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Indian MBA Applicants more likely to be rejected from top b-schools

[Editor’s note added in July 2021: Since this is an old post, we tried to find new surveys that provide insights into the latest nationality-based admission statistics. We couldn’t find any. But from our decade long experience in top-tier MBA admissions consulting, and the rising number of applicants from India, it seems like the odds have only become tighter. From that perspective, most of what we’ve covered here is still relevant. So read on!]

You thought it was fair game and your chances of getting into a top MBA program had nothing to do with your nationality?

Not true, says John Byrne, former executive editor of BusinessWeek and founder of Poets & Quants.

According to him, the rejection rates for Indian candidates are ‘dramatically higher’ than any other nationality.

MBA admission statistics

An Indian MBA applicant is 3 to 5 times less likely to get an admission offer compared to domestic candidates from the US. In fact, European and Latin American candidates would also fare better than Indians.

What makes the P&Q survey results extremely credible and hard-hitting is the fact that the data has been supplied officially by B-schools to Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Some schools that feature in the survey include prestigious names like MIT (Sloan), Fuqua (Duke University), Ross (Michigan), Purdue (Krannert), Olin (Washington University), Vanderbilt (Owen), University of Southern California’s Marshall and many others.

What are my chances of getting into a top business school?

Let’s take an example of a top-10 business school to understand the basic concept.


  • Class size = 250
  • Number of applications received = 1000
    • Domestic applications = 300 [American applicants]
    • International applications = 700 [non-American applicants]
      • Indian applications = 220
      • China + other Asian countries = 200
  • Class Selectivity = 25% [250 seats / 1000 applicants]

If you assume that this selectivity number is applicable you, that’s not true.

With no nationality-based discrimination, you’d expect the domestic-to-international applications ratio (30:70 in our example) to reflect in the acceptance rate too, right?

It doesn’t. In fact, it’s generally the exact opposite. On an average the domestic-to-international composition of an American MBA program is 70:30. That is, 70% of the seats are taken up by American applicants, leaving only 30% for the rest of the world.

In our example above, the selectivity figures for various nationalities / regions would be as follows:

Applicants from Selectivity
China 10%
Europe 39%
USA 39%
Latin America 26%
Middle East 26%

And finally, the selectivity for Indians is a whopping [drumroll begins]…8% !

That means in an MBA class of 1000, there could be less than 20 Indians!

The story doesn’t end there. Your industry/role would also influence the acceptance statistics.

For instance, if you belong to the over-represented ‘Indian IT Male Engineer’ applicant pool, your chances become lower (i.e. under 8%) compared to another candidate who may come from an under-represented sector (such as non-profit).

Of course, these are hypothetical numbers to convey the idea of what P&Q was trying to say. The actual percentages will vary for each school.

And we haven’t considered factors such as yield (i.e. accepted-to-offered ratio). [Read more about how colleges manage yield]

The million (or considering MBA tuition costs, maybe it’s a 100,000-150,000) dollar question – why is it happening?

Why is it more difficult for Indian applicants to get into the top MBA programs?

B-schools and recruiters cited several reasons ranging from the need to maintain class diversity to language issues.

But the main point relevant for Indian candidates was the dependency on gaining work permit visas after graduation.

Admission officers are trying to put themselves in the shoes of recruiters and filtering out potentially high-maintenance candidates who’d have a tough time getting MBA jobs after graduation. Nipping the problem in the bud!

So what is it that you can do to address that concern. Plenty.

How to increase your chances of getting into a top college?

There are several things you can do to improve your odds of getting into the best MBA programs.

– For starters, stop assuming that your GMAT score and the laurels you’ve won at work are the only criteria you should be bothered about. Get the whole story sorted out before you apply.

– You’ll find many application strategy and execution related articles on this blog (read these MBA success stories). Spend some time digging through the earlier posts. Almost all of them have been written from an Indian applicant’s perspective.

Also read how these Indian applicants beat the odds and got into the top school with scholarships.

– Stay up to date on the latest developments by subscribing to this blog (follow us on LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter).

For you as an Indian candidate, remember that the competition (much like charity) begins at home. You will first compete with your beloved (and not to mention extremely competitive) countrymen.

Then, if you survive, the competition gets bigger and tougher as other nationalities come into the fray.

So right from choosing the right schools to getting the post-MBA and why MBA rationale, invest time in getting the application strategy as bullet-proof as possible.

According to P&Q estimates about 1 in 3 applicants applying to the top bschools engages MBA admissions consultants (read a related post here –> MBA Admissions Consultants: How the best business schools view them). That increases their odds further.

