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Best degree to get a job abroad

MBA Scholarships for IndiansNot just computer science and information technology, degrees in other disciplines also have a good scope in job markets abroad. We take a quick look at a few sectors that have the most potential for jobs overseas.

But a few common points to keep in mind:

One, if you have a postgraduate degree, you will have a greater chance of success in most cases than other job applicants with only graduate degrees or diplomas. Read how a Master’s Degree can help your career during and after recession

Two, the reputation of your college or university matters: if you have done your graduate or postgraduate degree in a “Top 10” school, nothing like it.

Three, apart from your academic grades, a few qualities or attributions are nice to have and will boost your candidature: communication skills, people skills, general awareness, computer literacy, confidence, motivation, and willingness to learn, to name a few.

Four, good test scores – in GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS – are major pluses.

Best degree to get a job abroad

Here’s a list of the best degrees that can get you good international jobs with lucrative salaries.


Professionals with traditional engineering degrees are as much in demand as computer science and information technology degree-holders abroad. While engineers are much sought after for infrastructure jobs in the Middle East, computer science graduates can find many job opportunities in the US.

That engineering jobs are available only in the developing countries is a myth. Jobs are available in developed nations, too, but in slightly remote places, because of a lack of skilled native professionals in these regions.

As for those who have a degree in computer science, a B. Tech. degree is not always necessary; a BSc or BCA/MCA degree is equally good for many positions.

International jobs come calling to degree holders in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, IT and telecom, electrical and computer science engineering, mechatronics, robotics, industrial and manufacturing engineering, and geophysical engineering. Agricultural engineering, chemical engineering, and material engineering also have good prospects for employment outside India.

Degree (basic requirement): Bachelor’s degree from a reputed college. Preferred: Postgraduate degree.

Destination Countries: US, UK, other European countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UAE, and Kuwait.

Healthcare and pharmacy

The healthcare industry, given its growth all over the world, will require more and more professionals in the coming years as the population and the number of elderly people increase. The number of jobs in health management, nursing, and occupational therapy will witness major growth. Health systems will recruit health professionals including medical practitioners, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists.

Degree (basic requirement): MBBS, BDS, BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery), and BSc (Nursing). Postgraduate qualifications are mandatory in some cases, and improve chances of success in others.

An allied field, pharmacy, will provide gainful employment in the coming years.

Degree (basic): Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences and Pharm. D.

Destination Countries: US, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore.

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The field of life sciences offers greener pastures for graduates from India. Biotechnology is giving big data and artificial intelligence a run for their money when it comes to job opportunities globally. The salaries that professionals with biotech or biomedical sciences earn nearly match those of IT experts. Many biotech degree holders find their true potential working as scientists or working for a business administration degree for a management job.

Degrees: BE/B. Tech./BSc and ME/M. Tech./MSc in biotechnology, and graduate and postgraduate degrees in biology.

Destination Countries: US, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia.

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Bioinformatics is particularly important to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and consists of important research topics such as genome analysis. To become a bioinformatics scientist (a professional who identifies the causes of plant, animal, and human development and disease), you require excellent computational skills and the ability to analyze data.

Research and development jobs for bioinformatics degree holders command high salaries. The best option could be to earn a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, biology, or genetic engineering, and then complete a postgraduate degree in bioinformatics.

Degrees: Bachelor’s degree in biotech/biology/genetic engineering; PG degree in bioinformatics.

Destination Countries: US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria.

Energy/sustainable energy

There are two facets to the field of energy that are being tackled by professionals the world over. While population growth is leading to an ever-increasing demand for traditional sources of energy, and consequently for professionals in the field of mining and petroleum, the interests of the environment and sustainability are leading to an increase in demand for earth/environmental scientists and renewable energy experts.

Therefore, graduates with degrees in environmental studies and renewable energy, on the one hand, and mining and petroleum engineering and geology, on the other, are likely to find plentiful job opportunities abroad. Allied fields with scope for employment include chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, fire and safety technology, civil engineering, and electrical engineering.

Degrees (energy): Bachelor’s or master’s in oil and gas technology, petroleum engineering, geology, engineering geology, and geo-informatics.

Destination Countries: Australia, Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Russia, Denmark, Indonesia.

Degrees (sustainable energy): Bachelor’s or master’s in renewable energy (along with allied subjects such as clean technology and carbon management) earth sciences, sustainable technology, environmental engineering, environmental geology, and ecology.

Destination Countries: US, UK, New Zealand, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan.

Agricultural sciences

The tremendous growth in world population poses a challenge to all countries to improve food production. Lifestyle changes following urbanization, renewed health consciousness, and the demand for nutritious diets also make agricultural sciences an exciting sector when it comes to jobs.

Graduates with degrees in agricultural sciences, as also research and development professionals from India, are in demand the world over. Job prospects are available in diverse roles such as manufacturing and processing, research and development, quality assurance and control, marketing, and business development.

Degrees: BSc/MSc in agriculture, agricultural engineering, agriculture Information technology, food processing and technology, and biotechnology.

Destination Countries: US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

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Banking, financial services, insurance

Banking and insurance, asset management, broking, fintech, and investment management professionals are in demand in the US and Europe. Moreover, after disruptions in 2015-16, banking and finance job opportunities in Dubai and the rest of UAE have opened up.

