London Business School MBA (LBS)

Established in 1964, London Business School’s MBA program is among the top-ranked global MBA program. It is also one of the top European b school to offer a two-year MBA program. However students are offered the flexibility of completing the program much earlier with exit points at 15, 18 months or attend the 21-month entire duration of the program. Majority choose to stay throughout the entire duration to reap the maximum benefit.

The school’s strategic location in Central London offers immense advantage to students. The capital city has a lot happening around. From the employment perspective, students have the benefit of being able to explore the many possible internships and job options the commercial and business hub has to offer.

London Business School MBA course structure

The class of over 400 has students coming in from over 120 countries. The session begins in August each year. Year one concentrates on the core courses of the MBA and tends to be very rigorous. During the summer break, students can choose to take up summer internships.

Year two tends to be more flexible with students getting a chance to customize the program as per their choice of electives. Students may also opt to study abroad on an International Exchange Programme in which they can spend one term in any one of the thirty partner schools spread across all continents.

In addition to structured lectures, case discussions are held in which students are expected to participate. This is how students can enhance their learning experience as each student uses his/her past experience to take part in the discussion. Role-playing, simulations, field visits also form part of the teaching process.

London Business School MBA class profile

No. of full-time MBA students enrolled near 500
Average GMAT Range 600-800,
Average 707
Average age of the students 28
Average work experience 66 months
Tuition fees for international students $101,500
Offer within 3 months of graduation ~95%
Average salary of MBA grads ~$99,000
Median sign-on bonus $45,000 other guaranteed compensation including sign-on bonus

London Business School MBA application process

Applications are made online. Application fee of £200 is to be paid. Application needs to be complete with a one-page resume, copies of university transcripts, IELTS/TOEFL score, details of two referees (preferably a current and former employer) and most importantly the MBA essays. There are six essays, one re-applicant essays and one optional essay.

London Business School (LBS) MBA Essays | Writing tips

Essay 1 (Current Essay question): What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School programme contribute towards these? (500 words)

The classic careers essay; focus on following elements:

– Have a coherent, well-backed short term goal. Needless to say, this has to have some bearing with your past to date. This is also the part where you give a flowing account of your career to-date. Critical to dwell on why MBA at this stage and why not something else

Optional essay: This is not a compulsory essay but please complete if you would like the opportunity to clarify or expand upon any information submitted in your application.

Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School? (Optional) (500 words)

Essay 2 (Past Essay question): Where do you see your career progressing five years after graduation and what is your longer term career vision?(200 words)

The short-term goal needs to feed into the long-term goal. Think about what the USPs of LBS are and which of these help in your career goals.

Essay 3 (Past Essay question): Give a specific example of when you have had to test your leadership and / or team working skills either professionally, or outside of work. What role will you play in your first year study group? (300 words)

The school is interested in understanding your interest to take lead and break the ice in an unknown group. Think about an example where you became leader by initiative, or where you bought together people from different backgrounds towards a common cause. Do not just mention any leadership/team-work experience.

Essay 4 (Past Essay question): Student involvement is an extremely important part of the London MBA experience and this is reflected in the character of students on campus. What type of student club or campus community events will you be involved with and why? How will you contribute? (300 words)

Given this question, make sure the Why LBS question only mentions student clubs in the passing. With this question, it is very critical that you do in-depth research on the school and show good knowledge of the activities of the club you are interested in. Mention which activities in the past year the club did that you specially liked; some innovative ideas on furthering the club activities will be taken positively.

Essay 5 (Past Essay question): London Business School offers a truly global and diverse experience. Describe any significant experiences outside of your home country or culture. What did you gain and how will your experience contribute to the School? (150 words)

Dwell on your international/cross-cultural experience here. Do focus on how comfortable you are in such situations; a specific instance of how this experience added value to a project would be of particular use.

Essay 6 (Past Essay question): Give an example of a person who, in your opinion, has made a profound impact on the way the world does business. How will this person influence your contribution to your MBA Programme at London Business School? (300 words)

This one would need some research. You don’t want to sound like a Miss India contestant here. Also, don’t pull out the usual suspects out of thin air. Choose someone that you truly identify with. Remember this isn’t as much about creativity as it is about who you aspire to be.

LBS MBA Re-applicant essay: How has your candidacy for the London Business School MBA changed since your last application? (300 words)

London Business School MBA application deadlines and dates

Stage Application deadline Interview decision Admission decision
1 2nd week of September 2nd week of October 3rd week of November
2 1st week of January 1st week of February End of March
3 1st week of March 1st week of April 3rd week of May
4 3rd week of April Mid May 3rd week of June

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