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Average age for MBA in India and abroad (USA)

What is the average age for MBA in India, USA, UK, Singapore (add your favourite MBA destination here)? Apart from the statistical relevance of the question, there’s also an introspective aspect. The first one is easier to answer as most MBA portals and business school websites list this in the MBA Class profile section along with the other data like average GMAT scores. The other part is what that might mean for you, as an MBA applicant to a specific category of MBA colleges.

Let’s tackle the two separately.

What’s the average age for MBA in India?

If you are talking about the regular 2 year programs offered by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other similar programs, the average age of MBA students would be in the early twenties. Most MBA students start the program immediately after completing their basic graduation or after a few months/years of work experience.

When we change the target programs and look at GMAT based MBA colleges in India (ISB Hyderabad / Mohali, IIMA PGPX, IIMB EPGP, IIMC PGPEX) then the average age for MBA in India is much higher.
For ISB, the mean age in the class is 27 years, while the 80% range would be between 25 to 30 years.
Programs like IIMA PGPX take it to a completely different level. You can’t even apply if you will be below 27 years when you start the program. With an average of 10.5 years of work-experience, the average age for the MBA program at IIMA is 34 years.

Most of the other GMAT based MBA programs fall somewhere between these ranges in terms of the average age.

What’s the average age for MBA in USA?

For most of the top ranking universities, the average age for MBA in USA is around 27-28 at the start of the program. For the current class, the average age for MBA in Harvard is 27. For Kellogg and Ross it is 28 years.

Then when you start going lower in the MBA rankings, you’ll come across MBA programs where the average age starts heading south gradually. But most of the reputed and competitive ones would still expect 3-4 years of per-MBA work experience.

What’s the average age for MBA in UK / France / Europe?

Europe is where you’ll find shorter variants of the 2-year program. Many of them offer 1-year MBA programs. Some examples include IMD, Cambridge, Oxford, IESE, ESADE. The INSEAD MBA is only 10 months long. London Business School and Manchester business schools have longer programs, but the duration is still much lesser than the regular MBA in the U.S.

So there’s quite a bit of variety in the shorter duration MBA courses as well. Which means that the kind of profiles they attract also vary.

The average age at INSEAD is 29 years, slightly higher than median age for American MBA programs. At London business school, the average age is 28 years. At bschools like Cambridge and Oxford, the average age within the diverse class profile is close to 30 years. Just like IIMA PGPX, among the best European MBA courses, IMD pushes the age envelope further with a median age of 31 years.

Why is the average age of the MBA class important?

Ah, after a whole lot of numbers, finally we get to the introspective part. We wrote another post about folks over the age of 30, why the regular 2-year MBA programs in the U.S. get so few of them and the perceived hurdles they might face. Read this post –> MBA after 30: Am I too old for a full-time bschool degree?.

For those falling at the other end of the spectrum (i.e.younger than the typical student in the class), apart from some overlap with the points mentioned in the Over 30 post that was referenced in the earlier paragraph, there are other challenges as well.

The primary concerns are about fitting in, being able to connect the theory learnt in the class to their own experience and contributing back to the MBA community. Read more about it in this related post: Work experience: Why is it important for international MBA applications?

What if you don’t fall within the average age range?

Do keep in mind that the average age is relevant, not so much for the number itself, but because of what it says about the professional work-experience that the candidate has gained before getting into the MBA class.

So don’t let the statistics of average age for MBA in USA, India, UK or Singapore distract you from the underlying principle.

If you aren’t falling in the 80% age range for the class profile, don’t discard the bschool from your shortlist yet. Think about other factors that might compensate for it. Look at the rest of your profile – your domain of expertise, your career goals, your personal traits, your ability to communicate and connect with younger and older professional.

If you can prove to the Admissions officer that age (as they say) is just a number(Getting into university as a mature student), you might still be able to get into your top choice business school.

Read Average age and work experience at top B-Schools around the world and Deferred (Pre-Admit) MBA Programs in USA, India and Europe

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60 thoughts on “Average age for MBA in India and abroad (USA)”

  1. I am 32yrs ,a qualified cost accountant having 8 yrs of experience and planning to do MBA IN B SCHOOL, is it right age?.

