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Summer Programs for International Students in Business Schools

Summer Programs for International Students in Business Schools

A walk on the beach, a country side vacation, a water park trip, or simply a whole lot of lazy afternoons, are usually the defining features of summer time. A hiatus in the scholastic ventures of student life. So why interrupt the trance, with productivity and learning, with an international b-school’s summer program? Do these summer business programs have enough meat to justify the break in the break?

After all, the duration of these programs is a fraction of a normal curriculum. So why spend your leisure time, and precious money, in the pursuit of speedy knowledge?

In response, here are some advantages of enrolling in a summer business training initiative.

  • Summer programs are beneficial in the context of their contribution to your next educational or career plan. Students who don’t have a business major, or any form of business training, can employ the fundamentals they learn in these business summer programs as extra marketing credentials for grabbing an internship or a job.
  • The international exposure, in these short-term programs, could also be a highlight in your resume. Employers may appreciate the international experience, as well as the initiative and knowledge that are associated with it.
  • These programs serve as a good stepping stone towards more serious regular business education. The pre-MBA training provides a head start in an already packed and competitive curriculum.
  • Entrepreneurship focused programs enable the development of a perspective otherwise not available to non-business majors bit by the entrepreneurial bug. These summer programs are a good way for young graduates, or college seniors, to gain the know-hows to embark on their own projects with confidence.
  • Leadership training is also prized by future employers, looking to bring in driven individuals to their workforce.
  • Unlike self-studying, these programs have the advantage of being a part of an established and reputed business school system, and being taught by esteemed academics and industry experts.
  • Most of these programs are quite intensive, engrossing, and require a full-on participation from its recipients. The close studying association forms a fertile ground to grow your network.
  • The participants often earn course credits which can be transferred to their future studies.
  • It also works as an experiment to test your interest in the field, experience the instruction style, explore the environment, and judge their inclination in pursuing a more involved study in an international business school setting for the future.

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These programs do come with a few caveats. Especially with the price tag associated with them. Most summer business schools cost upwards of $6,000 in tuition, with additional cost for accommodation, travel, food, supplies, etc. Compared to that, the scrunched-upnature of the courses, suited to the duration of one month or less, is clearly only enough to either focus on very specific targeted course material or introduce the concepts for further study later.

The financial investment, by engaging in such a course, may be too high for the quantity of knowledge gained. Students interested in a more in-depth comprehensive training will not gain much insight from a summer program.
Regardless, if you are interested in the advantages mentioned above, and you are sufficiently aware of your end goals from such a program, there are many elite business schools, across the world, that offer such programs. In fact, more and more b-schools are joining the club, offering summer business programs on focussed topics or general business concepts, attracting undergraduates and recent graduates to courses designed by experts.

Here are some of the top schools and their summer programs for international students in USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France and Hong Kong.

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Summer programs for international students

Top summer programs in USA, Canada, Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, France) and Hong Kong


Business School Country Program Name Education Req. Duration & Tuition
London Business School UK The Entrepreneurship Summer School Individuals interested in an entrepreneurial training. Total 8 days. Field based Research for 2 months and Final Presentation

Tuition: $8,400

Stanford Business School USA – Various Summer Programs on General Management

Entrepreneurial Summer Program

– Open to a variety of target audience with programs for women leaders to non-profit

– Open to first year MBA and returning joint degree students

– Details of duration and pricing available on website


London School of Economics UK Summer School in Business and Management Proof of university offer or completion for 100 level courses

University transcript satisfying prerequisites for 200/300 level courses

2 months

$9,200 for the full course

University of California Berkeley Haas USA BASE(Business for Arts, Science and Engineering) Summer Program Undergraduates in arts, science, and engineering. Or recent graduates. 6 weeks


Bocconi University Italy Bocconi Summer School International undergraduate students 3 weeks


HEC Paris France Summer School (10 Programs) University level or recent graduates 3 intakes of 2 weeks each. Cost per intake from $3,000 – $9,100
Copenhagen Business School Denmark International Summer University Program (ISUP) Undergraduate and Graduate students 6 weeks

$1,500/undergraduate course


Chicago Booth USA Summer Business Scholars Program Any undergraduate 3 weeks


Columbia University USA Business Edge

Business Practice

Business Plus


Any Undergraduate junior or senior – 1 month/$9,500

– 1 month/$10,500

– 1 month/$12,000

ESADE Spain International Summer Program Current Undergraduates or recent graduates 2-8 weeks

$2,500 – $8,000

Michigan Ross USA Ross Summer Connection Incoming Ross freshmen undergraduates 4 weeks
University of Navarra Spain International Summer Program in Business At least 1 year of undergrad study with some form of Economics or Business Administration training 5 weeks


