94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Fully-funded PhD in Europe: Scholarship covers fees & stipend worth over $350,000 (₹2.5 crore)

With the rising costs of quality education, it has become difficult for candidates from middle-class families to be able to afford the fees and cost of living at the top universities. For instance, consider doctoral degrees at the top universities and business schools. Without getting a fully funded PhD, it is impractical to cover the … Read more

PhD in USA for international students

The USA, which has the reputation of being the top choice for higher education, attracts a sizeable number of international students each year. For those interested in a doctorate degree, USA has some of the most prestigious universities offering PhD programs in a wide variety of subjects and interest areas. The flexibility of curriculum, availability … Read more

PhD after MBA

Education is a five-course meal with PhD as the ultimate dessert at the end of it all. Having said that, not all fields of study have had a long history of crowning a doctorate degree. It has traditionally been the highest degree in the sciences, and social sciences. Somewhere in the middle of the previous … Read more

Is a PhD worth it?

The popular quip goes, the product of any university is the undergraduate, byproduct is the Master student and waste product is the PhD student. But jokes aside, they are the scholarly pundits with the ultimate educational qualification any field has to offer. A qualification that comes at a cost. It is easy to pick PhDs … Read more

PhD in Management Abroad for Indian Students

Most know that the full-form of PhD is Doctor of Philosophy. However, in most cases the nomenclature is misleading. The degree considered to be the pinnacle of learning has little to do with doctors or philosophy. A PhD degree could be in various fields including law, medicine, humanities, physical sciences, literature, management – the list … Read more