January 15, 2013

MBA college rankings | GMAT Business schools

We have published our first B-school rankings based on a popularity index. Unlike the other B-school rankings, our attempt is to find out the top 50 […]
November 16, 2012

MBA Rankings for the best business schools

If you came here looking for a list of the best MBA programs, here’s our recently updated Global MBA rankings. For many MBA applicants, the search […]
June 12, 2011

International MBA program vs Indian MBA (read ISB Hyderabad)

Should you choose an Indian MBA program over a top international MBA college or Ivy League university? What does a foreign MBA mean from an RoI […]
April 13, 2011

MBA Jobs: Average Salaries and what they mean

Many MBA universities and colleges play up the post MBA salaries of their outgoing batch. It’s one of the parameters that gains enormous importance in global […]
March 6, 2011

Best MBA college with scholarship + job guarantee…& I’d also like fries with it

If you thought the numerous US University scams and images of students walking around with radio tags around their ankles would have opened up the eyes […]
February 9, 2011

Babson MBA – Why #1 in Entrepreneurship, but low overall ranking?

Babson’s MBA program may not be rubbing shoulders with Harvard/Stanford/Wharton in the general rankings. But it is very much at the top when it comes to […]