  2. Ayyappa, whether it is the right age for you or not is something you should ask yourself. And then you’d need to convice the Admission committee. Others will never be able to answer this question for you.

    If you have a good justification for why you want an MBA at this stage of your career and how it will help you get to your goals, then yes it is the right age/time.

    The further you start drifting away from the average age for your target school, the tougher it gets to convince the admissions team.

    • Hi, Samir!

      I’m 26 and I will be completing my BBA this year from Pune University. I have no experience of working. 81% in 10th, 61% in HSC and GMAT score of 680 which I plan to improve. Not many extra curricular activities as such. I plan to take an MBA program in IB right after I graduate. What are my best chances for MBA in UK and USA? Which one will be a better choice for someone with no experience? Please reply.

  3. Below are the details of my profile. Can you please help me to decide, which colleges should I apply. I am thinking of applying to both Masters in Management( Europe ) and MBA courses ( North America and Asia ).

    Class X – 86% ( with merit certificate in social science, which is given to top 0.01% students )
    Class XII – 87% ( with merit certificate in economics, which is given to top 0.01% students )
    Graduation – 69% ( In second year came first in a class of 70 )
    Post Graduation – MA in economics ( Distance Learning. Did this course while working. )
    GMAT – Scoring 680-700 in practice test. Targeting 720+

    Work Ex – 23 months in Service Industry. Though was part of the subsidiary of one of the biggest banks, but since I was working in back office my profile was not good. Left job after 23 months as was not happy with my profile and currently working part time in my cousins business.

    Extra Curricular – Not much. Took part in sports and debates in schools, but don’t have any certificates. Have been involved with an NGO twice ( don’t have certificate of this either).

    Since I want to change my sector to finance that’s why looking for good degree.

  4. i am 27 years old.
    i plan to apply to mba programs in the us next year (for class of 2017).
    At time of application i will be 28 years of age with 6 years of work experience & will be 29 years old at the start of the program, if admitted.
    Will my age be a negative factor for admissions at best ranked schools for operations management such as MIT Sloan, HBS , Wharton and others? – Please resolve this doubt

    I plan to give the GMAT and TOEFL this august and can apply for round 2 this year itself (for class of 2016)
    However i feel i need some more time to set up a solid application and add some more points to my application to convince the admissions board. Hence i have postponed my applications to next year.
    i have 4.5 years of work ex as a product development engr. as of now i am now working on a startup of my own.

    is there any consulting or advice sessions for candidates such as me, who plan to apply next year?

  5. @Melwin: Your age will be closer to the average age for most bschools, however average age at Harvard / Stanford tends to be a little lesser. If you are aiming for 2 year programs, don’t defer it too much.

    If you are looking for personalised consulting advice, drop us a note to: info at mbacrystalball dot com

  6. Hello Sameer,
    i am 40 years old with 16 years work experience. i am an electrical engineer with a PSU. i recently appeared for GMAT and scored 600 only but will be taking the test again in next 2 months and hopeful of getting above 700. my academics haven’t been so good, 10 : 68.2% (CBSE), 10+2 : 57% (CBSE), competed state engg., BE – 72% (1st class with Disctinction). in my current job from the beginning.
    work experience in nearly every field of a manufacturing co. like shop floor management, purchasing, commercial, design & budgeting.
    my choices are ISB, PGPX, ePGP, PGPEX, 1 year abroad.
    i want to switch over from my current work. i want to work with a fund management co. any level, any stage any salary, start afresh. for me learning from anyone of any age at any level does not matter, i want to be in the new job at any cost so please advise.
    extra curricular have been related to some college level acting/stage shows, prepared own song with own music team and presented the same in AIR yuvwani programme.

  7. Sanjay: It’s ok to aim for a skills upgrade, but the ‘new job at any cost’ approach is a little too risky.

    With the limited data that you’ve shared here, I also sense a serious disconnect with your expectations from the MBA. Time for some more introspection, bro, before you decide on the next steps.

