chain. (Note: MIT Sloan also offers a MS in Management studies which is quite an interesting program).

My top 5 reasons for choosing MIT SCM MLOG program

1. Brand name and network of MIT.

2. Duration of the program. It is just nine months.

3. Placements. It has good placements including some from consulting (no boutique consulting though) companies. I spoke to multiple alumni to get a feel of placements and was pretty satisfied with what they said.

4. General class population including their qualifications, backgrounds etc. Of course, almost all of them have some manufacturing/supply chain experience. However, I liked the maturity and thought process, when I visited the campus last year.

5. The program has been running for the last 12/13 years, which means it has good credibility levels.

Learnings from my MIT SCM MLOG journey

1. It is very very important to do a fit analysis. Do really need an MBA? Are there alternatives to reach your goal? This goes back to the advice I got from Sameer Kamat: Think hard on how you would achieve what you want, if there were no MBA anymore.

In my case, I realized I didn’t have the justification (and probably some skills too) that are needed by B schools and that I could pursue a specialization to reach my target companies. I also thought about/applied for lateral positions in those companies.

2. Do a good ROI analysis and also plan on how you are going to fund it. The MIT SCM program cost is high. In general, these schools are expensive. And remember, you will spend quite a bit to keep up with the lifestyle also.

3. Getting into a good school like MIT is not an end; it’s probably just the start of a new beginning. Yes, the companies of your choice will look at you. But when you apply (internship interviews start as early as September) the only data point they have is your previous experience to date.

4. Remember, some companies including boutique consulting companies won’t take internationals e.g. P&G, Dupont etc. And yes, you have to be social and be ready to speak up, network etc.

5. Finally, be honest to yourself. Remember we all have different competencies.

Suraj is trying hard to balance his responsibilities as an MIT SCM student, a dad, a family man and a job-hunter. If you have queries about the MIT program or about why a second MBA may (not) be right for you, post your questions in the comments section below.

Update: This is an old post. So Suraj may not be checking this for further queries. Please post your queries on the official MIT Sloan forum. The admissions team from MIT will respond to your queries.

Will you be a good SCM manager? Play our Free Supply Chain Management Game to find out.

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37 thoughts on “MIT SCM Course (MLOG) – Supply Chain Management, anyone?”

  1. Hi Suraj,
    Went through your blogpost and found it pretty interesting and thought provoking. I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from BITS PIlani (1+ year experience) and currently working in a manufacturing setting.

    I have been trying to compare programs like ROSS MSCM against a conventional MBA.

    I was of the view that keeping the current VISA restrictions in mind it might be a good idea to go in for a technically bent degree like MSCM versus a conventional MBA. Also the initial ROI might be better in MSCM and I feel I would be more easily able to justify myself for MSCM. Just thinking out loud.

    Would appreciate your views!


  2. Hi Rahul,

    Here is what i think, again these are my views, so feel free to reject them 🙂

    1. I think, 1 yr is relatively short work-ex to pursue MBA (or even non-MBA) in US. I would say 3-5 years is a good band for a. you will gain some experience to really appreciate the course content b. it strengthens your profile in job search, post degree.

    2. With #1 in mind, I think its too early for you to make MBA vs non-MBA decision. I am sure you are evaluating both options on multiple parameters such as durability of the degree, choice of opportunities it opens etc.

    3. I personally didn’t consider Ross-SCM at all, because its relatively new course and i felt the brand of MIT stays stronger than Ross. But there are some unique advantages such as direct affiliation with B-School etc for Ross. I also met quite a few people from Mlog program during my career and i was fairly impressed with their career growth. Try and see if you can use linked-in to connect with alumni and get ground level info on the program.

    Good luck.

  3. Hi Suraj,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s very useful to someone like me who is planning to apply to the same program. Do you know how much weight is given to GMAT score by the MIT MLOG program? I’ve a 700 GMAT score but my Quant is 47 which is 73% – slightly below the 75% mentioned on MIT’s admission website. I’ve 10+ years of strong US work experience though. Given this situation, do you think I will have a shot at getting in?

