How to Impress MBA Admissions Officers

With most things In life, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. MBA admission committees, or adcoms for short, are no different. This of course doesn’t mean that if you don’t knock the socks off your admissions officers the first time they read your application, they’re going to toss your file … Read more

This mom’s going back to school with scholarships: MBA abroad after Bank PO

Sushrita Dutta’s journey has come a full circle – from reading MBA Crystal Ball blogs of mothers going back to school, to writing her own success story. After cracking the competitive entrance exams for public sector banks (PSB), the IT engineer got into the Bank of India as a probationary officer (PO) – a dream … Read more

Indian IT Male Engineer MBA Success Stories: Competing in the toughest applicant pool in the world

Based on hard evidence, we’ve also known for a long time that Indian MBA Applicants more likely to be rejected from top b-schools compared to applicants from other countries. Within this already competitive applicant pool, it becomes an even bigger challenge when you are an male IT engineer. No wonder it’s considered the toughest applicant … Read more

MBA after physiotherapy: Doctors declared him unfit for education, but he proved them wrong

For medical professionals (doctors, dentists) who wish to transition to the corporate side, we’ve published several articles. But we haven’t covered anything on getting an MBA after physiotherapy. Dr Robert Sandeep Madduri’s success story is a special one to add to our repository. That’s because his academic capabilities were written off by doctors when he … Read more

From Sales & Trading to a top M7 MBA: Admissions consulting review

In the investment banking field, Sales and Trading (S&T) is a highly lucrative career option for many graduates, including engineers who don’t have any finance background. Mechanical engineer, Anshuman Anand, managed to move into sales and trading at a top investment bank. And he did that without an MBA. But he felt the need to … Read more

Former McKinsey consultant shares MBA application tips for management consulting applicants

For the world outside admiring your career as a management consultant, you’ve already arrived in life. You hobnob with the CxOs, pile on air miles, live in 5-star hotels, have all the bells and whistles such as a TUMI case and more. That can be an outsider’s view of what life as a management consultant … Read more

Stanford Executive MBA program alternative (MSx): Fees, cost, deadline and application

If you’ve been searching for the Stanford Executive MBA program fees, costs, deadlines, rankings, and application process – you won’t find anything that matches. That’s because there’s no Stanford Executive MBA in the traditional sense. An Executive MBA (EMBA) typically refers to a part-time or weekend format. Read this article on why there’s no Stanford … Read more

How to get into ISB YLP: Application essays, success story, fees, acceptance rate, placements

Assuming you aren’t familiar with either of the two 3-letter acronyms, we’ll start with the basics. The full form of ISB YLP is ‘Indian School of Business Young Leaders Programme’. Quite a mouthful? Let’s break it down. ISB YLP is the deferred MBA option for the Post Graduate Programme – the bschool’s flagship program equivalent … Read more

MBA after CA: From IIM, ISB or abroad after 8 years of work experience

After realising that short-term courses cannot deliver the same bang for their buck, an increasing number of chartered accountants like Srinivas Venkataraman are discovering and appreciating the benefits of an MBA after CA. We’ve helped many CAs get into MBA programs abroad and in India. You’ll find some of their success stories at the end … Read more

MBA Acceptance Rate: Round 1 vs Round 2 vs Round 3

MBA acceptance rates (check out the top business school selectivity rates) signify the competition you are likely to face in getting admission to an MBA program. Schools that have managed to build a brand worthy of desire and respect get bombarded with thousands of applications. The process to sieve through the candidates and find ones … Read more

MBA after BA: From SBI to IIM – an Indian mother’s inspiring journey

A sarkari naukri (government job) still tops the list for millions of graduates. They look at public sector jobs as the passport to a stable, comfortable and stress-free career with decent salary. The State Bank of India (SBI) is among the most popular recruiters in the country. After going through all the pain to get … Read more