  8. Hi Sameer,
    I am 32.5 years old as of now and aiming at Wharton or Cornell MBA programs.
    I am having a 6 years work experience in real estate construction industry as a construction project manager. I have done my B.Architecture (5yr program) from NIT followed by a 2yrs Masters in project management from India’s premier school (SPA, N.Delhi). My GMAT score is 720.
    As i want to shift my focus to Real estate consulting so i feel a top US MBA program would help me. But i am slightly worried that i am on the higher side w.r.t. average age of these schools.
    i just want to know that what role does this factor plays in admit and getting jobs thereafter. is this really of a great concern ?…….are B schools very particular for this……….Am i really on the very high side? Please advise.
    As i am interested in US schools so 1 yr program is not available in top schools and moreover 1 yr MBA would elude me from an internship.

  9. Hi,
    I started my career in a software firm i worked there for 8 months , but dont have experience certificate as they did not issue me as i was a trainee. Now i work as a clerk in a public sector bank. I wanted to do an mba in canada, i have 2.5 years experience in bank, i am confused how to put my experience should i include my software experience or not. Do they accept my resume as i am just a clerk now in a public sector bank. My gmat score is 680… pls give me your valuable advice.

  10. @Siddhartha: The primary reason why Adcoms are concerned about age is because recruiters want younger candidates. If you have skills that are unique and marketable in a new country, highlight them in your essays to assure bschools that your age will not be a deterrant in getting good jobs.

    @alliswell: Your recent experience will count more than what you did 3 years back. But do mention about the software experience, as you did that for a significant amount of time.

  11. Hello Sameer,
    I am 28 years old…I am physiotherapist by profession and completed my graduation in july 2009,thereafter i
    started my prepraion for civil services.In 2010 i gave my first attempt i could not clear prelim,thereafter i gave my all 3 attempts in 2011,2012,2013 and i cleared prelims but got stuck at interview stage…now 4 year have elapsed in this procedure and i dont have any furthere qualification nor any work experience….In order to enhance my career iam planning to do MBA in hospital management or MBA(health care management)…
    May i know this path that i am planning to follow is fruitful??…and also among the two MBA programmes which one shall i pursue???

    thanx a lot

  12. @EISHI: Did you stop practising physiotherapy during your 3 years of civil services prep? That was a bad idea. Why do you want to defer the work experience?

    After losing 3 years, in your position, I’d just go ahead and use my existing qualification to gain some real experience rather than keep struggling to get back into another theoretical degree.

  13. Hi sameer,

    i am 32, i have 8.5 yrs exp and 3.5 in banking sales.I want to know is the executive mba good or distance mba program.And which institute in india we should go for ?

  14. Hello Sameer,
    I am 28 years old… studied in bits pilani.
    i started my prepraion for civil services. i gave my all 3 attempts. but dint cleared it… now i want to do MBA full time in USA .i have 2 years exp. am eligible for to do mba or not.. please reply asap.. thanks a lott

  15. @Prasad: Full-time MBA wins hands down over part-time MBA and distance MBA and all other formats.

    @Tanya: No issues with the eligibity, but big challenges on convincing the Adcoms on the 3 year break.

  16. Hello Sir, I have done B.E ECE 2013 pass out. Got a job in iGATE patni as a Software Engineer in JAN 2014 Joining. My profile :-

    10- 85.69% with technical subjects 2007 pass out

    10+2 – 73.80% 2009 pass out

    BE ECE – 8.02 CGPA from Gujarat Technological University. 2013 pass out.

    I have heard that Software Engineer face lots of competition for USA MBA ? Is that true ?

    And how many years of work exp approx required for USA MBA for me ???? When should i try for US MBA ???

  17. Hii Sameer,
    I have 4 yrs of work ex in the leading paint company.
    I did my PGDM in retail mangement and I am working in Paint channel sales.
    I know that my qualification and my field do not match but retail is a mismatch for me and realised it late.
    I am 28 yrs. as of now
    I am preparing for GMAT
    My qualification – 10th. 68% State Board
    12th. 56% State Board
    Bcom in accountancy 61% GU
    am I on the right track???

  18. @Dushyant: You’ve heard right. Competition for software engineers is tougher. 5 years is the average work experience.

    @Somnath: Tough to say whether you are on the right track, as you haven’t shared the target / destination / goals.

  19. Hello sir, i completed my graduation in march 2011 with 59.30.with second class in 2011 and recently i given my GMAT exam n scored 687 but there are some universities require at least 2 year experience but i don’t have. is it right to provide such Fake experience ? i didn’t work any of organisation ?