    Thanks again,

  4. Dear Suraj,

    Its a big relief to have found this blog of yours. I am Ashish, working as a consultant with Deloitte India. I have completed my MBA from IIT Kharagpur this year. I joined my B-School after 2 yrs of work ex post my engineering. I could not land into the profile of my liking and I am looking forward to joining a MSCM or MBA course in one of the top 10 US colleges in a couple of years. Looking at the current economic scenario, I believe that an MSCM course would be better suited as I am interested in this field specifically. I have yet to write my GMAT. In total I have 3 yrs of work-ex as of now and by the time I apply it might be another year, so at the time of application I’ll have 4 yrs of work-ex, (2 yrs as a Business Analyst for an IT consulting firm). I have an average profile with decent extra curricular.
    My Profile is as such:
    Xth: 86.3%
    XIIth: 70.6%
    Engineering: 69.8%
    MBA: 8.43/10
    EC: Board member of a club for 2 yrs, Founder of an adventure sports club in college, Volunteer representative for Greenpeace International in my IT Company for 6 months, Placement Committee head in engg college. Head marketing club in b-school.

    I would like to know when is the best time to apply for this course and how much more do I need to work on my profile.

  5. Hi Ashish,
    I think you have a very good profile. As always typically MBA programs look for well-rounded profiles, which you seem to have. MSCM is not so much on extra-curriculars and they look more for work-ex (my opinion). That said, 4 years would be a good workex to apply for these kind of profiles. But the question you might want to answer for yourself would be – what do you want to gain from these programs? You already have an MBA and working with Deloitte which is good in consulting, so a natural question would be why do you want to get into school again. I am assuming you are in Deloitte consulting and not in IT. If you are clear about this, then applying and getting through shouldnt be a problem. And typically, first round is always preferred.
    Let me know if you have any specific questions.

  6. Hi Anil,

    I THINK they look for overall competency than a single number of gmat. That said, i think your question would be better answered by admissions committee, since it is very specific. I would recommend you write to the admissions coordinator and he/she should clear your doubt. Let me know if you need any specific help with that.

  7. Hi Suraj,

    I have been following MIT SCM since 2 years but never got an opportunity to interact with a student. Thanks for being available for us.

    I need your suggestions on my profile/possibilities in MIT SCM:

    I have ~15 years of diverse expertise in managing & leading various functions such as, Supply Chain, Operations Management and IT consulting 650 (49q/29v). My supply chain experience have been in the area of Procurement, M&A Supply Management Integration, Supply Chain BI solutions etc.

    1) is 650 good enough for the application
    2) what kind of research topic MIT normally appreciates in the application essays (esp with regard to the essay “supply chain management or logistics that interests you and describe the research you would like to be a part of or see done”)
    3) do students over 37 years are considered good fit for the program


  8. Hi Suraj,
    I have two years of exp with TCS in IT.I was thinking of going for an MBA from USA or Singapore,but then after a lot of research i came to the the conclusion that i am deeply interested in MSCM.I am planning to do MS in Supply chain.Only problem which i think i will face is to show relevant work Exp for Supply chain masters.Please suggest me is it the right course for me in terms of relevance and job prospects.

  9. Hi Suraj,

    It really feels nice to see a blog of this sort, I was looking for some time. I feel i am almost in similar situation as you were before joining MSCM . I have done engg with 4 yr ex ( 2 yr in IT firm and 2 yr in SAIL … manufacturing) . I am in second yr of MBA with operation as Major from FMS Delhi. I have lot of interest in Supply chain and want to further my career in this field with brand degree preferably from US . MIT fits the bill as its only 9 months (considering I have already spent 2 years in MBA ).

    I have yet to write GMAT . What do you suggest for me to spend 2-3 yrs work ex post MBA or directly MIT after FMS (MBA 2013 batch) . How much fees is charged and total expediture incurred in 9 monts or so.

    Can I have your email id for better communication (if possible). Which year did you pass from MIT SCM .
    Please share your views and anything relevant


  10. Its really disappointing that no reply came for the query raised last month (span of 25 days and so) .
    I felt some one can really help and guide people like us who have very little idea on how to approach for Master degree in US ( in my last message about MIT SCM – 9 month course )

    I felt this site could really be fruitful for me in the sense I badly needed to know things from someone who have direct experience fro all these details .

