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GMAT Scholarships for Indian students abroad (USA, UK, Europe)

I come from a middle class family. Will I be able to afford an MBA from USA, UK, Canada?
It’s a common problem for MBA applicants, and not just among those who come from low income backgrounds. Read this article to know why it is such a big issue – How expensive is an MBA abroad?

Score high on the GMAT, scholarships will follow’ seems to be the general assumption when it comes to business schools that accept GMAT for their MBA programs. This is why there’s such a desperate rush to get obscenely high GMAT scores in the hope that they would not only get an admit from the best bschools in USA, UK, Australia, Europe and India, but also an icing on the cake i.e. GMAT scholarships.

The assumption isn’t completely illogical. If you look at the MBA applicants from India who talk about their success stories (including GMAT MBA scholarships), most of them do have high standardised test scores. That indicates a strong correlation between GMAT scores and scholarships.

There are several independent institutions that accept applications independently to award financial aid from their own private kitties. Read this post for more details –> MBA Scholarships for Indian students

In this post, we aren’t going to refer to those external organisations. Instead we’ll use the term GMAT scholarships in the broader context to refer to scholarships offered by bschools that accept GMAT scores. Let’s address some basic questions related to this category.

Does a high score guarantee a GMAT scholarship?

Most applicants already know the answer to this question, so we’ll take it up first. The answer, obviously, is No. Check out any bschool website and they’ll talk about how they will evaluate an application holistically, yada yada. You know how it goes.

But the little unwritten rule is that a higher GMAT does significantly improve your odds of being considered for a merit based MBA scholarship. Need based MBA scholarships are evaluated slightly differently. But a higher score does improve your chances with this category too.

Why do MBA colleges reward high scorers with GMAT scholarships?

In any MBA admissions decisions, with all other things (work experience, goals, accomplishments, industry, extra curricular activities) being more or less similar for a given applicant pool, it does help to have one parameter that cuts across the subjectivity.

The average GMAT score for any bschool is also a key factor considered by MBA rankings. So bschools have a natural tendency to show some extra love to those who have managed to Beat the GMAT. What better way to show that love than by playing Santa Claus and dangling a bucketful of free money?

Are GMAT scholarships easier to get than external MBA scholarships?

Yes (admit it, that’s what you wanted to hear, right?). Only in relative terms though. GMAT scholarships are easier to get compared to the external scholarships offered by local or international organisations not affiliated with any bschool.

However there’s a catch. GMAT scholarships offered by the top schools will still be out of reach for most lesser mortals who haven’t won an Olympic medal or invented the cure for the common cold or solved a mystery that was troubling mathematicians for centuries. But we aren’t there yet.

The trick there is to balance out the list of bschools. Include those Ambitious ones, but also make sure that you have Stretch and Practical bschools (these are labels we use in our MBA MAP profile evaluation exercise).

Do the MBA admission rounds influence GMAT scholarships decisions?

Yes they do. As a general rule, Round 1 is when the pot with the treasure at the end of the rainbow is filled up to the brim. So if you have impressed the Admissions committee with your GMAT score, essays, recommendations and interview – apart from the cake (the admit from a top school), your chances of getting a nice little cherry (in the form of GMAT scholarships) go up.

But that doesn’t meant that the golden pot is empty in Round 2. We’ve had clients who have got significant funding in the second round of MBA admissions too. The same criteria apply when it comes to GMAT scores, essays, recommendations and interview. The battle for the freebies gets tougher.

I have a low GMAT score. Should I forget about GMAT scholarships?

Not yet. If you have something solid to offer (maybe not as impressive as an Olympic medal, but something that gives you extra points for diversity, uniqueness, etc), you can keep some of those hopes alive. At MBA Crystal Ball, we have worked with some candidates who (at least on paper) would never seem to be prime candidates for GMAT scholarships, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised. Here’s one such story – MBA Scholarship for low GMAT scorer

Candidates who’ve done market surveys before approaching us tell us interesting stories about admissions consultants in India who have looked at their profiles and promised them admits and scholarships. Don’t fall for such promises.

Unranked MBA colleges might have marketing tie ups with agencies in various countries to offer on-the-spot admits and scholarships. That’s a different ball game.