Indians have traditionally shied away from hiring MBA admission consultants. Instead they go over-board and spend time + money on the GMAT, while the main application doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Over-focussing on the GMAT and neglecting the rest of the application, is a penny-wise-pound-foolish approach.

If you can afford it, consider hiring a good MBA consultant in India to help you identify your strengths/weaknesses and build a solid application that’s worthy of going into the international battlefield.

If getting professional support is not an option, a do-it-yourself approach can work well too, provided you approach it in a structured manner with the right knowledge of bschools, the application process and your competition.

Reach out to colleagues or friends who know how the bschool admissions process works. There’s a ton of useful (and free) information on the MBA Crystal Ball site. Also, check out Poets&Quants, GMAT Club, Beat The GMAT and others that focus on international MBA programs.

Each year, MBA Crystal Ball consultants help a select few applicants significantly change the odds in their favour compared to the industry average. Several have got MBA scholarships too.

Read the MBA Crystal Ball reviews page to get an idea of what we’ve done for others like you, who’ve battled the odds and come out victorious.

If surveys and statistics are anything to go by, it’s going to be a tough ride out there. But don’t get intimidated by the competition and stats.

Start early, prepare well and give it your best shot. The sweet fruits of labour will be there to enjoy for the rest of your professional life.

If our boutique approach looks appealing to you, send us a note [info at mbacrystalball dot com] with your background and aspirations. We’ll see what we can do for you. If we can’t help, we’ll be upfront about it.

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Source: Poets & Quants

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65 thoughts on “Indian MBA Applicants more likely to be rejected from top b-schools”

  1. Hi Sameer,

    Firstly I appreciate as you are doing a great job.

    My profile is follows. Your feedback is of immense value.


    Univ of Houston : Masters in Computer Science GPA 3.9
    Bachelors in India : First class with Distinction (non -IIT)

    GMAT : 720

    Work Experience : 4 years as of this post in a start up in USA. I have grown along with he company in responsibility and position. Worked part-time during Masters in admissions office helping them with Statistics. 6 months after graduation started a website and shut it down in 2 months (Bad planning of resources, did this part-time).

    Decided to join a starup then and switched jobs. Declined offers from big companies (Insurance and Housing not Google or Apple) and also the higher salary that was offered. Stuck with the startup for the last 3 years and grown with it along the way. The company sales increased 15 times from the time I started. I am wholly responsible for the Database and reporting side. One of the big fish in a small pond. Was given more than regular raises through out.

    After successfully mastering the databases and improving them moved on to use the time I had to improve the business. Another part of my job which I voluntarily picked up, I work on improving the revenue for the company in the smaller profit generating areas. Was successful in improving the bottom line. Work with McCombs alumni on this project who is in a management level position.

    Wish List of Schools
    1) Booth
    2) Stanford
    3) Kellogg
    4) Wharton
    5) Duke
    6) Columbia
    7) McCombs

    Long term goal : Becoming a management consultant. An MBA will equip me with skills I lack and honestly be able to get into consulting.

    Have excellent recommendations.

    I appreciate your time.

    • Hi MBA_Startup,

      A few quick points:

      – When you intially mentioned that your entire experience has been with a startup and then added that the company sales grew 15 times, I was mentally trying to connect the dots and thinking…’Great, our friend seems to have worn multiple hats right from day one and directly contributed to the growth of the company‘.

      But then you clarified that your main responsibility was on the technical side (database and reporting). You got involved in business matters (you haven’t specified what you did) at a much later stage.

      When you are applying to the top schools, try to take out the ambiguity as much as possible so that your story flows smoothly: ensure that questions like ‘what happened’, ‘why it happened’, ‘what did you do to make it happen’ become crystal clear to the reader.

      – For a startup, growing the revenue 15 times in the initial years may not be as impressive as (say) growing a 5-10 year old company at the same rate. Adcoms will view this is in perspective. So every time you use numbers, evaluate what would make it easier for the reviewer to understand the impact – relative numbers or absolute numbers.

      I’d have had other comments and questions on your choice of consulting, but will keep it short for now.

      Bottomline is, the statistics mentioned in the post apply to many of the schools on your list. Also you’d be applying in Round 2 where things get just a little more interesting (if you get the drift) vis-a-vis Round 1. You’ve got a few good points (good GPA, startup experience) that many of your competitors won’t have. But don’t rely on just these, take it to the next level.

      Also, think about what others who’ve been in bigger companies for 4 years will be talking about that may come up as a gap in your profile. Explain why these aren’t going to stop you from being a successful consultant.

