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Anchoring jobs and event hosting careers

Anchoring CareersApart from the regular industries and roles that MBA graduates target, we’ve also been covering unconventional yet rewarding jobs and careers.

In a case of mistaken identity, Monica Murthy (pictured on the left), who has an anchoring job in Doordarshan (Mumbai) reached out to us on Facebook. Before she could apologise and disappear, in a counter-case of unmistaken cold-blooded strategy, we invited her to share more about this lesser known and largely undocumented career option.

Considering, the Bollywood biggies like the Khans, Kumars and Kapoors actively seek out anchoring assignments for award shows, television reality shows and other corporate events (Salman bhai reportedly gets a cool 5 crore for each episode of Bigg Boss), if you have the right talent, personality and network, it is a career worth considering.


Anchoring jobs & careers

by Monica Murthy

I am an MBA graduate in Media and Communication from Whistling Woods International (Mumbai). I grew up in Nasik. After schooling, my education had a complex fusion of Science, Commerce and Arts.

In spite of scoring well, I quit engineering to pursue my creative interests in Media and Anchoring. I am a trained singer with 5 years of degree in Hindustani Classical music. My overall interest has been in the lesser know career fields like anchoring, hosting, modelling and acting.

I always anchored events in my small town for shows like media seminars, corporate launches, Government events etc. I was placed in Doordarshan TV as a marketing Executive through campus placement. I was managing the hosting events in parallel with my MBA degree as well as my day job. My bol-bachan career gave me immense confidence.

This is when I voluntarily started exploring opportunities in DD News Channel (it’s always good to begin with one’s comfort zone). I was selected after a screen test. After getting registered as an anchor with Doordarshan, many of my shows have been telecast.

I added Sameer Kamat on Facebook by mistake, thinking he was another Sameer. During the discussion, I shared my views about Anchoring as a lucrative career option. He asked if I’d be interested in sharing my views with MBA Crystal Ball readers.

My FB mistake proved to be productive, as I am able to share my fundas about how one can build a career in anchoring with a big audience.

I do not intend to demean the jobs that MBA and corporate professionals do, but I could never see myself in a normal desk job, with eyes fixed on the computer screen all day long.  

On a serious note, my advice to the youngsters who are aiming at enhancing their creative skills would be this – Always listen to your gut feeling and go about gathering the right resources, be it in the form of contacts or related information in pursuing your aim/goal. If you’re really interested in getting to your goals, laziness and a laid back attitude are your biggest enemies.

All about Anchoring Jobs & Event Hosting Careers


Things to do in Anchoring Jobs

  • Socialise as much as possible.
  • More than books you must meet, read and understand people. This helps you to know what else and who else exists to inspire you and give you different ideas
  • Keep in touch with the influential people you meet. When it comes to knowledge, a proper give and take relationship always helps both sides.
  • Keep yourself updated about the events happening around. It’ll maximise your chances of meeting people and seeing professional anchors doing what they do best.
  • Document your portfolio of pictures. It very important to plan the photo shoot so that it has enough diversity (beyond just the outfits) to show your potential.).
  • Update your CV by adding up every valuable experience from your career.
  • Maintain a good cocial media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Start a blog, if you have the commitment.
  • Practise before the auditions. When called for actual audition, your performance will look confident and convincing. This is a very important factor, along with the proper look and the way you present yourself in front of the camera.
  • Polish up your diction. It’s a speaking job. You just can’t afford to falter here.
  • Rehearse your script well before performance. That’ll allow you to maintain eye-contact with your audience, as opposed to looking down at the script throughout the event.
  • Be patient till you get work. It can take a while to get the right break.


Things to avoid

  • Never ignore calls for auditions from good, trust-worthy brands however small the stint might be.
  • Do not reject shows like hosting for small time corporate events, recognised promotions in malls. Even these prospects can turn out beneficial for you in the initial stages of anchoring.
  • Do not bombard your audience with heavy words. That would force the them to lose interest in your speech. Speak naturally.


A day in the life of an Anchor

Event hosting jobsAs I am a marketing executive at Doordarshan first and an anchor later, the day begins with the normal corporate job routine.