    But its ok …there is nothing much to share beyond this !

  11. Kaushal,

    We try to stay out of interactions between current and prospective students. But jumping in here to respond to your comment, so you don’t get the feeling that nobody is listening.

    Quick technical point first. Unlike discussion forums, blog comments don’t send an auto-notification to the guest blogger.

    So I personally sent a few emails to Suraj to let him know there are a few open queries (much before you posted) on his story. But MIT must be keeping him really busy.

    It would be impractical to expect guest bloggers who’ve made a one-off post to keep checking back, though most of the guest bloggers do respond to queries when the post is new. I’ve just added a note at the end of the post mentioning that Suraj may not be checking this post any more.

    On our discussion forum, we have volunteers from specific MBA programs who have agreed to respond to applicant queries on an ongoing basis. We don’t have anyone from the MIT SCM program yet.

    Please don’t be disappointed if you haven’t heard back from Suraj. Try checking on other sites where there might be dedicated threads for the MIT SCM program.

    And of course, if you have a query for the MBA Crystal Ball team, we’d be happy to jump in and provide inputs.

  12. Hi kaushal,

    Firstly apologize for the long delay. Unfortunately, i don’t get automatic alerts when someone posts a comment (may be i didnt subscribe right). Second, Sameer did send me few notes, but i had many things going on, which kept me very busy. I hope you will understand.

    coming to your query, pursuing MIT MLOG will be a good option if you really want to get niche into SCM and also the MIT brand. But usually, you will get the best out of the program if you have 3 – 4 yrs of work ex. Fees is subject to changes Y-o-Y; you will be able to find latest information on this from For my year, i budgeted around 75,000 – with fees amounting to 60,000.
    Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Since this a public page, i would suggest you send me a note on linked in, for any questions you might have.


  13. Hi Anshul,

    Sorry for the long delay in response. As i mentioned in response to couple of other comments, i would say 4 yrs is a good work experience to pursue good MBA/Masters. That said, there no hard and fast rule which limits you from applying now.

    Regarding your experience, in general (not just in Mlog) adcoms looks for the quality and your interest in the field of study. As a matter of fact, i do have people in my class, who ‘ve worked in NGO and finance sectors. So i think its all about how you present your overall candidature (gmat+acads=work ex) and how you demonstrate your rationale for studying supply chain. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.


  14. Hi Pras,

    Sorry for the delay. I did try to answer your questions from my viewpoint – so please feel free to reject them 🙂

    1) is 650 good enough for the application
    More than GMAT, usually admission committees look at the overall profile than just gmat scores or work ex. But please write to the admissions coordinator and she will be able to let you know, in case there are specific cutoffs.

    2) what kind of research topic MIT normally appreciates in the application essays (esp with regard to the essay “supply chain management or logistics that interests you and describe the research you would like
    to be a part of or see done”)
    There is no right answer for this. Its really what ticks you. If you browse the site, you will find that there are varied areas of research

    3) do students over 37 years are considered good fit for the program
    I believe the median age is around 28. That doesn’t mean people from higher age groups are a bad fit. As long you think you need the program and can demonstrate your need vs the value you bring to the table, nothing should stop you from entering the program


  15. Hi sammer ,

    This is Thirumalai , i done my B Tech Electrical with 7.8 cgpa and now im pursuing Mtech in construction technology and mangement im interested in doing my M tech thesis in supply chain related to construction industry .. im interested in MSCm programme (9 months).. im having question of now minimum experience how much required and GMAT score .whether thy are providing scholarship for this course are r not.

  16. Dear,

    I want to do supply chain management course from NUS
    there are two types of courses they are providing one is dual degree course(6 months NUS + 6 months Georgia Tech + 6 mOnths Internship in singapore) and the other is MSc in supply chain in NUS.
    which course is better.
    what is job prospects after completing the course?
    Please help regarding the same.

  17. @Thirmalai: The official website should have all this information.

    @Arjeet: Personally, I’m not a big fan of dual degree, cross locational courses. So I’d have gone for the latter to keep it simple and focussed.