Positions include accounts manager, finance manager, financial advisor, financial analyst, relationship manager, teller, and telemarketer.

Degrees: Graduate and postgraduate degrees in economics, MBA in finance, banking, and international business. Preferred: Postgraduate degree from a US or UK university.

Destination Countries: US (Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco), UAE (Dubai), Germany (Frankfurt), China (Hong Kong), UK (London), Japan (Tokyo), Zurich (Switzerland).

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Data science, analytics, statistics

Data fuels the modern digital economy. Companies the world over are trying to find ways to extract data relevant to them and use it to improve the reach of their businesses. Data science is a blend of skills in areas such as hacking, mathematics, and business. Analytics involves data use, data analysis, predictive theories, and data management, and is applied in various sectors such as FMCG, financial services, retail, travel, healthcare, and marketing.

Destination Countries: US, UK, China, France, Germany, South Korea, Israel.

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Other sectors

Among other sectors are hospitality and tourism, retail, digital and interactive media and communications, and industrial organizational psychology.

As for hospitality and tourism, job prospects are particularly good in Australia and New Zealand besides the US, Canada, UK, France, and UAE. Read Masters in Tourism and Hospitality Management – Career Prospects and Top Schools

Retail also offers job prospects in western countries. A BBA in retail management and a relevant MBA are likely to bring job offers abroad.

Media and communications have undergone a sea change with the introduction of new technologies. So, for getting job offers in this field, a good understanding of technology, besides creativity, is important. Job destinations include US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Industrial organizational psychology involves studies of the various engagements and interactions of employees at their workplace. Companies are employing psychologists to better understand the work environment and employer-employee dynamics. Recruitment, training, job analysis, and performance measurement are some of the areas where psychologists are deployed.

A postgraduate degree is usually required, particularly for careers in the private sector, and a doctorate degree will be an additional advantage. The industrial organizational psychologist job market is among the fastest growing occupations in the US.
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  1. Hi Sir ,
    My name is Vivek and I am 17 years old , probably among the youngest readers on your blog. I am trying for colleges in India and later on do an MBA abroad. Sir I’ve read on your blog that an IIT Degree gives you a slight edge over other applicants from India . My question is that should I consider taking a new IIT with a branch not of my choice or go for a good NIT say Warangal or choose BITS Goa and take CS . I am really confused among these choices. I am mostly inclining towards the latter options, but want to know which is recognized abroad better NIT or BITS.

  2. Hi,
    I am 36 year with 12 year of experience in quality and testing in IT. I am planning to do MBA, not sure 1 year or 2 year. I have following track record:
    class 10: 60 %
    classs 12: 50 % (IT) : 67 %
    Please suggest what should I do, should I go ahead with 1 year MBA or 2 year MBA. Would it be wise if I go for 2 year MBA from FMS delh. Are there any chances by seeing my track record.

    • Hi sir,
      I’m suba. I am 16 years old. I want to know that what course i want to study to work in abroad?I couldn’t get the clear idea about choosing my right path(career).please give me a clear detail about my above mentioned question.Simultaneously tell me what are the jobs are demand in US,Australia,Dubai,Malaysia?Hope you will help me to go abroad with good career.I will be thankful to you if you give me a reply.Looking forward to your reply….

  3. Hello sir my name’s Abhishek It’s been a 2 year gap since I’ve graduate ( having done bcom ) and since then I’ve been preparing for defense forces but unfortunately I have a physical anomaly which I’ve just encountered and according to the provisions of the defense forces it’s total rejection so now Im in a situation I cannot think of anything only option I look forward to is MBA so can u please guide me and will these 2 years make a difference in admission and placement and other things and most importantly is Mba a good career option?

  4. Hi Sameer,

    Greetings for the day!

    I am working in one of the top IT MNCs of India. I have a work experience of 3 years and was campus placed in the organisation. I have completed the company sponsored Executive degree in PGDM in Workforce Management from Symbiosis Centre for Corporate Education program.

    I am in Talent Acquisition- Recruitment

    Please advice if I can pursue a full time MBA and if the work exp in recruitment will benefit me for the same.

  5. Hi , I’m suyash. I just completed my 3rd year a couple of days ago I’m a btech student from Electronics and communication background. I want to do MS from canada pls let me know the procedure and exams i need to clear and suggest good universities also.

  6. Hello,I’m mukul and right now I’m in last year of my btech and I just wanted to know about some good mba colleges or universities abroad and how would I be able to get scholarship in them.can you help me with this?

  7. @Vivek: Don’t chase brands. Go for the institute that best suits your interests (including your choice of stream) and offers resources to help you grow. It’s pointless getting into IIT for Mining when your real interest is in Computers Science.

    @Sashank: The traditional 2-year MBA in India won’t help you. You could look at 1 year programs abroad.

    @Abhishek: Since it’s a health related reason, you can explain it in the optional essay provided by most bschools. Read this:

    @Farhin: That would depend on what your long term goals are, and how you position your current skills in your MBA essays. But the bigger question would be, why do you what another management degree?

    @Suyash: This article on MS in Canada should help:

    @Mukul: Here’s how you can get into the top bschools with scholarship:

    • Hi Sameer,
      My daughter is in class 12 right now. She wants to pursue engineering. She has three options -b. Tech from India(private college) , engineering from USA, or Bachelors of science in information and communication technology from Sweden (KTH university)
      Please advise.. Thx


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