My routine begins with sales calls to be made to the clients.

Apart from that I constantly keep a tab on the messages related to auditions for anchoring.

I get them through personal contacts and Facebook status updates on groups like Media Jobs Daily.

I then go for auditions, adjusting my work commitments at office.

Keeping one’s calm and belief in oneself is a prime requirement in the creative field, because it may not act as a regular or constant supply of income & funds in the initial stage.

Managing multiple options as a career is important, as this is what helps you to keep your sanity.

It is rightly said that ‘one can give one’s best in work only if it comes out straight from heart and not out of compulsion.’

Compensation & Salary Range for Anchoring Jobs

To be honest, in the initial days, the income from Anchoring would not reach dizzying heights.

Of course, with experience you can start charging more money which the regular professionals charge with a varied experience.

If you are working as a freelancer, you won’t get a regular monthly salary. Almost all the income you have would be dependent on the assignements you get.

The initial kamai (income) would range somewhere between 2 to 5 thousand for an average mall activity that goes on for around 4 to 5 hours.

As and when you start doing shows for branded events, launches, award shows and several others, you can claim between 10,000 to 20,000 or more for even couple of hours. That, in my view, is a pretty good earning.

Career Growth in Anchoring

If you aren’t interested in spending your entire career hosting events and anchoring, don’t worry. There are plenty of growth opportunities in related areas.

Some that take you further into the creative field and others that need business management skills.

Some options that you can think about are as follows – event management, event planning, opportunity for Ad shoots TV serials, acting and allied roles in the media.

Advice for those looking for Anchoring Jobs

  • Keep networking and be in touch with people who have a good influence in events, shows, advertisements, media etc
  • Never lose hope or give up during the slack period initially.
  • Update yourself with the current happenings regarding the upcoming events, industry trends with regards to fashion, audience psychology.
  • Always keep alternative options in hand.
  • Make a proper show reel of your performances as and when you do it. Documentation and updating your profile on social media is a must.

Any questions for Monica regarding anchoring careers or music / singing / life in the creative line? Please post them in the comments below.

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41 thoughts on “Anchoring jobs and event hosting careers”

    • i wanna work as a anchor… i love this profession…but there is no such a person who can guide me nd who can help me for being a anchor… if u will help me out..then i will be thankful to u…

      • Hy, i too love this profession. I m doing graduation with english honures and now i m in 2nd year. I dont know how to start this carear. I want a glamoures life. So can u pleaz guide what should be may 1st step to come at that leveal?

    • hey Monica! I am a school student studying in 10th grade. From 11th or after my schooling, I want to work as a freelance anchor beside my regular studies. But i have no clue how to start with or how to go about it. I have been hosting all my school programs but never went beyond that. Please help!

    • Hi Monica Ma’am,
      I am currently Doing B.Tech and i am in the 2nd year of my struggle(i kindda love engineering but still it’s a struggle!).I anchored in my college fest and was praised quite a lot,so much so, that one of my own department faculty came to me ad asked me “boss, Tum kisi agency se anchoring karne aaye ho kya?”!
      Now before i had ,had any actual experience in anchoring i used to imagine myself a lot of times anchoring and entertaining the audience and when i got this opportunity it turned out to be quite an Heavenly period of my life!(in one event the people said the were more glued to the spot not cause of the event but cause they thought i was more entertaining than any other anchor in the fest!).
      Then soon the fest ended and anchoring days went by and all i daily do now, is practice, to become better and improvise over my shortcomings but then sometimes i start pondering, what am i practicing for?…what’s the future with this!…and so i am all clueless and stranded on where to get a bigger opportunity from!i personally myself have no clue, whether i am good at this stuff or was i just better than what my college fest had to offer!(sorry, i know it’s ur career and calling it ‘stuff’ might hurt ur sentiments! 😛 )I am really looking forward to your reply! amazing article btw! 🙂

    • Dear Monica,

      I am very proud of you for doing so well in your website and the information’s mentioned are extremely exceptional, But something that triggers me with no clue about the photograph of a gorgeous girl in the website as this seduces the viewer to retaliate from the context, Hence that intensified me to decide to take time out to drop you a personal notice, If you look for a professional reputation.