      Good luck, bro.

  2. Sameer, thank you for a great insight. I applied to 3 colleges in the USA, I have an admit from Emoury. I am from a financial background with work ex in India, UK and China. What are the chances of landing up a good job in US in the banking and finance sector after an MBA from Emoury. Is it worthwhile to take this on in the current scenario. I have 2 weeks to decide. Your inputs will be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Hi Digs,

    Congrats on getting an offer from Emory. It’s a good school.

    Finance and banking jobs were the worst hit in the US. Having said that I hear from current students that internships and jobs are coming back. So by the time you complete you program, hopefully things will be better (unless the economy drops another unexpected bomshell).

    But irrespective of the economy, you’ll have to actively pursue the job hunt on your own. Read the MBA careers chapter in Beyond The MBA Hype to see why I say that.

  4. Hi,
    I have a gmat score of 710 and i am from the mumbai university with a 69% average in engineering i have been working for 3 years in a pretty reputed firm as a consultant i also ran my own startup for a while and currently run my own ngo do i have a shot at colleges like wharton booth and so on .I would like to get into management consulting
    i would greatly appreciate your help

  5. Gomzit,

    A small request. We have recently launched our MBA discussion forum, so we can manage all MBA and career related queries in a central manner.

    Can you please post a more detailed version of your profile on the relevant thread out there along with specific queries that you’d like me to address? Happy to share my thoughts.

  6. Hi Sameer,

    I’m an Indian IT male (IIM) who applied to a host of Univs in US and Europe in the past year. I finally ended up with offers from Boston University, Penn State University and IESE (Univ of Navarra in Spain). My goal is to get into tech-consulting post-MBA. Which among the above 3 univs would best serve my aspirations? Looking forward to your reply.

  7. A quick question that might be related to the post, how much do similar profiles (mostly engineering backgrounds) and work-experiences may be affecting the relatively higher rejection rates for Indian b-school applicants you think?

  8. Deepu,

    I spoke to a few top bschool admission officers recently at an MBA fair (we’ll be publishing their interviews here soon). A common theme that came across is that – ‘Most Indian applicants look the same. It’s a struggle going through such applications.

    Part of the issue is the background (can’t deny that Indian IT male engineers rule the roost). The bigger problem (this is my perception based on folks who work with us) is the assumption that their resume = their application.

    There’s very little in their essays that shows the person behind the resume – the traits, the aspirations, the professional, the though process etc.

    If you can manage to do that, you’ve lifted yourself above the clutter and won more than half the battle.

  9. Is it worth doing mba in us in the present scenario of recession. Will finding a job after mba in us be very difficult for an indian student because of recession?

  10. Rahul,

    Getting the best jobs with the best average MBA salaries in a foreign country will always be a challenge. So it’s important to realise your potential and aim for careers that aren’t impractical.

  11. Hi,
    I’m an BTECH fresher with 88%.. I got only 73% in my Higher secondary exam and 75% in Secondary exams with no EC..And now i’m very passionate into joining ISB.will it create any hurdle in joining any top-b school ..pls guide me so that i can mould myself that i have to do in these coming yrs and join in ISB or IIM’s ..

  12. Hi Sameer,

    I got an admit in Queen’s MBA(Canada). I am from IT background with 9 yrs exp and 700 gmat and 1 yr international exp. The reason I chose Queen’s was for its focus on personal development, Team work, 1yr course and brand name in canada. I chose canada for the ease of getting work permit post-mba.

    I am a little worried as canadian salaries are generally lower compared to US and due to the high cost of the program. Your website has not reviewed Queen’s or any other Canadian Mba’s. Any Insights on the program and its international brand value / relevance are deeply appreciated. I am also worried by the idea that I maybe settling for something less paying big bucks.

  13. @ Srinivasan: Your HSC marks aren’t relevant. Focus on getting some good experience and a strong GMAT score.

    @Manohar: seems like you posted this twice. I’ve responded to your query on this –> post

  14. Hi Sameer,
    I am an ex Indian Army Officer and served in Army for 5 years. Currently I am in USA and gave GMAT twice. In the first attempt I scored 590 and was very really sad on seeing the scores however I thought of giving it one more shot. Thus I again took the GMAT but to my surprise my score went down and I scored 540. I was planning to start with my applications just after my GMAT so that I can start my MBA by this year fall. But after my score I’m very apprehensive about getting into any good business school. What is your suggestion?