  18. Hi Sameer,

    This is Ehsan from Bangladesh.
    I need a bit advice from you which I guess would help me a lot.

    I did my BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the topmost engineering school in Bangladesh in Jan 2006 and immediately after graduation I started MBA (evening classes) at a top business school in Bangladesh while doing a job at an MNC simultaneously. I completed the MBA back in 2010.

    Now I intend to go to USC dual degree program of MSISE/MBA from Spring 2014. Do you think I should mention in my USC application about the MBA that I did in Bangladesh ? Or shall I only mention the BSc in Mechanical Engineering and omit the MBA information ? My concern is if I mention about the MBA, the admission committee of USC may not select me as I already have an MBA (although its a Bangladeshi MBA).

    Please do suggest me what to do.

  19. @Ehsan: Always good to be transparent with the Admissions Committeed. They aren’t trying to keep good candidates away.

    If you have a degree from the top B-school in Bangladesh, there’s no reason to hide it. If the selection process was highly selective, it might work to your advantage.

    I’m not sure how it works on Bangladesh, but in India it is pretty common for those with an Indian MBA to go for a second MBA in the U.S.

    If it’s a nagging concern for you, send across an email to the admissions office and check if you are eligible. It’ll save you the application fee and the effort. There may be other courses for you to consider.

  20. Hi Suraj, thank you for having blog on SCM. I was accepted to this program; however, still unsure about such a specific track in supply chain. I was approached from dinged from Sloan. My questions are below:
    1. if my goal is to work in operation and strategy, are there companies/positions available from this program? in another word, are jobs very limited to SC?
    2. 9 mths seems very short and i didn’t come from SC background, will company less to hire graduates from this program knowingly?
    3. i read the catelog and many job titles are sr. analyst, analyst, consultants, do compnaies not look for higher mgt positions such as sr. mgr or director level?
    4. what does this program lack of that a full MBA could offer (for example, Sloan)?

    Thank you so much in advance.

  21. Hi,

    This is Nishanth.
    Its really nice to read posts regarding real experiences and aspirations.
    I have a few questions regarding MBA in SCM.

    I have 3.5 years of experience working for top IT company in India, and I have been working from a client location in Japan for about 1.5 years. Since my client deals with manufacturing and it closely associated with SCM sector, I have planned to pursue my MBA in the same.

    I would like to know the list of colleges you recommend for specialization in SCM.
    Since I’ve recently started research on colleges and admission procedures, your pointers would help me a lot.
    Awaiting your reply.

    Thank you in advance.

  22. Hi Suraj,

    In your blog you said that Boutique consults, P&G, Dupont dont admit internationals. Can you shed some light on it as I am already working in P&G as SCM manager and was looking at the course to switch to international profiles in the same

  23. Hi Suraj/Sameer,

    Thanks a lot for your efforts for putting up this blog. Appreciate your patience and interest in answering queries posted by aspirants.

    I’ve done my Btech Comp Science from a reputed institute in India and post Btech, inspite of getting a job offer, I preferred to do MBA, as I was looking at a career something above coding. I realized that I should have got some prior experience working, before doing MBA. Now, I am working with an IT Major in SCM consulting and am not satisfied with what I am doing. I am planning to do a Specialized course in SCM and came across MIT’s MLog program. I’ve come upon your’s, Vibhu’s,Sputcha’s profile on MIT site and thought will mail you my questions. But, as this is an open platform, many might get benefitted if you can answer our questions here. Hence, am posting them all here.

    1. I have 2.5 years of work exp in IT consulting in SCM. Will that meet the expectations at MIT for this program?
    2. What is the ROI considering I make it up to this program?
    3. As MIT academic fees are a bit high, can we get any financial aid? (Have checked the website, but found the data to be for the past year) Can you give any inputs regarding this?
    4. What about jobs post this program? What kinda profiles come up for grabs? (I don’t want to get into ‘routine’ prevailing in IT industry. Want to dirty my hands with some real SCM stuff)
    5. If we cant find a job of our choice, what other options do we have post this program? (Spending that much for the course, I am looking at a better, challenging and repaying career ahead)

    I’ve got Rich Cross-functional experience in Business Analysis & Solutioning, Product Development and Project Execution – with Expertise in Supply-Chain, CRM, Dealer Management System, CRM, Sales and Distribution and Loyalty Modules of various ERPs.