  20. @Amol: Shouldn’t the score be in multiples of 10? And my dear friend, it’s not just unprofessional and unethical, but it’s outright cheating that you are talking about. Why not just wait for a year more and apply in an honest, clean way? It’s your career at stake here, buddy.

  21. I am currently 18, and in first year of undergrad’ college.
    By the time I am a graduate i will be 20.

    Keeping this in view, my age is much below the average age required for most of the MBA colleges. Will 2 years of work ex, be sufficient if i am an early aged applicant?

    Plus, What sort of a work ex are the colleges looking for? Will i have issues in applying to colleges at this young an age?

  22. @sameer : I had decent academics in school , but goofed by during my graduation ( Engineering degree) . I completed it in 6 years instead of 4 , with a low percentage. After that I worked for 2 years in IT industry. Right now I want to start afresh with a consultant or marketing job. The problem is that I havent done well in the competion exams like CAT,XAT. Due to this I am able to get into the average b-schools of India ( ranked 50-100 as per the various rankings avalaible). I will turn 27 this year. My question to you is – is it worth doing mba from an average school in India at my age ??? As mosty freshers join the average schools. I cannot afford an Mba abroad .I am confident that I will do well in any b-school I go , but worried weather it will be worth it as it will not be a reputed school like IIM,Xlri,Fore,Fms etc. I do not want to drop/work another year as I am afraid it will be too late for full time mba in India by then for me.

  23. @Roshan: Applying too early will work against you. Your plan to start after getting 2 years is fine. 3-4 years would be better.

    @Varun: Why get back into the same situation that you struggled in just a few years back? Skip the degree and focus on doing well in your chosen field.

  24. Hello
    i am 27 years old and a graduate of MBBS from a government medical college. i finished my MBBS in 2010 and finished my house surgeoncy in january 2011.
    my 10th marks: 91%(100% in mathematics)
    my 12th marks:88%
    50th rank in the state medical entrance
    mbbs total marks: 62%
    i have since been working in a private hospital in my hometown while preparing for the USMLE(exam for medical graduates in USA) exams in which I scored in the 99th percentile. I havent joined for any Masters program yet. I have no corporate work experience but I do manage a private lab in the city co-owned by my family.i have also worked as an intern in a couple of hospitals in US for a total period of six months but I have no certificates to prove this as i waived my right to view them when applying for USMLE.

    I wrote the IELTS few months back and scored 8.0

    I havent really been enjoying my work as a doctor and feel very restricted as my heart and talent was always in mathematics. i was always interested in doing an MBA and considered doing it along with an MD in USA to offset the heavy costs as I would be paid then. I would be spending the next one year in a research post in USA and I am keenly interested in preparing for CAT and applying for it in the coming season.
    What are my chances?Is it too much to hope for? I really want to focus on getting into an IIM and I would be really grateful for any advice you can offer.
    thank you

    After note: I would not say no to doing an MBA in USA either. But I read everywhere that the American colleges expect hardcore business experience before applying. Is this true? Is it impossible for me to break into a decent b-scool in USA? Also I read articles about the cost of doing an MBA in USA being on the higher side compared to returns from the job. Is this true. My intention is to get into a good post in a pharmaceutical company or a major hospital.

  25. Hi Sameer,

    I am 28 year old with over 4 years of experience. I appeared for CAT 2013 and subsequently got calls from a few b-schools. Till now I have converted Great Lakes(PGPM) and IMT Ghaziabad. I am expecting to convert IMI Delhi too. I had to let go Great Lakes PGPM due to issues with joining dates and financials. Now with whatever options that I have been left with, which one do you feel I should go for. Also, are these colleges good for me at my age and with my experience? Which b-schools (in India) and what programs would you suggest for me. Thanks in advance.

  26. Hi Sameer ,

    I am 28 year old and want to pursue full time MBA from IIMs or any good B school. Will my age have a negative impact on the placements.
    I have a work ex of 4 years in IT.
    Should i try applying for executive MBA .

  27. @Kiran: Adcoms and recruiters cannot completely ignore what you’ve done before joining an MBA. Be careful about your expectations or you’ll end up getting disappointed.