  15. Naina,

    GMAT can be quite unpredictable. So don’t take the drop in the score personally.

    There are folks who have made a huge jump in subsequent attempts purely by focussing on technique and practice. We worked with an Army candidate who was a reapplicant to a top school. He’s done really well career-wise,. We asked him to share his story on our site, but he wasn’t comfortable doing so.

    But there are others who have come forward to share their success stories on our forum.

    Drop a post to Neerav on our GMAT success Stories forum and ask him (and the other folks who have posted here”“) for some tips. More than the tips you might get some inspiration to give it another shot.

  16. Hi Sameer,

    Right I work with IT feild as programmer in one of the good MNC. And I have done Engineering in Electronic with a score of 70%. And I am 2 years experienced now. And I have planned for GMAT to do a MBA. Please suggest me something that I need to do in sequences to get into a good B-School in US and a career after that. Can the experience I have be a worth addon to me.

    And also Do suggest other countries I can look forward ,having good B-Schools and so also jobs after that.

  17. Hello,

    Brief Profile:
    10th- 72%
    12th- 71%
    B.E. Electronics – 62% in 2006
    MBA(SCM) from SIIB- CGPA 2.4/4 (2009)

    Six Sigma Green Belt

    2 ys exp in 3PL – DB Schenker
    2 yrs exp in PSU in Pucrhase function

    Was a member of Event organising comittes in college, played footbal for the team, avid quizzer.

    I wish to pursue masters in Supply Chain/operation from top institutes..I wish to make a career and start working in US in SCM domain using my current experiance. Suitably advise if further studies wold help and what kind of score i should target considering i would start afresh

  18. Hi Sameer

    Do we require TOEFL for applying for MBA in the US ( in addition to GMAT). I had the opportunity to study overseas in the South Pacific (4 years – 9 to 12 Stds. equivalent). Also I had studied in an English medium throughout.

    Other stats wise, I have more than 7 yrs of work ex. Not a very brilliant record when it came to under-graduate studies, I had backlogs. Also I took a break from work since past May.

    I have registered for GMAT in early November. Had been preparing on my own. In a conversation with an associate, this TOEFL topic came up.

    Can you please clarify this for me. Also how good do you feel my chances are at getting through to a top 25 (Bloomberg) school in the states.

    Thanks Man

  19. @UK: When you have the time, go ahead and take the TOEFL. Some schools are flexible enough to waive the requirement. Others insist on it, irrespective of whether you’ve studied in an English institution.

    Here’s why we can’t talk about chances based on the limited data you’ve shared –> How not to select bschools.

    Consider taking up the MBA MAP when you are ready to take the plunge.

  20. hello Sameer I have done my engineering and have a 2 years experience in recruitment consulting services,now I want to go for MBA in USA how should I start ?????? help me

  21. Hi Sameer,

    Was contemplating on doing an Executive MBA. Not sure what chances i stand. A little bit of background
    Age – 35 years
    10th – 82%
    12th – 76%
    BE (telecom) – 52%
    11 years of IT experience with TOP IT companies in INDIA. Currently working as a Project manager

    What do you think. Should i give Executive MBA a try.
    What GMAT score do i need. I need to apply to some really good schools to be assured of a job.


  22. @MM: I’ve addressed your queries on the other article where you’ve posted this. So I’ll only address the incremental question here about job assurance. There are no schools (not even Harvard and Stanford) that’ll assure you a job.

  23. Sameer,

    I am a graduate from Osmania University and pursuing MBA (Full Time ) from the same university simultaneously i am working for an US based MNC for the past two years. is there any possibility to get a job in the US without pursuing MBA from America? After completing MBA from Osmania University i’d have 17 yrs of education plus 3 Yrs of work experience. Would it help me in any ways?

    I have 74% in Graduation and 65% till my Second semster of MBA.

    Please advice


  24. Hey,


    It is wonderful for people who get answers to their queries here, which gets me to my query:

    I am 32 year old, male physician from India with MD in Public Health, I am interested to pursue MBA and work in health care delivery and health financing. I have mostly worked in non profit organization related to disease control and prevention. I have 5 years of work experience.

    My scores in undergrad and post grad are 57% and 53% as medical universities never award scores more than 65 – 70%.

    What kind of MBA should I choose and What score range of GMAT should I be looking for?.( As doctors, it is not easy to solve math problems!)

    Please advice,


  25. @Mohammed: Sure. Software engineers do exactly that. You need to be in a field where your skills are in demand.

