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Executive MBA salaries in USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia

The Executive MBA has risen as a popular and a visibly lucrative cousin of MBA. It has become a sure-shot, albeit expensive, tool towards career advancement. With a few years of managerial experience under your belt, an EMBA provides a perfect opportunity to grow functionally, without the expense of leaving your current job and position (Read Executive MBA vs MBA for Executives – The big Indian confusion). In fact, a lot of EMBA candidates are sponsored by their current companies, with the expectation of expertise and functional returns to the organizations upon their graduation.

In this article, we will take a sneak peek at the salary outcome of gaining an EMBA degree. How they average at the various top schools across the various continents, and what kind of student satisfaction levels, does this degree render.

How do Executive MBA graduates rate their experience?

1,100 business programs, across the globe, surveyed among nearly 15,000 alumni shared their experience in the GMAC Alumni Perspective Report of 2017.

According to the report, the value proposition of an EMBA degree was rated an “outstanding” merit by 38% alumni. 45%, and 13%, alumni rated it at “excellent” and “good”, respectively. The rest 4% gave it a less than enthusiastic “fair” or “poor” rating.

A comparison with a full-time MBA degree is shown below. The inset shares the alumni perspectives on how rewarding the degree was to them. Among the surveyed, most alumni considered an EMBA to be personally rewarding (96%) while an equally impressive credit was given to the extent of professional and financial rewards. Read Is an Executive MBA(EMBA) worth it?

EMBA Salary Executive MBA
Source: GMAC Alumni Perspective Report & Weekend EMBA impact report at Duke’s Fuqua


What is the salary outcome of EMBA graduates?

According to the 2017 EMBA Council Student Exit Benchmarking Survey, among over 2,300 students from 77 EMBA Programs, graduates claimed a 14.1% increase in compensation, including pay and bonuses.

Since a large number of students, in EMBA programs, are sponsored by their corporations (~55% among the surveyed), a measure of success also comes from the career advancement upon graduation, within the organization. 41% reported a promotion while 52% reported increased responsibilities.

The image, below, shows a survey of Weekend EMBA alumni who graduated between 1985-2016, from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. It represents the typical career progression from a position of Analysts, or Managers, before entering the program (two-thirds or 65%) to an advanced position, today, as a Director, Vice President or C-Suite Executive (two thirds or 64%).

Salary before and after Executive MBA
Source: GMAC Alumni Perspective Report 2017

The prospective salary increases and promotions combined with the edge gained by both businesses and students, in staying ahead in the business landscape, render EMBAs a competitive advantage.

What are the average salaries of EMBA graduates in the world?

We have compiled a list of a few representative top EMBA programs. Most have been featured on the Economist and Financial Times’ Executive MBA Rankings, in recent years. We have noted the tuition fees, given the usual high cost of education, and compared the pre and post EMBA (obtained from the above sources) salaries against the price tag.

A rough estimate of the payback period (based on an approximate 10% cut from the annual salary) reflects the time it would take to achieve a full ROI on the degree.

Here are the numbers and the respective geographical breakdowns (Also read Top countries for highest MBA salaries).

EMBA Salaries in USA

Business School Tuition
Salary Pre-EMBA (Approx.) Salary Post-EMBA (at Graduation)
Pay Increase/ Estimated Payback duration
Yale SOM $180,000 $192,000 $266,000 38.5% / 6.8 years
UC Berkeley Haas $190,000 $163,200 $236,000 44.6% / 8 years
MIT Sloan $169,000 $207,000 $308,300 49% / 5.5 years
University of Chicago Booth $189,000 $170,000 $233,000 37% / 8 years
Northwestern Kellogg $201,100 $172,300 $223,000 29.4% / 9 years
Arizona State W. P. Carey School of Business $86,200 $133,430 $170,000 27.4% / 5 years
University of Michigan Ross School of Business $168,000 $193,430 $211,420 9.3% / 8 years
University of Maryland-Robert H. Smith School of Business $125,000 $137,000 $152,300 11.2% / 8 years
University of Pennsylvania – Wharton $205,200 $150,300 $239,000 59% / 8.6 years
UCLA Anderson $163,000 $137,200 $197,600 44% / 8.2 years
Duke University – Fuqua School of Business $148,000 $171,000 $239,200 40% / 6.2 years
NYU – Stern $195,000 $165,000 $249,000 51% / 8 years
Columbia Business School $202,000 $174,400 $208,000 19.2% / 9.7 years
Cornell University – Johnson $182,700 $149,500 $200,500 34% / 9 years


