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Post-MBA Goal: Entrepreneurship

On the topic of MBA jobs, we get many candidates who talk about getting into entrepreneurship after their MBA. Many claim they were born to be an entrepreneur. Here’s one such post from BW along with our response.

>> Long term – To be an entrepreneur (what?..not clear, but business runs in the blood so has to be done ASAP.Hopeful to get some great ideas during MBA)

If your blood-test has been revealing enterpreneurial keedas, what has stopped you from joining your kith and kin so far? You’d have been rolling in 500 and 1000 rupee notes by now (not the counterfeit variety).

Another galat-fehmi that I’d like to address. B-school is more about giving you tools, techniques and resources to implement your vision. After spending 2 years in a classroom, your awareness about multiple disciplines will improve considerably. But it is very unlikely that you’d become more creative. If you already have an idea seeded in your brain, you’d get the fertiliser to make it germinate and grow (are we getting too agri focussed here?)

Actually you don’t even have to be really that creative to launch your own venture. Pick up an idea that already has a market and just do a better job marketing and selling it (your primary strength as I see it).

Would you agree with that logic?

If you’d like to get your post-MBA goals validated, let us know. We’ll follow a structured and thorough approach to evaluate your overall story (including your career goals) and suggest ways to strengthen your application.

Once you have clarity of thought, you’ll find it easier to work on your essays.

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2 thoughts on “Post-MBA Goal: Entrepreneurship”

  1. Biswash, if you have the skills and capital, no reason why you can’t. But don’t assume that an MBA will teach you everything you need to be successful in the business. For that you’ll have to spend a lot of time studying the market, understanding the risks and hopefully having a good mentor who can guide you along the way, in case you get stuck.


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