    @Ram: A one-year program might be more suitable, as you’d be 33-34 yrs when you start the program. You don’t need to be a stud at cracking the GMAT, but try getting closer to the median for the target schools. Doctors are pretty good with finances & basic numerical operations, so don’t worry about the quant skills needed 😛

  26. Sameer,

    First of all i will thank you for your response and i have another question for you.

    I am working for a BPO even if i continue ill have 3 yrs of BPO experience. Could you please advice me which softwares are in demand in the US which would be beneficial for me to get trained on for a good job in the US.

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed Farooq

  27. Hi Sameer,

    I have received admit from ISB and admit + GA scholarship from purdue (krannert). According to you, which is a better choice? My goal is to get into strategic consulting or strategic procurement. Please advice me on which institute should i join.

  28. Hi Sameer,

    I am an Electrical Engineer with 13 years of experience in Project Management, and presently working as a Project Manager in a top notch MNC since 5 years.
    I have an admission letter for 1 year MBA course from MDI Gurgaon.
    Though placements are not good as of now, as that program was mainly catering to PSU and company sponsored candidates till a decade, but now they are having a ratio of 1:1 for Sponsored and Self-sponsored candidates. This NMP course is recognized by AICTE and AMBA.
    I have been looking for a job change also but there are no good opportunities in the market.
    My dream is to enter management consulting field after completing this 1 year course, but dont know which companies can I approach after my MBA. Are there any options apart from the Big4 consulting firms?
    Will it be easy to switch profile from Project Management to Consulting after 13 years of work ex?

    Knowing well that placement of MDI Gurgaon is not good and institute insist on students for forming a placement committee, is it still advisable to just go there just for knowledge?
    I am pondering over this, as I feel if I wait for 1 more year to get into a better MBA institute, it will be more difficult to switch roles after completing the course.
    Do the one year courses at IIMs fare better than MDI? Should I forgo this MDI admission and try for those? Getting into ISB is very difficult for me.

    Sorry for posing so many questions.
    Please guide me.

    – Himanshu

  29. @Mohammed: Sorry, I can’t help you with software packages. You could check with colleagues or friends who are already working in companies that you want to join.

    @Hitesh: One big factor you can use to decide is the geography you want to work in after graduation. ISB won’t get you into the US and Purdue doesn’t have the same brand value in India.

    @Himanshu: Sorry to be blunt about this, but from most employers’ perspective, it’s already too late to think about a radical career change. The closest Indian MBA that could be a fit would be IIMA PGPX. But you really need to get your expectations re-evaluated now rather than after completing the course.

  30. Hi Sameer!
    Can you please tell me what is the minimum work experience required to get an admission in top ten US B-Schools? I have read that it’s 4 years. Could it be 2 -3 years? How important is work experience while applying for an MBA in US ?
    Kindly also mail me on my email id.

  31. Hi Sameer, I would like to discuss my profile with you. I have a strong undergraduate GPA of around 9 (10 point scale). I am planning to apply for US B schools this year (fall 2015 admission). I will be having around 7 years of IT Consulting experience with one of the leading IT firm in India. I work for automotive client in Japan. I have a very good connect with customers and have provide a lot of business solutions to the client. I interact with more than 50 customers. I would now like to move ahead in my career with Consulting as my preferred choice. I have around 3.5 years of international experience (Japan). What choices do I stand in getting admitted to top 20 B schools in US? Also how will be the job prospects post MBA? How about the option of studying in Canada? I have no issues with funding my MBA. I need to consider post MBA job prospects. Canada MBA vs US MBA? Which one would you suggest me?

  32. @Priya: You heard that right. 4-5 years is the average work experience for the typical American MBA courses. It could be lesser if you can show some uniqueness in the profile.

    @GK: US MBA would be a better bet. Bigger market, more opportinities. Your work-experience could start becoming a hurdle though. Jobs prospects get bleaker for more experience guys who are looking for a career shift.

  33. Hi Disha/Admin,

    I am Soham. I am looking to persue 1 year MBA programme in ISB next year. For that i have already started preparing for GMAT.Since in earlier posts you have mentioned that working profile is rather more necessary than academics, so i am briefing my work experience below and want you to feed some valuable advice.

