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Michigan Ross Executive MBA after MS in USA

Ross Executive MBA admissions

Mohit Saggi already had some real good credentials on his resume. On the academic side, he completed his undergrad engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology and his MS in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago) with flying colours. On the professional side, he had worked in product development for Motorola and Intel.

But while working in the U.S. he felt there was still something missing. An executive MBA from Ross seemed like a good way to break away from the technical roles and explore new opportunities in management.

Why Michigan Ross Executive MBA after MS in USA

by Mohit Saggi

I am an extreme introvert and have been working in Product Development for the last 10 years. The work is rewarding, but doesn’t have a scope for greater responsibilities. That was the trigger for me to pursue a business degree.

I started my GMAT preparation during the first half of 2016. Initially, I could not spend a regular amount of time due to my work and travelling, and that showed in mock-test scores.

After 3 months of regular studies and practice, I finally cracked it with a score of 740. My personal target was 680-700 as I could not spend more than 10 hours per week for preparation and I wanted to get done with it in 3 months.

I never considered a full-time MBA since I wanted to work, study and earn, which will pay for my MBA costs.

Due to the delay on my part while preparing for the GMAT, I started looking at MBA school admission criteria in parallel. I realized that a great score (which I was dreaming of at that time) would not be enough to get me in.

I stumbled upon MBA Crystal Ball (MCB) on GMAT Club. I did a bit of research on their admissions consulting services and felt confident in contacting them via LinkedIn.

As many have noted earlier, MG from MCB set up a free 1-on-1 with me over phone and asked basic questions about my status, plans and expectations. After listening to me patiently and going over the process, he recommended a plan of action. I signed up for 1-school plan.

After signing up with MCB, MG continued to work with me after our initial 1-on-1. After gathering all the information about the school I was interested in, he pointed me to resources to get as much information as possible about the school.

The best part of working with MG was his straight-forward way of feedback (no sugar coating!). He never spoon-fed the application to me, made me write the application and provided invaluable feedback.

In the end, the process was worth it as I did not have to spend any time in preparing for the interview.

I was only interested in one school (Ross Michigan EMBA) as it is near my current location. I did some research by contacting the alumni.

I had a 45-minute interview with the assistant program director of the Ross EMBA program. The interview revolved around my background, future plans and how an MBA would fit into this.

If you know your application well (which you will, MG will make sure of it 🙂 ), the interview should not be an issue. I was hopeful of the result as the interviewer spoke well about the application. I finally heard back about the status of my application after 3 weeks.

I think we Indians in general pay too much attention to GMAT scores. The real deal is the overall application and how you present it.

Having MG on my side while preparing for the application was the best thing I did to improve my chances for Ross. The insight he provided while preparing the application, reviewing my resume and the general thought process of an admission committee were invaluable.

Having the right people who you can trust makes the journey less stressful.

– Mohit

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5 thoughts on “Michigan Ross Executive MBA after MS in USA”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics engineer, having worked for more than 6 years in core engineering (projects and operation maintenance) in Steel plant, I have been promoted and joined Project Procurement recently. Also I am pursuing Executive MBA through class room (Saturday and Sunday) from IIM Ranchi, to be completed in early 2019. Now can you please suggest which area shall I focus for the best growth in forgoing situation.

  2. Hi Manish , ur reply seems to be useful.
    I am a doctor 36 yrs old, consultant radiologist working in corporate hospital in delhi with salary of 36 + per annum. I am planing to change my role, more towards management side. Even i have offers to join healthcare startups. Do you think executive course from ISB or FMS will help !!

  3. I had completed my CA Inter in 1994 and later on due to personal issues started working and did nor pursue CA Final. Luckily I got good positions due to contacts and working at Finance Director Asia level. However recently I lost my job due to some realignment after working for 20 years.

    Now if I want to apply for new positions, the companies are asking for post qualification experience which I don’t have.

    I am currently pursuing PGPX Executive MBA from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson and investing around Rs. 20L through education local however I am not sure how will be the market to join as CFO or any operational role.

    Can you help how to get finance strategy role without complete CA?

  4. Hello sir.
    I would like to know the advantages of executive MBA in shipping n logistic after 2nd engineer rank.?.
    I want to do it from Europe? ….

  5. Sir,

    I am functional consultant with six years of experience . I want to pursue executive MBA from ISB , because i want to scale my management skills and to see my self scholar person form good institute like ISB. Please let me know how can i crack Gmat or Cat and get good score, as i am having below average English communication skills.


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