University of Virginia USA McIntire Business Institute’s Certificate in Business Fundamentals Undergrads, Grads, or Professionals, with education outside the business field 1.5 months



Darmouth Tuck USA Tuck Business Bridge Program Rising juniors or graduating seniors plus advanced non-business students. 1 month
Vanderbilt Owen USA Summer Accelerator Program Undergraduates and recent graduates 4 weeks


Imperial College Business School UK Summer School Graduates, Undergraduates or recent graduates (<5 years) 1 – 2 Sessions for $2,700 – $4,900
HKUST Hong Kong International Summer Exchange Program Undergraduate students nominated from HKUST’s exchange partners 2 months

Fees covered by home institution

McGill University Canada International Summer Program for Visiting Undergraduates Any undergad with at least 1 year course completed 1 month



WHU Otto Beisheim Germany European Summer Program Bachelor or MBA summer programs for undergrads or MBAs from partner universities 2 weeks


$560 for exchange students


$2,200 for individual

Apart from the above list of b-schools, there are others such as Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management International Summer Program, Vancouver Summer Program, McCombs School of Business BBA Summer Program, European Business School’s “Doing Business in Europe” program, and Bocconi University’s Campus Abroad Summer Program at National University of Singapore. Many of these are targeted at exchange students from partner institutes, or college students from their own institutions.

There are obviously quite a few well-deserving summer business programs that we have not included in this article. A wholesome amount of research into the details, where-how-what, is strongly recommended. And while you are at it, here are some links that you may find useful.


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  1. HI Sameer,

    I have give gmat and scored 610 in first attempt. I have 10 years of IT experience, i am a B.E. computer science graduate. I want to do Post graduation to uplift my career so in future i can be Managing director or even higher. I am interested in doing MBA from abroad, is NUS singapore a good option. I can do either strategy consulting or IT Consulting. Do you think its a good idea?

    I have manager experience of 2 years. I have work experience in USA for almost 4 years due to my job. Hoping it is a add on from MBA perspective. All the experience is with a big Consulting and IT company.

    Can you suggest some other options for MBA abroad. I am very keen on upgrading my career now. I am ok with leaving the job for a year if required, part time seems very long like more than 2 years. Please suggest.

  2. With 10th & 12th score being 9.4(CGPA) and 78% respectively and 6.5(CGPA) in Computer Engg from Jamia Millia, New Delhi (Central University). And my GMAT score being 700, can I get admission in good B-Schools?
    I don’t have any gap year or work experience. My graduation will be completed in 2019.
    Can you also suggest some BSchools I can apply for in 2019 ?

  3. Greetings,
    I have completed my graduation with 69% and i have been working in the role of Risk Investigator in a reputed company for the past 1year 3months. I want to pursue MBA in the operations field.I am yet to take GMAT.if i get a score of 600+ in Gmat and from the colleges/univs mentioned which is the B-school i stand a good chance with? Univ of Alberta,HEC Montreal,York University – Schulich School of Business. I scored 7 bands in IELTS. Would be greatful if i can be assisted with.


  4. Hi,

    I am 6.7 years experienced in IT industry with a BE degree in India and have a Canada PR and planning to shift to Canada soon. I would like to know if I can apply for MBA in HR in Canada without GMAT or GRE and also about the fee structure since I have a PR.

    Please do let me know.

    Thank you.

  5. Hey team

    Thanks for listing these out.
    Do you have any student reviews for any of these programs? Or Do you know where can I find the reviews for these programs?


  6. @Dimple: For your experience, European MBA programs would be a good fit. They offer short duration options and attract more mature applicants.

    @Vasu: It’s not a good idea to go for international MBA programs without work experience. Read why:

    @Anupam: Use this reference table to get an idea of the average GMAT scores at the top programs:

    @Rashmi: The PR status won’t change their admission policies. Most good MBA programs will still insist on a GMAT or GRE score.

    @Sushanth: We don’t have any reviews of these summer programs. You could get them from several public sites. Or reach out to folks on Linkedin who have this on their list of credentials.

  7. Greetings,
    Can I please know if this course will be helpful to a 2+ year experienced candidate in order to get a better job? Also, can we search for jobs (In that country itself) while studying to join upon completion of the course?

  8. Chakri: considering your experience, you may not find it to be as useful, since these programs aren’t as selective or rigorous as the bschool’s flagship programs.
    You’d be better off using the time to improve your profile in other ways – like taking on a leadership position outside work, probably in a non-profit, and showing some solid impact.


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