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Official Academic Transcripts for GRE GMAT colleges abroad | MBA and MS in USA

If you’re applying to a master’s program abroad including an MBA, you’d be required to have your transcripts ready for submission as a part of the application process.

There’s confusion among applicants regarding what an academic transcript means and what the transcript format for Indian applicants should be. In this post, we’ve tried to address some of the common questions among applicants.

All about academic transcripts for college admissions


What is the meaning of an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is an official document which contains the summary of your academic record.

It would include the name of the degree obtained along with the dates of attendance, the date the degree was conferred as well as the names of the subjects/courses you had taken in each year along with the marks or grades obtained in each of them.

It would need to be on the college/university letter-head stamped and signed by the registrar or the concerned authority.

Where and how are these transcripts used?

International universities & Masters (MS, MBA) colleges get applications from around the world. There is very little consistency in the content and scope of what’s covered across the regional educational institutions. The subjects, the grading standards, the specialisation, the number of courses, the duration can all vary significantly.

Academic transcripts can act as a single window through which admissions teams of Masters and PhD programs can evaluate what the applicant has studied and how she has performed.

Having said that, there are still many challenges. For instance, comparing transcripts from the universities and colleges based in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other cities isn’t easy though they are all from the same country.

Imagine the complexity that admission officers handle when they are looking for transcripts from other countries.

What is the difference between marksheets and transcripts?

Marksheets are what you get from your college at the end of each semester or year. They contain details of the list of subjects, total marks for each subject and how much you scored.

For an engineering program that has 8 semesters (spread across 4 years, if you are capable and/or lucky!), you will end up with 8 marksheets.

In contrast, the transcript puts all of this in a single document. You’ll have only one transcript for one course.


Do I need to submit the original transcript along with my MBA / MS application?

You may be applying to multiple colleges at the same time. So, initially at the time of application, you may be able to manage the process with scans of the official transcript of records, depending on the requirement of the institution where you apply.

The scan of the transcript can be uploaded and submitted along with your application form. However, be sure that the scanned version that you upload is clear and legible.

However, once you’ve received an admission offer and accepted it, you’d be required to submit an official transcript.

I attended different colleges for my bachelor’s & master’s degree? Do I need to submit separate transcripts?

If you have a bachelor’s degree from a college, you’d need a transcript from that college with the summary of the subjects taken in each year and the marks/grades obtained.

Also, if you’ve done your master’s elsewhere, you’d need another transcript in support of the same. If you’ve attended a non-degree program at some other institution, you’d need another transcript with the details of the courses taken and the grades obtained.

In short, you’d need to submit one official transcript from each college or university you’ve attended. Each of these transcripts would contain various details related to the program taken.

If the transcript is issued in any language other than English, then you’re required to submit the certified copy of the original transcript along with a certified English translation. Translations must be literal and complete versions of the original records.

How do I get my college transcripts for MBA / MS applications?

The process for getting your college transcripts would vary depending upon the college or university you’ve attended.

Usually, the first step is to get photocopies of all the mark sheets/degree certificate. You may need to address a letter to the registrar of your university or the concerned authority of your college requesting him/her for the transcript.

You’d also have to mention the number of sets of transcripts you’d need. You’d be required to pay the applicable fees for the required number of transcripts mostly in the form of a demand draft.

Several colleges have an official transcript application form. If that’s true with your alma mater, the college transcript request form may be obtained in the soft copy which you need to fill in after which you can take a printout on the college letter-head.

You may check with your college/university if any other documents are needed. It would be a good idea calling up and talking to the concerned person in your college and checking with them the exact procedure for procuring your transcripts as the same standard procedure may not be applicable to all universities and colleges in India.

Once you submit all the required set of documents, you’d perhaps be told the processing time required after which you may go and collect the certified transcripts in sealed envelopes with stamp and signature in the sealed portion. You may not seal one of the envelopes as you would need one set of transcripts for scanning so that the scanned copy can be submitted with the application.