      Since I do not know if any of that is of any use, it may not seem it, and if so, I’m sorry. I just thought I dropped you a line to wish you well in your search to find a little more pleasure and purpose in life.


    • hello I would like to seek some advice some advice from you.Actually I have completed my 12th grade and now I want to make my career in anchoring well I am all good at my language I did hosting at my school programmes and events but now I dont how and what to do to give wings to my passion and anchoring career.

  1. Thanks Monica for sharing your insights I feel this article was written for me !!
    I am very interested in hosting and compering shows bdays sangeets etc and recently started my website
    Having a full time corporate job n managing this is tough but it’s a passion n so far so good
    Thnaks for your article it restores my faith that this line has a future and can be managed with a full Time job
    Sameer jadhav

  2. Hey Sameer i am glad you liked the article and it connected with u.

    Its always fun to enhance your passion and creative work as it definitely helps you boost your work performance as well.

    Keep up the spirit and dont lose hope even if your working as that helps you to keep your sanity.

  3. Hi Sameer, thank u for the great article, an interesting insight on an unconventional career.

    Also, can you please mention the date when each article is published, otherwise it becomes like the P&Q website where one does not know how old or new an article is.


  4. Hi Monica,
    Very inspiring story. Great tips and insights. I am currently employed in the IT field and am an MBA aspirant. But being on stage and hosting events has always been my passion so have done compering for a few events just out of passion. Have been thinking of taking this up more seriously. I did send you a message on Facebook. Please do reply when you are free. Thanks.
    Sameer thanks a lot for sharing this story.

  5. Hi saffin. Thanks. i have replied to your querry on fb. Keep pursuing your passion that really works and keep a tap on the event agencies in Chennai wherever your located. Approach them with your portfolio made. Cheers !!!

  6. Hii Monica
    Vry motivatonal story you wrote on anchoring.
    Inspiring tips these are.
    Me also a host nd i love hosting too much.
    Nd i want to converd it in wht should i do??
    Nd thnx to u fr ur inspired story.

  7. Yup! It great to knw all about as its mine starter nd i waana anchor as well geting information from the resource person is geeting lights in darkness thanku u all miss monica nd al nd i request to be more informative on anchoring hosting carrers which will let me like starters to gain infor. Waiting for favaroble response thaku 🙂 🙂

  8. That’s what I call – ” A bulls eyes article “. Was searching for similar options on Google, but found this really inspiring. Yes, I agree one should have a go-getter attitude.

    I too did various shows during college times and currently I run 2 YouTube channels. But, what I really want is a professional career in anchoring.

    My question is how to get assignments as a fresher and how to go for an anchoring script for any event – just in a template form.

    My Fb id –


  9. m doing journalism n mass comm. ..master degree from bhiwani (haryana)…i want to become a news anchor…..i love this profession…..

  10. I just now complited my graduation fromm(patna).in a clg day i take articipate in clg activity n m serching for gud appertunity to show my tellent. If i got it i will prove it………

  11. Hey Monica,
    I have 7 years of experience in doing live shows, once hosted a recorded show on a national TV – however all of this has been taken up only as a extra curricular activity which was irregular – ie.once a while, etc.
    I am really passionate to do such events and therefore would like to connect with you (as the mail is giving trouble too).
    Awaiting your revert.

  12. Hey , monica your story inspired me alot thanks for writing such a inspiring story despite of it i am really very confused how to start my carrer as i have a keen interest in being a anchor so guide me please to start my carrer

  13. Hello Mam,I ma also new in this field…I like anchoring very much.and your article is also very helpful.I have taken training for anchoring.I am also doing CA.I want to devlope anchoring as an hobby.bcz i love it looot.Mam, i just want to know that how to prepare show reel???and i dont have any experience .but i have taken training.How to prepare portfolio????Please guide me.

  14. hi monica … i m nikita jain , ca , from chattisgarh … well frankly speaking i am very much inspired by your story .. and i have being into cu;tural field from my childhood…and whenever i have being on stage as a host have got many appreciation and now at thid point of life i want to start somehting in this field .. so can you suggest me or guide me how to start with it ..