    A Distinction student all through my academics and a very prolific member in lot of EC activities throughout.

    Awaiting your reply,


  24. Hi Suraj & Sameer,

    I have BEng. in Metallurgy + 6 years of experience in logistics, SC, qms & projects, I contacted MISI, MIT for MSCM, now I’m preparing my application to be submitted this month for next Aug. intake… I got offer for Msc. in Engineering Mngt. from Coventry-UK, I prefer SC that’s why I’m thinking in applying to MIT MISI….

    Any advice to me ???

    Thanking you…

  25. Hi Suraj and Sameer,

    I am trying to choose one out of the following programs:-

    1. M.S. Supply Chain Management- Olin Business School (WashU)
    2. MSB Supply Chain Management:- Smith School of Business (Maryland)
    3. MSB Logistics Engineering:- Fisher School of Business (OSU)
    4. Master of Management in Operations Research:- Sauder School of Business (UBC)
    5. Master of Management Studies (FOB):- Fuqua School of business (Duke)
    6. Master of Management:- Simon School of Business

    Now, Maryland’s SCM program is pretty solid, so is the rep of the university. Olin’s program is pretty selective and has a small class size and impressive placement statistics.

    OSU’s logistics engineering program is highly ranked but I’m not sure about the reputation of the university in general. How does OSU stack up against WashU or the other big names?

    The MMOR program at Sauder sounds really good plus Sauder is a lot cheaper than the US B-schools. However, I could not find any employment statistics or alumni forums to get some more info on the program. So, I’d really appreciate any info on this one.

    Finally, Duke’s MMS Program- relatively new, past batches have described it as a really beneficial experience. The employment statistics are good too. However, is the curriculum well suited for someone who wants to work as an OR analyst or consultant for a supply chain consulting firm?

    I have a Bachelors of Science in Nautical Technology, 710 on my GMAT and 1.5 years
    Of sailing experience with a Japanese Maritime logistics company.

    I didn’t apply for the MIT SCM program since it’s geared more towards mid-career professionals.

    This is one of the few active SCM forums around.

    Looking forward to a response. -Thanks

  26. Hi Suraj,
    Firstly, like everybody else was happy to read your blog.
    Have 3 questions pls

    a. Will 3 yrs (by the time i apply in Nov 2014) post MBA IT SCM Consulting be enough as an experience and not become a reason for rejection. I really dont wish to wait another year.

    b. I have a strong background in Agriculture Sciences [ BSc Ag – 4 yrs+ MBA Ag- 2yrs ) and profound interest in Agri Supply Chain. Will my rather different profile be an advantage in getting selected to the course program.
    c. My post MBA work ex of close to 32 months for Infosys was for an Agri Client with Giant SCM setup.

    Additional Details

    I am a Bachelors in Agriculture Science (4 yrs) from G.B. Pant University of Ag & Tech, Pantnagar
    , MBA-Agribusiness Mgt (2yrs) from Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune with 2+ year exp with Infosys in IT SCM Consulting.

  27. Hi,
    I’ve 3+ years experience in procurement, supplier management, sourcing, process improvement, market intelligence, and cumulative experience of 5+ years. I’m currently employed with a top of the league payment services MNC in India, as a strategic buyer in the supply management team. I’ve done in ECE, my GPA is on the lower side which is kind of a stumbling block for me to attain admission in MIT. With a GMAT score of 680, what are my chances of getting an admission letter for MIT SCM program? What else can I do to boost my profile?

  28. Hello Suraj,

    Firstly, this was a very useful blog. Thanks about that.
    I am Sridhar Kallakuri, a prospective student for the MIT SCM Program for Fall,2015. Through this email I would like to request you please do an initial evaluation of my profile and let me know if it meets the minimum requirements and if I can go ahead and apply for the program.