    I have total experience of 5 years.Presently, i am working as an Assistant electrical engineer in WS Atkins (An UK based Design Engineering consultancy firm) in Gurgaon & responsible for delivering design to various international projects in UK & Middle East. I am an active & certified ERT(Emergency Response Team) member in the organisation responsible to cater aspect of Health & Safety.I also fulfill the role of Internal Auditor of my team(responsible for QC of documents) .Previously I have worked with an EPC firm,Technofab Engineering Limited where i have fulfilled roles of both as an Engineer & Senior Engg. (Design Electrical) of various turnkey projects pertaining to clients like NTPC,NPCIL etc.I have had enginners and Cad Technician(Draftsmen) working under me in succesfully delivering a lot of projects. I have also fulfilled additional responsibilities of site commissioning of NPCIL and met with a lot of last minute on site challanges while handing over the plant to the client.In additon to it i was also responsible for inspection of Electrical Panels(MCCs etc.) in line with Clients QA .

    Additional Info :

    10 th – 80.8 %
    12 th – 79.2 %
    B.Tech – 7.74 (DGPA)

    I would like to ask that with this type of experience how can i showcase my working profile effectively in order to stand a chance of getting shortlisted to ISB? What sould be my ideal GMAT score? Please suggest some points where i can effectively showcase my career aspirations from here on?

  34. Hi Sameer,

    I’m really impressed with the way you’re helping people without forcing any unnecessary registrations/costs.

    I have a similar story, facing the mid-life crisis, where after have my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from a reputed institute with good percentage (75%+), I joined a US retail company that i converted through my college placements. Now I’ve been here for the past 5+ years and the growth is almost nil. I love challenges and have always risen to the occasion in the office when it called for. But now, the job is monotonous and my experience with technology is so spread out (read jack of all trades and master of none) that I have resigned from applying anywhere outside. I would like to get into more challenging roles now. I considered MBA, but after reading several of your blogs, I don’t want to pursue it just to hope for a change/escaping the problem at hand. How well do you think MBA would serve my need ? Also, I have parents to take care of and am hoping to get married soon, do you think it would be wise to make such a decision now, or should I wait some more? I’m 26 btw.

    I commend you for the service you do! Thank you so much.

  35. In addition to what I listed above, my main queries actually are :

    1) with such technical experience and some exposure to the business behind the Retail industry, what courses would be beneficial and help me make best of my experience so far?

    2) What B-Schools would be the best to offer such courses and help me grow and land job in related area of experience?

    Since I’m not much aware of the B-Schools and the entire MBA dilemma, I am gonna read ‘Beyond the MBA Hype’ by a certain author who’s recently impressed me so so much. 😉

    Again, Thank you for all the help you extend to the people who visit your forum. Be content that you are helping people find their life goals. That is SOMETHING!

  36. Hey Sameer,

    I’ve just completed my Science) with 65%(average college in india) and have 6 months of industrial work experience. Also, I wanna pursue my MBA from canada ASAP. Tell me what I’ve to do for that in detail, regarding work experience(minimum to get into a top college as i want to start my MBA soon) and GMAT score for top colleges in canada and any other suggestion?


  37. Hi admin,
    I am a lady candidate. While persuing my B.Com from D.U., I passed my first attempt and secured 26th rank in India.I expect rank in D.U. also in my B. Com in june2014. I am persuing CAT and GMAT coaching and expect good score in my GMAT and CAT. From where in India or out of India should I try for my MBA admission. Thanks Paridhi Singhal.

  38. @Lalit: It’s too early for you to consider international MBA programs. Around 3+ years at the time of application works better if you want to make the most of your investment.

    @Paridhi: Read the answer above. For Indian MBA programs that accept CAT scores, you’d have a bigger choice.

    NOTE: Please post your queries on our MBA forum.

  39. Hi Sameer,

    Brief Profile:
    10th – 88%
    12th- 84%
    BE (Electronics and Telecom) – 70% (Mumbai University)

    3.5 years work ex with Larsen & Toubro (Oil and Gas industry)
    2.5 years work ex in Media industry (worked in Advertising, TV and Films)

    Want to apply for universities where I can continue working in the Media Industry post MBA.

    Shortlisted universities are – UCLA Anderson, NYU Stern, Columbia University, Stanford.

    Preparing for GMAT. Have been constantly scoring 700 avg on all mock tests.

    Do you think my profile has chances of getting in any of the above mentioned colleges and what chances of getting a scholarship.



  40. Hi Sameer,
    i have taken GMAT twice and scored 620 in my first attempt and surprisingly lowered my score to 600 in my second attempt. I will take one more shot and will start with my application process for my 1st deadlines. what do you suggest me that at 620 what kind of schools would be realistic for me. I am targeting US (preferably) or UK schools.