    • Hello Nikita
      This is prashant goyal here
      May I know where are u frm in CHATTISGARH?
      Actually even I am from CHATTISGARH and looking forward to enter into this field .

  15. Hello,
    This is Prashant Goyal
    I am quite interested to enter in this field of anchoring but cannot get a clear idea where to start from.
    I have hosted my college fest continuously for 3 years also with several sangeet (marriage) functions.
    I have also been awarded as the BEST ANCHOR in my college.
    I would be glad if I can b helped getting into this line .

  16. Hey monica.. I posses a passion to host events and programs.. I hv been doin it since my school to college on a regular basis and hv been a praised anchor. How can i get to host n anchor non t.v events.

  17. hi monica, after reading your article on anchoring and the tips you have suggested for hosting shows, i think i have reached the right place and person for guiding me in my pursuit of making a career in hosting. i have a strong voice and a good style in hosting a show and i have been doing some shows in my local areas, in schools and in society programmes. but never taken it seriously as a profession.With the immense support and encouragement of friends and relatives i have now decided to take up hosting as a profession..although late in life but i think there is no age limit in this profession as long as one is a good entertainer and has the ability to do so.Thanks for your guidance.

  18. Hiii Monica ! i wanna pursue mass communication as career . I have been hosting and been appreciated for my anchoring at school. I have just accomplished my 10 exam and is really in need for further guidance. If you could help me any way , i’ ll be really thankful to you.

  19. Hi,
    I am avinash,
    I have to few anchoring projects, such as movie promotions, college cultural events as well as corporate events.
    I have worked as I radio jockey as well.
    Newly moved to mumbai from Pune.
    Looking for few anchoring projects.
    Any kind of leads will help me to grow my career.
    Thank you

  20. Thanks for such an informative article. I am a freelance anchor and after reading your article I feel myself more energetic and tiptoed to work harder on my speaking skill.

  21. I also want to do anchoring in tv i m pursuing bba and i wan to do tv anchoring course is there is any course so that i can do both my course and mba plss tell me proper Institute in delhi

  22. Really..awesome & Superb article..thank you monica mam !
    it is exactly what i was finding on the web..
    your article made my day !
    very usefull for people who love anchoring..
    feeling so energetic..
    i love to be on stage n speaking infront of audience..n entertain them..
    i also like anchoring very much n want to make bright career in it..
    can u plz suggest how to make portfolio ?
    thanks again mam..!

  23. Hey Monica, it’s really an informative story though. Got a lot of info about anchoring. Even I have done anchoring in many of my school and college gatherings and also in official meetings, but I don’t know how the media works, like from where to begin. If u could please help me about this then it would be grateful

  24. मेरा नाम संजय गुप्ता है मैं पिछले 5 सालों से एंकरिंग कर रहा हूं और मैंने हर एक प्रकार के एंकरिंग की है चाहे वह और किस टाइम किंग हो चाहे वह गवर्नमेंट के फंक्शन की एंकरिंग हो या फिर कमर्शियल या फिर कॉरपोरेट किसी भी प्रकार की एंकरिंग के लिए मैंने पूरे दिल से एंकरिंग की है मगर मुझे सही तरह से कुछ बड़े बड़े इवेंट नहीं मिल पा रहे हैं मुझे बड़े event कैसे मिल सकते हैं आखिर मैं उन लोगों तक कैसे पहचान बनाओ जो मुझे काम दे सकते हैं इसका क्या सही रास्ता है आप हमें बताएं

  25. Hi, I’m Shreni jain from indore. .
    I’ve an interest in making lines and anchoring. It’ll be great if u guide me futther.

  26. Hi Monica,

    I am a Test Engineer in a MNC but I am passionate about hosting events and event planning. I want to pursue my career in this field because I am most satisfied and happy when I do this.
    I have hosted events and awards function in my previous organisation at the DC level but I could not find anything how can I grow more into this.
    Please guide me how I should work and go ahead with this.Looking forward for your response.

  27. Inspiring story…monica mam I want to ask u what is best internship for the Fresher students who currently pursuing journalism.


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