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August 14, 2015

Distance, Time and Speed Word Problems | GMAT GRE Maths

Click here to watch this insightful video. Why MBA Problems involving Time, Distance and Speed are solved based on one simple formula. Distance = Speed * […]
August 7, 2015

Verbs – Tenses and Forms | GMAT Verbal Tutorial

In this GMAT grammar tutorial, we look at the definition of pronoun agreement and cover the various types you’ll encounter. We’ll first cover the base verbs […]
July 31, 2015

Statistics Tutorial | Questions, formulas, problems | GMAT GRE CAT Prep

Concepts of statistics are used frequently in GMAT maths questions, often in implicit ways. What we’ll cover in this article: Definition, formulas and solved / practice […]
July 27, 2015

MBA without GMAT requirement in USA, Europe, India

The GMAT score forms an essential and significant component for the high ranked full-time MBA programs. In the entire MBA application, in comparison to the other […]
July 20, 2015

Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives | GMAT Grammar Tutorial

GMAT grammar topics seem simple, as they are based on basic rules you studied in school. However, the GMAT verbal section is precisely where international GMAT […]
July 3, 2015

Probability | Theory, solved examples and practice questions

When MS and MBA applicants ask us – ‘What are my chances of getting into Harvard?‘ or ‘What’s my probability of getting scholarships from Oxford?‘ we […]
June 26, 2015

Order of Operations | PEMDAS, BODMAS

Ever wondered about those irritating ‘Solve it if you are a genius‘ or ‘90% will get it wrong‘ puzzles that flood your Facebook and LinkedIn pages? […]
June 22, 2015

GMAT Math Formulas List | Cheat Sheet

You can crack the scary looking GMAT Math section with a help of some friendly little companions. Little – because many of them will take you […]
June 19, 2015

Average GRE scores for top MBA programs at business schools

Q. What’s a good GRE score for MBA? A. Any score that can get you into your dream school is a great score. Q. Hah! Spoken […]
April 17, 2015

Should I quit my full-time job to study for GMAT exam?

It’s not a typical question you’d hear from GMAT exam takers living in other countries. However, it pops up way too often among Indian GMAT MBA […]
March 16, 2015

What is the minimum GMAT score for good MBA programs?

Another set of questions that gets added to the ever-growing GMAT FAQ list – ‘What’s the minimum GMAT score for Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, IIM?’ This question […]
February 20, 2015

How to improve your GMAT score

Across the admissions offices of the top international MBA programs in the world, the expectations on getting a good GMAT score from Indian applicants has almost […]