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MBA Syllabus & Subjects in USA | Abroad | India 2023 – 2024

MBA Syllabus & Subjects Abroad (USA, UK, Canada) and India

Major MBA Subjects in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategy

Whether it is Harvard Business School or Stanford University in USA or IIM in India, the basic concepts of business and major MBA subjects covered in MBA classes do not change.

The MBA subjects list will look very similar, with finance, marketing, operations management, economics, human resource management and strategy forming the core subjects. These core subjects are covered in the first year (in a 2-year MBA). This is by design, as these MBA subjects allow students to create a good foundation of business topics.

The second half is where Indian and overseas business schools in USA, Canada, UK, Australia allow students to choose an MBA specialisation via electives. The number and nature of electives can vary across MBA courses abroad and in India. In many cases, new subjects are added to the MBA syllabus based on the demand of the market and economy.

For instance, during the dot com boom phase, the MBA syllabus in USA based universities invariably included startup and venture capital finance related subjects.

Many of the MBA subjects are taught using the MBA Case Study methodology. It’s a more hands-on and experiential way of learning.

On this page we provide free resources to help you learn about the important subjects included in the MBA syllabus by business schools abroad and in India. Whether you are an MBA applicant interested in pre-MBA preparation or just interested in increasing your knowledge about MBA topics, we hope you find this list useful.

MBA Syllabus in Economics

Introduction to Economics
Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Game Theory in Economics

MBA Syllabus in Accounting

Introduction to Accounting
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Accounting Standards
Accounting Courses
– – Best online courses in financial accounting

MBA Finance Topics

Introduction to Finance
Balance Sheets
Profit and Loss
Cash Flow
Ratio Analysis
Discounted Cash Flow

Operations Management Subjects

Operations Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Operations Research
Supply Chain Simulation Games

MBA Marketing Syllabus

Introduction to Marketing Concepts
Product Management
Consumer Behaviour
Market Research
Marketing Strategy (Market Segmentation, 4-P Marketing Framework)

MBA Entrepreneurship Subjects

Business Plans
Venture Capital
Family Business Management

Major Topics in MBA Strategy

Introduction to Strategic Management
Core Competencies
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Horizontal and Vertical Integration Strategy
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
GE McKinsey Matrix
BCG Growth Share Matrix
MECE Framework McKinsey
Business Strategy Simulation Games
Management Consulting

Learning opportunities outside the MBA Syllabus

Business Simulation Games
MBA internships
Also here are some skills acquired in MBA.
This MBA syllabus and major subjects list isn’t complete. We’ll keep adding to this list as we publish more MBA syllabus articles in marketing, strategy and other interesting business school subjects.

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