    @Ricky: Given the option, I’d choose neither, for the reason that you’ve mentioned – age. Fitting into the program will be tougher. Programs like ISB, IIMA PGPX would be better.

    @Prashant: You aren’t that old. Don’t worry.

  28. Hello Sameer,
    i am 23 years old with 1years 10months of work experience in IT field(Software Developer) and an electronics engineer(2012 pass-out) with 73% aggregate. The thing is i’m planning to take GMAT exam in the month of December and based on score will apply for colleges in month of January, will fly coming august 2014.

    So now i’m quitting my job and planing to take coaching for 4-6 months and i’m really confused weather the decision taken is right, and also i was worried the work experience is sufficient or not?

    Could you please suggest me. waiting for your reply
    Thanks in advance.


  29. Hi Sameer,

    I am doing my CA final now and would positively be clearing it in Feb 2015. I am 22 now and want to do an MBA in Economics abroad. When do you suggest that I start my prep? I have to start from scratch.. ie GMAT, TOEFL etc. So what is your suggestion? My past academic track record is pretty fine and am focussing on the best B School for Economics Faculty. Kindly reply.

  30. @Kalyan: If you’ve already quit your job to prepare for the application (wasn’t a good idea if you ask me), then it’s already late to be asking for opinions, bro!

    @Megha: Work for 2-3 years and then start thinking about MBA applications. Take the GMAT a year before the target application deadlines.

  31. Hi Sameer,

    I’m 26 years old now.I managed my family business for 4 months,before entering the IT sector(34 months in IT currently).I plan to build up on my family business,maybe after working for few years in a consulting firm,post-MBA.

    Can I use my experience of 4 months,in family business,to add diversity to my experience in applications?
    Will it be late to apply next year,effectively meaning that I would be 28 by the beginning of my course?

    My profile :
    B.Tech – I.T – 68 %(University College of Engineering,RTU,Kota)
    EC’s : VP-PR Toastmasters Intl(TI)@Company club,
    Volunteer @International conference of TI,
    NSS member for 2 years
    Soccer player@Company & College

    Targetting 10-30 ranked colleges in USA.


  32. Hello Sir,
    Am Ruteeka,just finished M.Sc in Nutraceutical Sciences from Mumbai University.I have interned in 4 industries like cadbury India ltd,Mahanand dairy,Sigma Applied Nutrition labs and Envirocare private Ltd in Quality control departments.I want to know whether I can pursue an MBA in healthcare in USA.I remind you that I do not have work experience but are there any universities which take people without work experience.I have got 2nd position in Product development in M.Sc.My subjects were clinical nutrition,Q.C,Q.A and product development.Am yet to give GRE this year.Please guide

  33. Hi Sameer,

    I completed my Engineering in 2009 and am currently working as a consultant with Ernst & Young India in IT Risk advisory practice (5 years experience). I will be 28 this August and have been planning for an MBA from US/UK/Singapore (primary aim is to move into management/strategy consulting). Now I have an opportunity to get a transfer to my company’s US office @85-95k USD per annum (same profile) for which I will have to hold off GMAT preparation for at least 1-2 years (which means I will be able to enter MBA at the age of 30-31 with 7-8 years of experience).
    I was finding it difficult to find what will be a good decision for me:
    – Forget the transfer and prepare for GMAT to get admission in 2015
    – Get transferred to US, get better exposure/money/profile and start MBA in 2-3 years while in US
    Factors that are confusing me in order to make a decision:
    – As an Indian candidate, I believe the salary post MBA would be around 100k USD per annum which I am already getting (approx) with this offer (but in the same profile though)
    – I think if I work in US for couple of years on US payroll, my chances into a good B School and getting a higher salary after MBA will significantly rise.
    – Will it be difficult or counter productive for me to switch profile post MBA after 7-8 years of work ex
    – Can we switch work profiles in US easily even without an MBA?

    What would you suggest is the best path for me? Please suggest


  34. Hi sameer,
    I have completed my engg in may 2013…with 61.75% & my 10th in 2006 with 78% & my 12 th in 2008 with 73%…..I had worked with just dial for 5 months…I want to join MBA in 2015….if I would be able to secure good percentile.. Will these gaps in my study career will effect my calls from B school & its conversion….. I m also preparing for iift…. & little bit afraid of my gaps… Plz help me out,…… Thanks

  35. @Karan: 4 months is a little less, but sure, you can talk about it if you think it’ll help show the diversity.