EMBA Salaries in Canada

Business School Tuition
Salary Pre-EMBA (Approx.) Salary Post-EMBA (at Graduation)
Pay Increase/ Estimated Payback duration
Northwestern Kellogg/York Schulich $95,700 $114,000 $140,000 22.5% / 6.8 years
Western University Ivey $84,200 $114,000 $162,000 42% / 5.2 years
University of Toronto Rotman $87,100 $109,000 $138,300 27% / 6.3 years
Queen’s University Smith $101,000 $100,400 $142,500 42% / 7 years
Cornell University/Queen’s University $137,800 $120,800 $182,400 51% / 7.6 years


EMBA Salaries in Asia & Australia

Business School Country Tuition
Salary Pre-EMBA (Approx.) Salary Post-EMBA (at Graduation)
Pay Increase/ Estimated Payback duration
UCLA/NUS Business US/Singapore $118,000 $166,000 $215,000 29.5% / 5.5 years
Kellogg/HKUST Business School US/Hong Kong/China $175,500 $295,300 $478,400 62% / 3.7 years
EMBA Global Asia Columbia/HKU/LBS US/China/UK $182,160 $180,000 $319,000 78% / 5.7 years
INSEAD Singapore $135,000 $190,500 $282,000 48% / 4.8 years
ISB Executive MBA (PGPMAX and PGPpro) India PGPMAX
PGPpro $44,500
Not available Not available 17% / 8-9 years
Melbourne Business School Australia $77,000 $110,000 $162,000 49% / 5 years
Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Antai China $86,000 $176,100 $364,600 107% / 3 years
CUHK Business School China $74,000 $167,500 $253,000 51% / 3 years
National University of Singapore Business School Singapore $73,400 $165,200 $262,600 59% / 3 years
Nanyang Business School Singapore $74,100 $189,800 $256,200 35% / 3 years
CEIBS China $96,000 $215,000 $331,000 54% / 3 years
Fudan School of Management/ Washington Olin China/US $97,000 $228,000 $360,250 58% / 3 years

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EMBA Salaries in Europe

Business School Country Tuition
Salary Pre-EMBA (Approx.) Salary Post-EMBA (at Graduation)
Pay Increase/ Estimated Payback duration
IMD Switzerland $105,700 $120,000 $272,500 127% / 4 years
Kellogg/WHU Beisheim US/Germany $99,000 $111,000 $158,800 43% / 6.2 years
University of Oxford Said Business School UK $93,400 $134,000 $201,500 50% / 4.6 years
University of Navarra IESE Spain $82,700 $172,500 $241,200 40% / 3.4 years
ESMT Berlin Germany $58,000 $101,600 $137,550 35% / 4.2 years
ESSEC/Mannheim France/
$60,340 $84,500 $115,000 36% / 5.2 years
IE University – IE Business School Spain $65,200 $142,800 $172,300 25% / 3.8 years
EDHEC Business School France $47,600 $88,000 $122,400 39% / 4 years
Imperial College Business School UK $66,200 $91,400 $144,400 58% / 4.6 years
University of Warwick UK $50,500 $83,100 $159,500 92% / 3 years
HEC Paris/LSE/NYU Stern France/UK/US $178,000 $216,000 $328,300 52% / 5.4 years
University of Cambridge Judge UK $85,000 $122,000 $217,100 78% / 4 years
London Business School UK $109,000 $143,500 $222,500 55% / 5 years
University of St. Gallen Switzerland $76,500 $124,000 $182,200 47% / 4.2 years
Rotterdam School of Management Netherlands $60,000 $83,600 $134,540 61% / 4.5 years
Antwerp Management School Belgium/Russia $44,100 $118,800 $160,300 35% / 3 years


EMBA Salaries in Africa

Business School Country Tuition
Salary Pre-EMBA (Approx.) Salary Post-EMBA (at Graduation)
Pay Increase/ Estimated Payback duration
Gordon Institute of Business Science at UP South Africa Not available $140,000 $207,000 48%
Lagos Business School – Pan Atlantic University Nigeria $3,000 $40,000 $70,700 65% / Less than a year

The lists, above, are not a reflection of rankings. Rather they represent some of the well-known Executive MBA programs in the region specified.

The salaries, obtained from the Economist and Financial Times, are also representative averages taken over a period of three years. The range of occupations, industries, and pursuits, are clearly not visible in here since EMBA programs usually cater to experienced professionals who are already employed.

For more information, we would like to redirect you to the following articles for a deeper clarity on the subject.


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  6. @Ramesh: Here’s are a couple of stories of MBA students who were over 35 and 40:
    But be aware that the risks will go up at that age.

    @Harshdeep: You can explain the low grades in the optional essay, if you want. A better idea would be to focus on building your profile and work experience, so focus shifts from acads to your accomplishments.

    @Sachchidanand: Rotman’s website has all the details. Do check it out.

    @Aditya: Read this on getting into Harvard:

    @Ishika: More than just having a startup, the adcoms will look at what you’ve been able to do with it.

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