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Best MBA college with scholarship + job guarantee…& I’d also like fries with it

If you thought the numerous US University scams and images of students walking around with radio tags around their ankles would have opened up the eyes of higher education aspirants, think again.

There are a whole lot ‘immigration consultants’ and ‘educational advisors’ still out there selling their wares (and over-hyped dreams) to gullible applicants who think a little investment (which usually runs into lakhs of rupees) can get them into the land of opportunities, burgers and dollars.

Not all the candidates fall in the innocent category though. Some get into it knowing all the risks involved.

Fortunately, most of the guys who approach us are those who aren’t looking for quick fixes to their problems.

They are willing to slog their gluteus maximus off and patiently wait for the fruits of their labour. And we appreciate and respect that.

But some like short cuts – MBA without GMAT and experience, easy admission with generous scholarships, a full-body massage (without a happy ending) on arrival and guaranteed jobs upon graduation.

What these candidates don’t realise is that all this comes at a price. Depending on the karma that you’ve accumulated from your past lives, that price could be a worthless paper degree, several lakhs down the drain and an uncertain future.

The credible MBA universities and colleges (if you are just starting out, check out the BusinessWeek/Financial Times/US News MBA rankings) make the MBA application process, and life in general, tough for you for a reason.

They want to ensure that the calibre of guys who get in is top notch.

There are many other MBA universities and colleges that don’t figure in these global rankings, but they have a strong reputation nevertheless.

Take the pains to do your homework, look up the institution, ask some tough questions to the school representatives and the ‘agents’ who you might’ve met during their global marketing tour. To get you started, here are a few:

– ‘Has your institution been around for longer than the love-bite that you are unsuccessfully trying to hide?’
– ‘Why do you include free radio tags as part of the international students’ welcome kit?’
– ‘Can you spell GMAT?’

Jokes apart, here’s a more serious and comprehensive list of questions to ask your study abroad consultant.

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8 thoughts on “Best MBA college with scholarship + job guarantee…& I’d also like fries with it”

  1. Sorry. I am posting from my phone so kindly excuse the typos. Another hilarious gem from you but I think it’s the right time for this post bcoz of the trivalley scam. My MIL asked me out of concern if the school I am planning to attend is above the water ?? I had no answer . Coming back
    I would ask the univ
    1. What are the measures taken by career mgm towards d unique needs of international students?
    2. Which type of companies r hiring international students at the school ?
    3., loan options on offer?

  2. Eye opening post! Many Indians want to study in abroad without thinking what will happen. They think getting job in abroad is easy. And then after something goes wrong they blame everyone but themselves.

  3. I am Ranjan Kumar I have complete and I want to do the management course and my family background very poor so he not support for this program and I see add on your site about scholarship so plz suggests me so that I improving my life

  4. Hi Sammer

    Thanks a lot for the great Post and clearing out the Air between two of the programs offered among the myriad of the options available.

    Like many others I have my own query.

    I completed my B.Tech in 2014 .I wanted to go for the conventional two year MBA program but due to circumstances , it was not possible for me to continue with my studies.

    During the campus placements I got selected in Infosys Ltd. since pursuing masters was not possible that time so i joined Infosys Ltd . I knew that I can still go for one year MBA programs after getting some job experience.

    It has been almost 1.4 years now that I am working with Infosys Ltd. and I have realized that I.T. is not my cup of tea. Well the circumstances remains pretty much the same that i cannot go for the two year MBA programs. So I am now planning to go for one year MBA program but i want to do it from a college which will help me achieve my expectations.

    My expectation after doing MBA are
    1) Fat Packages (Rookda)
    2) Fast growth
    3) Kaam karne vala kaam unlike in IT where we have monotonous work and have to sit in front of the blue screen for 9-10 hours everyday.

    I have checked some one year MBA programs and I guess the best one for me at this time could be
    Great Lakes
    S.P. Jain

    So is worth doing one year MBA from one of the above listed college. ?

    I have gone through the above posts and everyone keeps talking about the good profile. So can u also suggest how can i improve my profile

    Here is some insight into my academics

    10th % = 78
    12th % = 85 = 75
    Work Ex= 1.4 years Infosys Ltd.
    Have a teaching experience of almost 3 years but no proof for that
    Was associated with NGO for some time but again have no proof for that

    How can i increase my chances of getting into a good one year MBA program

  5. hello Samer .
    I’m trying to apply for MBA with concentration on healthcare ( only 3 classes for health) the school called Benedictine University located in Lisle IL , USA . They don’t required GMAT and work experience also …. what do you suggest for me ? should i start looking for job related to this filed or stay in my current job which is not related to MBA or Health filed ?

  6. Hi , I have a full time work ex for more than 4years but less than 5 years , I wish to do an MBA degree from a good business school, but I’m looking for business schools which can give me full scholarship.Please let me know the requirements & the approach .

  7. Hi I am chandan from delhi i have 2 yr exprience in call center as a caller .I wish to do an mba but i am confused whose branch have to choose for a brighter or any other


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