Managing the college transcripts process online

Many colleges in USA also accept electronic transcripts from colleges and universities in India sent through a secure network recommended by your college.

Nowadays, there are various companies with an online presence that have made it easier to get your transcripts online. They have tie-ups with various popular educational institutions across the country. But it may not be a comprehensive list, so you’ll first have to check if the college that you graduated from is included in their list.

For the service they provide, they charge a fee – generally between 5,000 to 10,000 Rupees depending on the number of copies you request for. This option is preferred by those staying abroad or in a different city and those wishing to avoid the unnecessary legwork.

University Transcripts Samples from India

Curious to know what a sample transcript from India looks like? Check out these sample transcript templates for Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) from VIT, Pune University:

  • Computer Engineering: link
  • Electronics Engineering: link
  • Instrumentation students: link
  • Chemical Engineering: link
  • Mechanical Engineering: link
  • Industrial Engineering: link
  • Production Engineering: link

You’ll find many more on the net in PDF format, or as images (GIF, JPG) for other colleges in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata or whichever region you graduated from. Download them or view them online to get a better idea of the content and sections.

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  1. Currently working in Nirlep Appliances Ltd, Aurangabad – Auto Components Division

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    B.E. Mechanical from MESCOE (Wadia Colleges Pune) affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University with 63% in final year and 56% in all four years aggregate. I lost two years during engineering. One due to negligence and one due to illness.

    One Month Internship – Sales – Apex Honda Car Sales, Mumbai

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    10th grade – Maharashtra SSC – Mumbai – 78%

    I request you to evaluate my profile and guide me. I’m interested in pursuing a masters degree in business preferably in USA.

  2. I am sachin . I am graduated from normal college with 58% in mechanical engineering
    I started business taking govt contracts in pwd b&r departments . Now I planning to pruse MBA and I start taking GMAT classes.
    If I get 750+ in GMAT can I get admission in top 10 colleges in USA

  3. Hello!
    I am currently doing BE in Pune university in Sandip foundation, Nashik.
    I am very good in academics and I can score very well. Due to immaturity and as my caste category is open I was unsuccessful to seek any reputed college like IIT or COEP..

    So as I am not from IIT it will affect my application?
    I want to apply for Standford ambani free fellowship program..
    I hope you will help 🙂

  4. 10th- 78%
    12th- 48%
    B.Tech – 73% from YPR College of Engineering, Medak, Telangana (affiliated to Jawaharlal University, Hyderabad, Telanaga).

    Work Exp- 5 yrs
    Gmat score – 700

    what are chances for my application pick for interview @ ISB

  5. @Abhay: The illness part can be explained, but the other gap year will be an issue. Your work experience is too low. Start focussing on building a stronger profile and getting a high GMAT score. Some lower ranked universities may be more flexible with the gap years.

    @Sachin and Jagan: A 700 or 750 in GMAT doesn’t guarantee anything. There are many more aspects that you need to start focussing on in parallel. Read this:

    @Saurabh: Stop using caste as an excuse for not getting what you deserve, buddy. International universities evaluate applications based on merit. Not having an IIT degree shouldn’t stop you from doing well in your chosen line. Focus on getting good grades and then building a strong professional profile.

    @Anon3: Read this article on how to handle gaps in your education and career in MBA essays

  6. I am in 11th, studying in Maharashtra, India, and I am about to apply for colleges in US for freshman, but I don’t know exactly how my transcript should look like nor does my school , so can you please explain me what kind of transcript should it be and its format . And also which years transcript they want as it is stated high school transcript and college transcript, please help me. It is very important for me to know this, so please help.

  7. dear sir I would like to know do we need to submit transcripts of each passing semester? I mean I have some backlogs in my second and third year of engineering. Do I need to have backlog transcripts of attempts of these semesters or just the transcript when I finally cleared those subjects ? do universitis in USA need the transcript of each and every attempt?


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