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Executive MBA in Australia from Melbourne Business School

Executive MBA in Australia from Melbourne Business School

An Executive MBA is a great way to gain new management skills while holding on to your job and salary. However, EMBA programs have a higher experience requirement, specially when it comes to management exposure. [Check out our Executive MBA video to understand more.]

IT manager, Kinshuk Verma, had 8 years of experience while applying to the top Executive MBA in Australia. He did not have the required 5 years of managerial experience. He had also missed the earlier two rounds of applications, leaving him with Round 3. But the elite Aussie bschool did see a spark and potential in him, that helped him bag a seat.

Executive MBA in Australia from Melbourne Business School

by Kinshuk Verma

I started living my dream when I joined Tata Consultancy Services Ltd post completion of my B.E. in Electronics & Communication.

I had the opportunity to play multiple roles and travel to different places, work with some excellent customers, and experience beautiful culture across.

On a personal front, I am a happy go lucky person, and come from a humble family. My father was in a transferable job with Indian Nationalized bank, and as a result I had the opportunity to travel almost entire country, and truly experience the diversity of India- be it economic, cultural, lingual, religious or regional.

Currently I am based out of Melbourne, Australia and had been working as an Engagement Manager which is predominantly on the sales and business front of TCS.

This role demands me to work with different executives, C-Level customers and other senior stakeholders to grow TCS business in Australia Market.

Although with just 8 years of work experience, my experiential skills had been continuously growing I started feeling the need of a theoretical knowledge on difference business aspects, hence the much sought after an MBA program 😊.

I started researching on different MBA programs in Australia, and one of the evenings I had the pleasure of attending one info session by Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne) on EMBA program and it was meeting all my aspirational boxes.

Melbourne Business School (MBS) is ranked number 1 in Australia, and with some tough competition (this program is highly sought after in APAC geography) out there I had decided to crack this.

Odds were against me as EMBA program needs at least 5 years of management experience. Round 3 applications had started, and I belong to the IIM (Indian IT Male) pool 😉.

My strategy was clear, I needed a strong application to stand out and bring the best out of my experience aligned to the MBS EMBA application.

To my advantage, I had been following up MBA Crystal Ball since several years as I always enjoyed reading their MBA blogs – it somehow motivated me but there was a glitch. Only 1-2% of their blogs covered the top Australian business schools with more focus on US and European markets – which is kind of obvious.

I reached out to them over mail. And holy moly, what an experience it was working with Manish Gupta (MBA Crystal Ball Chief Consulting Officer)!

All my naïve questions were answered to the point, and finally I was convinced to go ahead with them and vice versa 😉 I believe.

I was connected to Vijay (my guide for this engagement), and within 3 weeks we were able to come up with a resume, 2 recommendations, and a strong application answering typical questions such as:

  • What are your long term career goals?
  • What is unique about your background and experience that you would bring to your classmates at MBS?
  • What gaps in your knowledge or skills do you hope that this program will help you to work on?
  • Describe a workplace situation where had a responsibility for managing people.

By end of Oct,19 I had submitted my application and within 2 weeks I had a mail in my inbox stating your application has been shortlisted and I was called for an interview.

As a next step I reached out to Manish and Vijay again, and we worked comprehensively on my interview.

With few mock MBA interviews by Vijay and my partner in crime “my beloved wife” I was confident and ready to face the next challenge.

I remember on the day of my interview with the Director of MBS School, I was confident and sure I could give my best.

We had a good long 45 minutes face-to-face interview, outlining my work experience, my long term goals and how MBS and myself would be helping each other in this journey.

And voila! By the end of Nov’20 my journey of self-realisation and discovery had come to an end – I got an acceptance from Melbourne Business School 😊.

I owe a lot to these folks and would recommend them blindly to anyone who is serious about their future higher education.

Kudos to MBA Crystal Ball – Long way to go, mate 😊!

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  1. Hi sir,
    Thanks for the post. I am currently a 3rd-year undergraduate chemical engineering student at NIT Trichy. I have a very basic doubt; it might sound naive to you as well.
    Why is UDelaware regarded as so good for Chemical Engineering? I’ll be applying for my PhD next year, and UDel can be one of the choices. However, I have a decent profile, and UDel is not high on rankings. Now, I also know that ranking include various other factors and research rankings is the true measure, especially for a PhD program. Still, I doubt how good is it, and that is it better than UCLA, UPenn or other top universities which offer a direct PhD?

    Awaiting for a detailed response,

    Thanks sir.

    • You are right Suyash, rankings never tell the whole story. When you go into subject specific rankings, the story can get even more confusing. The way you should go about this is to assess your career plans – research career, corporate, something else? Then go about systematically reviewing how a particular university and program has helped others in the past achieve this career path. That way, you will get a far more actionable and bespoke answer, than using a cookie cutter approach.

      For that, leverage your college seniors who may have gone to these programs as well as the broader PhD community.

  2. Hello MG, I am a B.E (Computer Science) graduate. My age is 25. I have 2 years of work experience as Software Engineer and 7 months of experience in running my Textile business. But now I wish to take an MBA in Marketing or Operations from UK or US. Will I need a Relevant work experience? Also will it impact my chances of getting job after completion of course as I might be treated as a fresher?

    • Not sure why you say that Amit? You have worked in a professional setting and family business experience is also considered professional experience. It might have slightly lesser credibility at times but it is considered nonetheless.

      Of course, you’ll have to convey the rationale for choosing such a path as well as what motivates you for seeking a job after MBA (instead of going back to your business). But if you can do a good job there, things would be ok!

  3. I am a hindi graduate and I have a diploma in Web designing. I want to pursue MBA. Which field of MBA would be best to get a good job.

  4. Hi Manish,
    Nice information, I would like to pursue executive MBA from MBS. I have 15 years of experience and working in Bangalore India.

    Could you please help me how I can reach out to you for further guidance and pursue my study and career ?


  5. Hi Manish I’m having 10 years of experience in banking and finance sector. My age is 31. I want to do an MBA but not able to decide which one to go full time MBA or executive MBA. Please guide. Thanks in advance.


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