    @Ruteeka: We don’t recommend going for an international MBA without experience.

    @Akhil: In your position, I’d take up the US assignment to build up the financial reserves and get the international experience. You can take up the MBA after 2 years, no worries.

    @Rohit: We can’t advise on Indian programs like IIFT, as our focus is on international GMAT MBA.

  36. Hi Sameer,

    I am 30 year old, Electrical Engineer with over 8 years experience in both private (2 years) & PSU (6 Yrs) in power sector. I have a GMAT score of 700 & TOEFL score 110. I want to do MBA, first, to change my profile (want to pursue operation & supply chain management, target industry are either transportation & logistics or Energy sector (Oil/Gas/Power) and second to change demography (I am targeting North America). My concern are:
    1- Is it really practical to try for both profile & industry change. Add to it changing location?
    2- Am I too old for a 2 year Full Time MBA? I will be 33 years old by the time I graduate. Will this effect my employability?


  37. Hi Sameer,

    I am 33, an MBA grad from top 5 Indian B school with pre MBA work ex of 3 years and post MBA of 5 years. So far well settled. My partner has opportunities to shift to US for long . Given i am from S&M background, moving overseas doesnt seem easy. Was contemplating if i may consider a second MBA in some top 5 schools in US preferably 1 yr. Does it seem feasible , given that i dont want a dependent visa 🙂

  38. Hii Sameer sir,
    I have been following your website from last 1 year…. today i have come up with something really imp to ask you. I am a desperate MBA desirous candidate. But my prep for CAT is not up to the mark…..CAT 2013 I ended up with 78%tile only….this year i was planning to reappear but due a lot of personal problem my prep level is still at the maxm 85%tile level….. I will apper but i know it will not fetch me IIM. my profile is not that good too.
    X th=84%
    XII= 60% (i screwed up my life at that point)
    BE(mechanical)=74% from an avg private engg college.

    Extra curriculars: have many certifications of winning quiz,debate etc competion in my school and college days.
    a serious photographer…won some competion too…i do blog too.

    My interest field lies in Banking and finance…..
    I want to set up a solid career in banking mainly. now that i have not been able to get IIms, i need more time to prep. But sitting idle is not an option to prepare CAT/GMAT…. so planning to join Manipal course …got ICICI PO manipal…my plan is to work in ICICI for 5 years in junior management level and till then prepare GMAT/CAT and try to build a good profile and then to do 1 year management programme either from IIMs or ISB or even i am ready to go abroad……so my simple query is that…

    1. M I planning right ?
    2. Is ICICI PO manipal progrm better than average B school MBAs?(consider i dont want to work anywhere else other than banking)
    3. what sholud be my approach to gain advantage of this coming 5 years to make a good profile to get top institutes with a good GMAT score.(I mean what other qualifications in distance mode i should be doing in those times etc)

    also tell me m i right if i think private bank exp will be more valued than PSU banks…as there are always more work press in private companies….so more risk handling skills. Is my thought process right?

    thnx a lot for your time………have a good time.

    now i am very seriously working on self developement.
    As i am 2013 engineering grad with just a 2 months sales and marketing

  39. Hi Sameer,

    I have been following your posts for quite some time.
    I require your advice.
    I am 24+ years of age and am doing CA.I haven’t completed my CA yet and I am getting stuck in my CA finals a lot of times. I am planning to appear for MBA entrance exams next year i.e. 2015, by that time I will be 25 and by the time I start my MBA I will be 26 and would complete my MBA when I would be 27+ or 28.
    I have been working with a mid-sized CA firm for the last 2.5 years.
    I really don’t know what to do at this time.
    Should I go for the regular 2 year MBA program? or the 1 year program?
    Would the work experience of a mid-sized firm be of any relevance?

    please guide

    thank you

  40. @Sid: You could try to change both, but it becomes more challenging. Age does affect your chances of getting into bschool and in getting jobs.

    But we have stories like this one to keep the hopes alive: MBA in USA with scholarship after 9 years experience

    @Moni: Sure, you could consider a second MBA. It could be a good way to move away from Sales and Marketing roles.

