Deferred MBA Programs in USA, India, Europe

MBA programs strive to be diverse, choosing candidates from a variety of backgrounds to enrich their experiential learning environment. Classes thrive on case studies, and students bring in their past experiences, mixing them with new lessons. Most MBA programs, across the globe, hence, desire an applicant pool with some years of work experience. Average MBA … Read more

Best MBA Programs for Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups

Watch this video first: Best MBA in Entrepreneurship What comes first – the MBA bird or the Entrepreneurial golden egg? In other words, we should first start with a brief parley on whether an MBA really helps to push a start-up business forward (Read Are entrepreneurs born or made?). After all, if history has taught … Read more

16 things every Cornell Johnson MBA student should know

The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management is part of Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business. It was in 1946 that Cornell University, an Ivy League university, established the “School for Business and Public Administration,” offering MBA and MPA degrees. The first-year course fee was a princely sum of $200. In 1984, Samuel … Read more

Affirmative action in U.S. college admissions: Definition, examples, pros and cons

The US has not always been a “land of opportunity” it is touted to be today. Hardly 50 years ago, it wasn’t a land of opportunity for even its own people. Minorities and women were prohibited from applying to universities or for higher-level jobs in their own country. Discrimination was legal and masqueraded as state … Read more

CMU Tepper professors gaze into the crystal ball and reveal emerging business trends

The world of business continues to evolve rapidly and companies unaware of the emerging business trends are often caught off-guard. Rather than focusing on their business, managers end up spending precious time and resources on fire-fighting and reacting to these changes.

16 things every MIT Sloan MBA student should know

Semester after semester, as many as 1,300 students are expertly guided toward the path of innovation in business by 200 academic staff at MIT Sloan School of Management. The teachers and their students have obviously met with success: Sloan alumni have founded more than 650 companies. But there’s a lot more to Sloan. Here are … Read more

How business schools are making their MBA programs more practical

The phrase “practical MBA” seems somewhat redundant. For, if it is not practical, what good is an MBA? However, the fact is that MBA curricula at many business schools are so rooted in classroom academics—with a surfeit of lectures on theories and concepts—that they seem to have forgotten to teach their students what to do … Read more

INSEAD France vs Singapore campus: Differences and similarities

1957 saw the origin of one of the most influential Business Schools in the world, Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires (French for European Institute of Business Administration), or INSEAD. The flagship institute, in France, and its newer campus in Singapore, has since been a reigning champion in global business education. In the past years, INSEAD … Read more

16 things every Wharton MBA student should know

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania was established in 1881 with a donation from Joseph Wharton, an American industrialist who was involved in manufacturing and mining. Wharton is the US’ first collegiate school of business and part of the M7 group of elite MBA programs that also includes Booth, Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, MIT … Read more

Top Business Schools accepting GRE scores

The GMAT score has been widely used for the MBA application process. However, as we see many more top colleges accepting the GRE score, there has been a steady increase in the number of applicants submitting the GRE score in place of the GMAT. GRE score was previously used for the MS programs; however with … Read more