Masters (MS / MBA) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Masters (MS / MBA) in Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementLogistics and Supply Chain Management are the set of activities and network organizations that make the journey between raw materials to the shipment of the final goods, a reality. The best way to understand what it does is to realize what happens when the world is devoid of them.

Take the instance of that famous movie from the 90s, since if you are looking into this article now, you have probably lived in that decade. A downright terrible supply chain management can lead to the production of all collars and no shirts. The result – an embarrassed Aamir Khan, a pissed off customer/retailer and a marketing executive who is responsible for this riot of laughter. Try watching this movie in case you have no idea where this is coming from.

MS/Masters or MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Top Schools, Admission Information and Industry Profile

Hilarious movie scenarios aside, logistics and supply chain management (SCM) deal with suppliers, purchasing, inventory, resource, manufacture, warehousing, transportation, and finally information management between each stage of production. Information from the customers, which could also be the next stage in production, keeps feeding back into the loop to optimize the process for cost and quality.

So, graduates in the field of Logistics & SCM are responsible for, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics in USA, Logisticians Occupational Handbook,

-Management of the product’s life cycle

-Allocation of resources

-Client supplier business management

-Design strategies to minimize waste, cost, and time in production

-Identify room for logistical improvements

-Deal with customer requirements and management improvements to meet customer needs.
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Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Find out if you have what it takes to be in SCM by playing this Online SCM Game.
Here, in this article, we have put together all the relevant information for you to decide on your Logistics & Supply Chain Management Masters (MS) or MBA degree. Besides industry profiles and salaries, we have here the top schools, and their admission requirements. While most offer MBA degrees, some do have an MS curriculum in SCM. Some individual schools even float time and wallet friendly Certificate programs.
For completeness sake, here is a list of links to help ease your curiosity of the top MBA and MS specializations.

List of MBA specializations

Top MS/Masters specializations
Logisticians find themselves relevant in not just the manufacturing and corporate industry, but also in government jobs, defense and the scientific industry. It is an extremely sought after field with a growing need in India as well, reflected from the development of SCM courses in the IIMs and XLRI institutes.

According to BLS, the ten year growth projection of SCM jobs is about 2%, by 2024, taking the number of jobs to over 133k. The average salary is around $77,000 with the higher wages around $115,000.

The industries that are popularly known to hire Logisticians, according to BLS data in 2018, are listed in the table below.


Industry Average Salary (Approx.)
Federal Executive Branch $88,500
Management of Companies and Enterprises $79,000
Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services $75,000
Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing $89,000
Computer Systems Design and Related Services $79,000
Oil and Gas Extraction $103,000
Agencies, brokerages, Insurance, etc. $115,000
Freight Transportation Arrangement $67,000
Securities, Commodity, Financial Investments, etc. $113,000
Food and beverage $113,000

The possible industries, not listed here, are retail, online shopping and pretty much all manufacturing industries. And with increasing numbers and competition, it will become essential to hire professionals who can design efficient production strategies, without compromising the quality of the end product.


USA has some of the premier schools offering an MBA or MS program in Logistics and SCM. Here is a list of the top ten business schools, as per US News Rankings & Reviews, their admission requirements and approximate tuition costs.


University Program Type GMAT or GRE?/

Average GMAT or GRE Score




MIT Sloan


MBA Available


Masters Available MIT SCM

(Read How useful is the MIT SCM/MLOG)


No minimum

GMAT : 716*

GRE : 324 -330



iBT: 100


$75 $67, 938

(Tuition & Scholarship)


Michigan State University (Broad)




Minimum of 2 years work experience in relevant field required



No minimum

GMAT: 670 (Broad)


iBT: 100

CBT: 250


$85 $51,600

(MSSCM Tuition)

Pennsylvania State University – University Park (Smeal) Masters

Minimum of 2 years work experience in relevant field required

Either (GMAT Recommended)/

GMAT: 636*


Q: 155

V: 158

IBT: 80

Speaking : 19

PBT: 550

IELTS: 6.5


$65 $1,055 per credit



Total ~ $40,000

(US News Rankings and Reviews)

Arizona State University (Carey) MS in Global Logistics Either/

GMAT: 682

GRE: 311


PBT: 550

$90 $50,700


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (Ross) MSCM Either/

No minimum

GMAT: 650-740

GRE: Q 155

iBT: 100

PTE: 70

$75 $55,000


Stanford University (GSB) MBA

MSx Program needs 8 years experience


No minimum

GMAT: 733*

GRE: 328 – 332


iBT: 100

PBT: 600


PTE: 68

$275 $66,540


Ohio State University (Fisher) MBLE

Masters of Business Logistics Engineering


No minimum

80 percentile or above

iBT: 100

PBT: 600

IELTS: 7.5

$70 $45,722


University of Tennessee – Knoxville (Haslam) MBA Either/

No minimum specified

iBT: 100

PBT: 600

IELTS: 7.5

$60 $70,486


Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper) MBA

(Admission Info)


No minimum

GMAT: 690*

GRE: **

Q 156

V 161


iBT: 100

PBT: 600

CBT: 250


$200 $61,440
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) MBA Either/

No minimum

GMAT: 720

GRE: 326 – 330


iBT: 110

PBT: 633

$265 $125,900 including rent


And may we please say OMG!

*Average GMAT from MBA Crystal Ball, ** Average GRE from MBA Crystal Ball

In conclusion, we hope that this article gave you all the necessary information to bring together your abstract ideas and place them in neatly packed brain cells for your next step, namely management and allocation of your resources for a successful degree. The logistician in you should have recognized what we did there!

Good Luck!
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