    @Samarjyoti: Focus on the CAT and score well. Between the private bank and PSU, I’d go with private. The pressure will be high, but hopefully so will the exposure.

    @Aditya: All experience is relevant, irrespective of the size of the company. You can target GMAT 2 year MBA programs.

  41. Hi Sameer,
    I am 31 year Old, with 8 years of IT experience. Please suggest on below queries:-
    # is it practical to do MBA at this age?
    # Am I too old for MBA program? Kindly advice…..
    # I am targeting for 1 year program ….is it right decision to take GMAT at this age…please suggest….
    Based on your suggestion I will start the preparation for it…Kindly reply as soon as possible sir….


  42. Hey Sameer,
    I am 23 years old and my profile is as below
    Currently pursuing my Masters in Finance in India-74%(2 semesters) (2013-2015)
    Worked with Teach for India (2011-2013)
    Bachelors in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics -73%
    Other than that, I have had opportunities to intern with ICICI bank,Landmark and a start up.

    I am looking at applying for an MBA to the top 20 b schools with a specialization in entrepreneurship.I have given one attempt of GRE and scored a 310 with 4.5 on writing.I plan to give another attempt soon. Should I gain some more experience or should I be applying this year?

  43. Hi Sameer,

    My DOB is 17-11-1988 and am turning 26 this november.
    I have finished by 10th in 2004 with 53%,
    And 12th in 2007 with one year gap (62%) (2006-family issues),
    Then in 2007 i joined coaching class for PMT in kota , but didn’t cleared.

    Immediatly next year (2008) i joined college and completed my B.Tech with 71% (Bio informatics) in 2012.
    I got Campus placement and from 2012 onwards till today am working in IT industry.
    Since my age is 26 now from this november, will it be a right decision for me to go for full time MBA from IIM, as by the time i will finish my degree i will 29 almost(If i clear CAT in first attempt and get call).

    Sadly i have also joined CAT coaching classes from this month with out realising this factor.
    But still i would like to get this doubt cleared as its boathiring me too much now.
    Am also looking for some bank exams for next year, this preparation might help me there if MBA is not a good option.

    Please help me clarify my doubt 🙁

  44. Hello Sameer,

    I am a 30 year old Chemical Engineer presently working in an Oil PSU. I have got total experience of 5 years.
    My academics are as follows:
    1. Class 10 (State Board)- 72.5%
    2. Class12 (State Board) – 59%
    3. BE (Chem Engg)- 67%

    However, I am very much frustrated at this job due to shift work which is taking a toll on my health.I will perhaps have to do for 10 years more shift work. As being a Chemical Engineer, I will mostly be placed in industries and again shift work, so I want to do an MBA to change my entire career. I know this is not a good vision but can you advice whether this is right? However, I will obviously try to do from a Tier-1 MBA college as no point in doing from Tier-2 or 3 colleges as I am earning quite a decent amount now. I am presently unmarried and so I may be able to take the risk. Is it worth it? Or is my age already very much.
    P.S: My organization does not allow sabbatical, so I will have to resign and study! Kindly advice!

  45. Hello sameer,

    i am a professional with a sales and marketing experience in FMCG’s and other companies, I have 6 yrs of experience and my age is 32 . this year i am taking the CAT xm to aim for Tier ! category Bschools like FMS,IIFT or any IIM’s. Oh i want to mention that i have an MBA degree from a B category BSchool. I want to take my career into the higher echelons like Branding as well as marketing. Will I b denied admission to regular MBA batches in these schools because of my age?

  46. I m IT with 8.4 cgpa. Worked in an NGO fr 1 yr as an entrepreneur/specialist . Currently working in nationalised bank as clerk. Trying fr p.o . passed in 2012. Will my clerkl and NGO exp considered in premiere b schools ? If I want to to exec MBA after few years.. Will this exp be counted ? Please reply Sir

  47. Dear Sir,
    Plz, i need an advice.
    Actually i have
    10th class- 89.6%
    12th class- 84.6 %
    Graduation- 75.9%
    Work ex- 3months energy sector- left the job because of not so suitable profile
    7 months oil refinery – again left due to same reason
    Now for last 7-8 months i m working in my dad’s business of pharma and publishing .. Please guide me for the prospects of mba abroad, also does the name of company( i mean big company) matters or is it that small company with good work (related to actual business) will matter. Also sir i am always afraid that if. after investing so much, i didn’t get job due to some reason, then what will happen ? is there any way out then ?