    Brief Profile:
    Education: B.Arch (70%) from NIT Hamirpur + Masters in construction project Mgmt (70%) from SPA, New Delhi. My both schools are top tier Indian Univ.
    Certifications: Proj Mgmt from IIT Delhi + Management Consulting from CDC, New Delhi (HRD ministry) + Member, (Council of Architecture, India), + Property Management (IREM, USA)
    Work Exp: approx 7 years in Project Mgmt of Real estate development projects with top real estate developers of India. Currently working as Sr.Manager in NCR based India’s one of the biggest developer.
    Age: 32 years as on date
    Post MBA goal: To work in strategic consulting/General Mgmt with Global Real estate organisations.

    Target Schools: Yale, Cornell, UCLA, UNC-Kenan Flagler, Wisconsin- Madison & Emory. (Before taking GMAT)

    Please suggest what kind of US B schools i should be targeting @ 620 that can give me an admit with decent scholarship as well. I know i am sounding a bit wishful but this is what my ground reality is as on date. Now post my unsuccesful attempt at GMAT i am open to European B schools as well.

    what do you think that do B schools have bias towards my age group of 33 and what are the realistic chances of getting an employment in US based companies for such careers after US MBA.

    Waiting for your reply.


  41. Hi Sameer

    I ‘ve been an average student throughout my academics with following details BSC comp sci ,50% , MCM 55% from university of Pune.Though it does not show my intelletcual abilities
    for the last two years i am working with MNC as business analyst. I really want to shape my career to new level. and planning for an MBA from abroad.
    Are there any chances of getting admission to good business school in UK or USA if I score very well in GMAT.

  42. hi sameer,
    I secured marks
    having 1 year work experience.And my gmat score is 700,so can I get a good bschool……plzzzz reply……

  43. Hi,
    I am an MBBS doctor with an MPH from University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am thinking of pursuing my MBA from the same school( I already have admission there in UAB!) and planning to get in to pharmaceuticals and health industry management. Currently I am a senior resident at ESI (central govt hospital in India) with a total work ex of almoat 10 ywars including part time jobs in Alabama.My question is …what is the current scenario of jobs in US for people having my profile.? I am not much concerned about high salaray rather prime focus is to get a permanent working Visa !!

  44. Hi Sameer,
    I read this blog recently while searching for information and I must thank you for all the efforts you have put in. I have a work ex of 9+ years. I served with the Indian Army for 5 years and then I did my MBA from IIM-Kozhikode (I took CAT and GMAT both). Unfortunately due to the dull economic scenario the jobs were not great and after doing a sales stint in telecom for a year, I joined with one of the coaching institutes in the role of Business development and mentoring, where I have been associated for the past 4 years. Now for a career shift if I was planning for another MBA. As you can see, on paper the profile post army has not been great but at all the positions I have shown strong leadership skills and have been responsible for various functions. GMAT score (700+) should not be a problem but again you rightly put that score is just one aspect out of many. So if you were to advise, which ones do you think I should target. Also to quote you “Jobs prospects get bleaker for more experience guys who are looking for a career shift”, so a blunt answer will also do . Also keeping the time in mind I guess I would be late for many schools for 2015 intake.
    I would be grateful for your advise.


  45. Hello sameer,
    Its great that you are helping out people with suggestions that really matter a lot and i want to know if i cant get into some of the top b schools in US with the exp that i have. Let me be short so that it doesnt look like a essay,
    10Th 80%
    12Th 72% IT. 68%
    Am yet to take gmat and toefl tests so just couldnt list the scores here. I have worked in HCL technologies forbnearly three years and then took up my father’s logistics business and later started one on my own, but now you might wonder why i want to apply in US for a mba program and want to work in some of the best companies when i have one to look after back home. Is there a limit to knowledge and exposure? Well, thats what am looking for, to know more about international business irrespective of nationale, culture and race….. do you think i might get a good chance to get into a good school provided my gmat score is good? Also what are the chances for scholarship and other options like TA and GA. in universities like michigan ross, cornell, ucla and haas ??
    Thanks in advance!!

  46. Hi Sameer,

    I am 29 years old, have 4 years of experience in KPO and BPO combined.I worked for HSBC as an analyst and then moved on into an advisory role in a well known Indian MNC.I graduated with a bachelors in Management with an average score of 56% way back in 2007.I sat for CAT twice,but couldn’t crack it either of the times.I had financial pressures,so I couldn’t leave the job.Once I took a break and pursued Company secretaryship and cleared the executive/Intermediate level.Post that I joined back the workforce and couldn’t sit for the finals ever since 2012.I took another break of 8 months to prepare for CAT-had a 75% in Class X boards,and a 76% in Class XII boards.I’ll be taking GMAT.Do you think,with my kind of profile,I even stand a chance of getting a call,provided that I get a decent score in GMAT? I’m very apprehensive as my AGE is on the higher end, and schools prefer young guys,but I didn’t ve the option and I didn’t want to go to just any business school,I just kept trying and kept failing each time.I’m like the average guy trying to get his career back on track.I’d be grateful if you could please provide your views,and I thank you beforehand.