    Undergraduate GPA : 4/4 (JNTU, India), Mechanical Engineering,2006
    Graduate School GPA : 3.73/4 (Arizona State University),2008 Mechanical Engineering Major and also have done 5 courses from Statistics which qualify for Graduate Certificate in Statistics. Statistics Courses taken with grades are as follows
    Design of Engineering Experiments : A
    Probability : A-
    Applied Regression Analysis : A+
    Advanced Quality Control : A
    Applied Multivariate Analysis : A

    While at Arizona State university I have worked as a Teaching Assistant, where I also had the opportunity to take classes. I worked as a grader for three courses. I also worked as a Research Assistant at a lab for more than 1 semester.
    Work Experience: Close to 6 years in the Supply Chain Management Domain. Currently, I am working as a Functional Architect at a leading Supply Chain Management Software firm.
    GMAT: 690 (Q 47, V 37 AWA: 5.5 and IR: 3).
    There has been a huge learning curve for me in the last 6 years in the Supply chain industry, also my current role is in Product Development involves a lot of research and development.
    What I want to achieve : Get into Business Consulting focused on Supply Chain Management.

    Also I see you mentioned that many are not interested to sponsor visa, do they make offers at alternative locations or do they not consider you for the placements? Can you please let me know.

    Thanks for time and help.

  29. Hi Sameer / Suraj,

    I’m working for a IT firm as a software engineer for the past 2 years and my interests are Masters in SCM. I would like to pursue from abroad preferably USA. I’m ruling out MBA as of now as the age and maturity for that I will have to earn in the coming years. for MSCM should I write GRE or GMAT.. (most schools ask GRE) ..what will be your advice on Supply Chain’s growth and job opportunities?

  30. Hi Andrew

    MIT MSCM program accepts both GRE as well as GMAT. You may take either depending on the level of your preparedness.

    Supply Chain as a field has immense potential. This is also endorsed by the no. of recruiters offering placement at MIT SCM campus.

  31. Hi Sameer/Suraj,

    I would like to thank you guys for your time and efforts in answering our queries.I have mentioned my details below.

    Work background :
    I am currently working in a IT services company as a module lead (legacy technologies – developer/analyst), I have a total experience of 7 years in IT.
    I have worked in multiple domains/companies like BFS(developer for a major US bank as client), Payments(Developer in a product based payments processor),SCM (agricultural manufacturing organisation) and finally in Telecom(Us based telecom firm.

    Education background :
    B.Sc (Physics) I still curse myself for not doing my masters in Physics(now its quite late) – 67 %
    12th 70%
    10th 80%

    Financial background :
    I started my job bit early, just after my grads due to financial instability,I had no clear purpose then, but with time by god’s grace I was able to improve my family’s financial conditions , we are in a comfortable position now. I am getting paid well as well, but somewhere inside something is not happy with my scope of work.

    Now finally my problem :
    I do not feel satisfied with the value that I am creating with my work Moreover I two years back I had left my job to join Great Lakes but was not able to justify why I was going for an MBA. I had the same question when I started my IT career as well, then I did not pay much heed back then. I decided not to do my MBA as I thought it is a fancy degree with no purpose.After deciding to not join MBA, I want back to work in a new assignment as a senior developer for a SCM project in leading US agricultural machinery manufacturer, I got little exposure to SCM concepts and enjoyed working there. Finally got a lucrative opportunity and joined back a IT services organisation and regretting it still.

    I enjoy technical work if there is a challenge involved, I am fairly good in understanding and analyzing business requirements (These are my only strengths). I am 28 years now and want to do an MS or MBA with supply chain management.Can you suggest some good part time alternatives (if they are really worth), I am ready to go for full time courses as well(but do not want to get into people management).
    Can I go for a MS program or M.Sc(SCM) after B.Sc(Physics).

    Suraj,this one is for you, does MIT SCM Program concentrates much on academic rigor or it focuses more on panache.

  32. Hi,
    I am working for an FMCG company in India for last 6 years: handled profiles in strategic sourcing, manufacturing and currently supply planner.
    However, I have a low CGPA (6.6 out of 10 from one of the NITs) and an average GMAT 710.

    Good extracurricular: National level baseball player (yes we do play baseball in India !!) and represented clg in basketball and cricket.

    Now I feel stagnant and want to study further. Do I stand a chance in MIT SCM?



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