  48. Hi Sameer,

    Currently i am 27 yrs old and hoping to IIM call for academic Year 2015-17 for 2 yrs PGDM Program . Will my age cause any problem?


  49. Hi Sameer

    I am 30 year Law Graduate with close to 2 years of experience in Banking Sales. I am currently working with HDFC Bank. I am a qualified CFP and completed CA Inter back in 2010. Since my mother is well established lawyer she wanted me to complete law and then choose wherein ever I would like to work since I never had any interest in Legal profession.

    Kindly advice whether I should go for GMAT or not at this age.


  50. Hello Mr. Sameer,
    I am 27.5 years old with my educational background is as bellow.

    1. SSC : 63%(in 2003 from BSEB, Patna)
    2. HSC : 59.7%(in 2007 from BIEC, Patna,passed in 2005 with 53% but again appeared for good percentage)
    3. BE : 60% with Electronics Engg from Unoversity of Pune(As the university considers only final year percentage on main certificate with more then 20 certificates like anchoring,presentation, different quiz competitions and speeches etc.)
    4. Work experience: 2.5 years in sales & Marketing(joined in 2012 to till now)
    5. Just joined: An MNC in Dubai for Estimation an proposal engineering.

    After 2 years i want to go for a one year MBA program(to save time) in marketing ,kindly suggest if i would be over aged for the same.


  51. Hello Sameer, good day!
    I am 27 and Have always been an average student xth 67% xiith 56% graduation 55% , Total work experience of 7.5 years comprising 6 years in bpo and 1.5 years in non bpo
    Started my graduation in 2006 and completed in 2011 , have started working as an undergraduate in 2007 (while doing regular bba) .
    wanted to ask you whether my whole experience will be counted and whether b schools do take bpo experience into consideration? as mine completely was in analytics (credit analyst ; F&A), i am planning to give CAT & GMAT this year , do i have to prepare seperately for both? Sometimes I feel its too late but do think i still stand a chance? Kindly advise how to go about it further

  52. Hi Sameer,
    Age is exactly my dilemma right now, I shall be turning 31 years after 2 months
    I am an Assistant Manger with an ITES banking Operations firm and draw decent package. I wish to pursue full time 1 year MBA from a top B school to elevate my career.

    My educational profile is as follows:-
    10th CBSE 73%
    12th CBSE 80% Delhi University regular college 45%

    I did give GMAT in 2009 after preparing 3 months along with my job and scored 500, will be preparing all over this time
    My objective of doing MBA is to move into strategy/ management consultant profile and of course earn a higher package in terms of ROI
    I really need some guidance, pls pls reply

  53. Hi sameer .I did pgdbm(finance) in 2011 in Pune university now I m 27 yrs old .wnt to do a job. Bt dnt have experience also trying for married in 2011also had a baby. So couldn’t do any job till d date is both d factors affect to get job

  54. Hi Samir,

    I am 37 years old. I hold Masters of Engineering and I have also done company sponsored part-time EMBA during 2008-2009. I am currently working in Oil & Gas field and having reasonable decent job.

    My understanding is that, though I have grown professional well, the partime MBA has not contributed much to my growth. I am thinking of doing second MBA (full time) and preferably with high reputation B-School. Should I expect any benefit in terms of career and growth prospect with full time MBA at this age.

    Basically, I want to take a break to upgrade my skills, but not sure of employability after the course.

    Your advise would really be very valuable.

    Thank you.

  55. Hello Sir,
    I am confused regarding MBA from US top B-school.My academic profile is average,
    B.Tech(Hons.) -85% (Mechanical Engineering)
    Work Experience=NIL
    what are my chance of getting admission in top B school of US.I don’t have any sort of work experience,but my curricular activities are satisfactory ,and I am a current member of SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS (SAE) ,under this organization I took part in many National level competition. My career motive is to start a start-up but for this I want to increase my skills and acquire a proper MBA with corporate world exposure.Please guide me,and if it is possible to get admission in Top B school without work experience please tell….
    Thank You


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