  47. I am a computer science engineering graduate and have been working in NTT data for 1 year now. I will have an experience of 1.8 years by next fall. Do I have a shot at the international b-schools?

  48. Hi sir.
    I scored 82% in 10th,50% in 12th and currently doing b.a(economics).i also have 2 years gap between 12th and +3.can i get a chance in any reputed b-school in india if i score more than 95percentile in cat?

  49. Hi Sameer,

    I am computer science student from a very reputed college(Non-IIT) – GPA – 9.13
    10th and 12th – 92% and 91% respectively.
    Represented school and college in state and national level competetions
    Been he head of several events , clubs at college (Ug level)
    Also been an active blood donor , and other voluntary events’ organiser

    I worked as a Software developer at Oracle for 2 years
    Now, I have moved to a start-up for a larger role where apart being a Developer I also work at the product management and strategy side where I get to analyse the market for the product and build customer-oriented products .

    I will be having an exp of 3 yrs by 2015 June ,and I am planning to pursue MBA in USA in top colleges like
    Indiana(kelly), Kellogs , Purdue Krannert, Texas Mccombs , Emory and the similar ones for fall 2016 .

    As I was always inclined towards product management , I have always tried to carve my career accordingly with my relevant academics.
    I am planning to pursue my MBA in marketing, product management .

    1) What are the chances of me getting such colleges with the background and vision i have
    2)Since I am heavily relying on scholarships and other funding what are my chances ?
    3) Also if I spend (max 40 lacs) , which colleges should I look for higher ROI’s not compromising on reputation of colleges
    and what could be the avg amount of time to clear the loan (provided i get a Job 3 months within)

  50. Hi Sameer,
    I was searching for MBA advise and came through your blog and then gone through your other blog and forum also. I’m very much impressed with precise and specific information.

    I am graduate mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience, most in engineering and last two years more towards project management in Oil and Gas Industry.
    As a side business I was successfully running engineering consultancy, which i handed over to my friend to take high earning job at abroad.
    I have 4 years of International experience in Fortune 50 Company. i had already worked in two countries.

    Would like to know Can I go for MBA ? or is it late for me. My GMAT score 730.
    My target college is Insead and IMD.

    Waiting for your valuable suggestion.


  51. Hi Sameer,

    I had a small doubt. I am an IT engineer and have completed all my education in India after the 4th grade. However, I am a British citizen holding an OCI card. Do u know which applicant pool will be I be considered in i.e as an Indian or European?


  52. Hi Sameer,

    I graduated in Chemical Engineering ( IIT) ,have excellent grades at School and 12th and GPA around 7.5 . I worked as a Process Optimization consultant in the Oil and Gas Sector for about an year and half at an MNC (with 1 year of international exposure) and Design Engineer at another for 6 months.I wanted to improve my skills in Analytics and understand Big Data related stuff hence I left this job and took a break for 2 months in understanding Analytics and Machine Learning.I am working as a Free Lancer for a US based company on Sales Operations Analytics (I will get a reco but not an experience certificate).It’s been 6 months into this Analytics profile and I am planning to go for an MBA at a good B-School.
    How do I put this career change in my SOP and do suggest me if there is anything really important for me to keep in mind while applying and interviews?

  53. Hi Sameer,

    Thanks for the wealth of information you have provided on this forum. I have a B Tech in Comp. Sc. from BITS Pilani and PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad, with 3 years of work experience in Sales and Marketing in Dubai and India. I have just received Permanent Residence status in Canada, and I feel the need to pursue a second MBA from a Canadian B School to further my career growth and possibly make a switch into Management Consulting.

    Can you please share which top tier Canadian B Schools offer second MBA, and please mention those that clearly DO NOT offer second MBA?

    Also, if I don’t pursue a second MBA, are there any job opportunities in the Sales and Marketing field in Canada for those who have Indian degrees? I have heard all opportunities are in the IT sector for Indians.


  54. Damn…and imagine how low will the acceptance rate be for a male Indian IT engineer with the bare minimum work experience!!
    I am thinking of giving up on US B schools and concentrate on locations where less indians apply.


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