Why international students pay more tuition

American universities roll out the red carpet for students from all over the world. But this is not entirely in pursuance of a mission to spread the bright light of quality education. In these hard times of grant cuts and rising costs, there is a stronger, more basic, motivation: survival. To stay afloat, American universities … Read more

MBA Scholarships for African Students

Why would we write an article listing the MBA scholarships for African students? A little known fact is that MBA Crystal Ball has helped a handful of (non-Indian) MBA applicants from Africa, USA, UK, Middle East and other regions over the years. This number is very small in comparison to the work we do with … Read more

How students can reduce their international education loan burden

Education loans have helped countless students pursue their dreams. But, they’ve also burdened some students, and lured more than a few parents into putting savings at risk for unrealistic ambitions. Not all college degrees lead to happiness ever after. No institution can guarantee a job, much less a good, stable salary. That makes an education … Read more

Average cost of studying abroad: Masters in Europe vs America comparison

After months of deliberation, you’ve decided that your undergraduate education isn’t enough. Now it’s time to pursue an international Master’s Degree. But where should you study? For many, the decision between the United States and Europe isn’t an easy one.

Company-sponsored MBA: Pros and cons

For those who have resolved to do an MBA from a good university, the big question is obviously how to fund your course. The tuition fee for a full-time course can run into millions of rupees, and part-time or online courses, though slightly less expensive, will also make you considerably poorer. An education loan with … Read more

List of MBA Scholarships for Indian students

When MBA applicants apply to a business school, they usually play it safe. So, in addition to schools which may seem ambitious, they may also apply to schools where they have a better chance of being accepted. Now, let’s consider a hypothetical situation. Assume that you’ve got admits from two schools, you get a generous … Read more

5 Factors to compare when choosing an International Graduate Student Loan

Graduate school is almost always a good idea – studies consistently show that attaining a Masters degree significantly increases lifetime earnings. But, graduate school education isn’t cheap. Whether you’re pursuing an MBA or another Masters Degree, you’ll probably need a loan to finance your studies. Fortunately, you’ll find educational loans are readily available.

How will scholarships and financial aid influence your admissions decision?

It’s an enviable situation to be in – multiple admits from top schools – some with attractive scholarship offers (including free rides). It can also be confusing and frustrating when you can only choose one from the mouth-watering options. Will you choose your top choice program (with no financial aid) over other offers that including … Read more

How to reduce the MBA Networking costs | Business school Tips

One of your first lessons in financial management in business school will come from personal experience, and it’s always painful – learning to manage your discretionary cash. If you haven’t yet done your homework yet, ‘discretionary cash’ is just a snobbish term for ‘non-essential’ expenses, a large portion of which is usually spent on a … Read more

How cosigner education loans work for international students

For international students in USA, education financing is often a massive challenge. For starters, having a good credit history is very important in an economy such as America where credit financing plays such a crucial role. If the only reason you are relocating to the U.S. is your Masters degree (MBA, MS etc), you won’t … Read more

How to Study Abroad for Free

This post was triggered by a recent meeting I had with a school friend. I met him after almost 30 years and he was narrating his story. Like many, he was forced to take up an engineering line (civil engineering) based on his entrance exam marks. He took up a tough field job in a … Read more

40 Most affordable MBA programs in the world | Low fees & high quality options

[[Editor’s note: Article updated in July 2021]] The tuition fees for the elite business schools coupled with the other expenses, put them out of reach for many cost-conscious international students. Read this related post on MBA costs at the best bschools. It also doesn’t help to create a list of global MBA programs with the … Read more