GMAT Test Dates | 2022 – 2023

GMAT Test Dates | 2022 – 2023

The GMAT exam is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). It is a three and half hour long test comprising four sections:


GMAT exam dates 2022 – 2023

Unlike many MBA entrance exams in India that have a fixed (and single) test date, the GMAT exam dates are flexible.

The GMAT exam can be given throughout the year. It can be scheduled at an available convenient date at the nearest test centre. Whether you’re looking out for a GMAT test centre in Mumbai, Pune or any other city, details of the test dates and timings can be found on their official website

However, make it a point to register early if you want a time slot and date of your choice as these spots may get filled up. You are allowed to register up to six months in advance for the GMAT.

There are 600 test centres across 114 countries worldwide offering the GMAT exams. India has 39 test centres spread across 34 cities.

The GMAT can be taken multiple times. In case of a low GMAT score, it can be re-taken after a gap of 16 days. A maximum of five attempts are allowed in a year with the total number of attempts at the GMAT in a lifetime being eight.
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GMAT score validity

The GMAT scores are valid for a five year period.  The score report would have details of all the tests taken within a five year period. However, GMAT scores of tests taken from five to ten years back are available at an additional fee.

The overall GMAT score can range from 200-800. The GMAT test fee is US$250. Before you begin your GMAT test, you can choose up to five schools which would receive your official score report, without any additional fee. It’d be a good idea to do your research on which schools you’d like to apply to and keep your school list ready when you go for the GMAT test. For any additional score report, there’d be a $28 fee.

Candidates can view their scores on the test day and decide whether to accept them or cancel them. The cancelled scores would not appear on the score report. All the accepted scores would appear, however the highest score would be considered.

GMAT preparation & planning the test dates

It is advisable to plan for your GMAT exam well in advance so that you have enough study time and you can be well-prepared to attain the highest possible score.

The number of hours required for GMAT preparation would vary for each individual According to a GMAC survey, prospective students who are targeting a score of 700 or higher may need to keep aside around 121 hours of preparation time, on an average.

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You also need to factor in time required for re-taking the test; if you end up with a low score in your previous attempt. Once the GMAT is taken, it would take around 20 calendar days to receive the official score report. All these aspects need to be taken into account and the GMAT test date planned accordingly.

Most of the individuals appearing for the GMAT have a full-time job, so it’s necessary to prepare a dedicated study plan which you need to strictly follow. You’d need to devote more time focussing on your weak areas. Take the practice tests to know where you stand and to figure out areas needing improvement.

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Reschedule the GMAT exam:

There’s a fee of USD $60 to reschedule the test more than seven calendar days before the scheduled test date. However, if you happen to reschedule it later than that, you’d be required to pay the entire fee again.

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