However, if you are aiming for the best international MBA colleges, forget scholarships, no one can guarantee an admit or even so much as an interview call.

MBA Crystal Ball track record with GMAT scholarships

As a general rule, when we are working with candidates, we are transparent about our limitations. Just for a few extra bucks, we don’t want to take on folks with unrealistic expectations. We don’t consider MBA scholarships as a success criterion. Our main aim is to do the best we can with the components that can be influenced – the overall storyline covering MBA essays, LoRs, interviews.

There are many other factors that the scholarship committee will consider that we have absolutely no control over – your GMAT score, nationality, industry, role, gender, accomplishments.

However, if you read the reviews for MBA Crystal Ball, we’ve done pretty well for our friends. Many of them have got substantial financial aid in the form of GMAT scholarships – including free rides. Read this story of someone who got a 100% MBA scholarship AND a graduate assistantship stipend.

Here’s the 2-phase process that we’ve followed for most of our success stories:

Phase 1 – Create a solid Application Strategy

– Most candidates take up the MBA MAP and get the fundamental application strategy sorted out.

– No point in blindly jumping into essay writing because you think your English is good.

– Do the basic groundwork in terms of choosing and prioritising your pre-MBA accomplishments, ensuring you have a clear and credible post-MBA goal and a convincing answer to the simple-but-tricky Why MBA question.

– Know how to select MBA colleges from the huge list. Choose the MBA schools based on your appetite for risk. If you want GMAT scholarships, then have more ‘Practical’ schools and a few ‘Safe’ schools in your target list. If financing isn’t an issue, choose more from the ‘Stretch’ and ‘Ambitious’ range.

The MBA MAP addresses all of these points.

Phase 2 – Focus on the Application Execution

– Once the primary application strategy and the list of target schools is ready, that’s when candidates come back for the MBA applications help.

– Even if the applicant is applying to (say) 7-8 MBA universities, we suggest getting help for a maximum of 5 schools. Most candidates are intelligent enough to use and extrapolate the ideas & content for the other schools.

Though this approach goes against our commercial interest, it ensures that the candidate is able to become more independent to manage a bulk of the work on his own. The lesser effort and time translates to lesser consulting costs.
There you have it. Not really rocket science. But it’s a 2-phase process that’s simple, logical and tested over a long period. And this is what’s got most of the applicants good admits and a decent amount of free money (several times more than the consulting fee they’ve paid).

If you find our MBA MAP profile evaluation and MBA Essay Editing packages and our overall approach logical, transparent & professional, we’d be happy to work together and try to get you on that same testimonials page.

If you aren’t ready for professional support yet, don’t worry. There’s plenty on this site to get you up to speed and put in a strong set of applications.

Good luck. Hope you get into a good school with lots of scholarship money.

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MBA Scholarships Abroad

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63 thoughts on “GMAT Scholarships for Indian students abroad (USA, UK, Europe)”

  1. Thats really good one Sameerji.. Yes, what you have written is practical and as a follower of your blog from past a few months I know that you are really transparent at things.. Hope to work with you soon.. Thanks for giving these valuable info every 3 days… Keep going!!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, Naveen.

    Good to see that you have subscribed to the blog for regular updates.

    Wondering if you have any topics in mind that we haven’t covered so far? We’ll add that to our list of blog posts for the future.

  3. I think you are covering many things which are on minds of every aspirant.. Thanks for that…

    Adding something from my end, I would like to see an indepth analysis of financial matters involved and how a student will be funding his education.. In india one will get 100% loan for tuition but is that the case abroad too? What are the typical expenses one has to look out for.. In short how much moolah required as a bare minimum from students perspective to go ahead for MBA abroad taking into account that school will still provide 100% loan on tuition.. As you have dealth with many students and yourself an MBA from abroad, I think you are the right person to answer this. Hope for an interesting/indepth post ahead.

    Thanks again..

  4. Manisha,

    The first part is true. There’s a higher chance of getting funded for MS programs.

    The second part is partially true. It is not easy to get scholarships in MBA programs. But as you see from the blog posts on this site and the MBA Crystal Ball reviews page, if you choose the right set of bschools and have the right application strategy, bschools do give plenty of scholarships.

    But again, the ‘conditions apply’ tag hangs there as well. Not evey school will be so generous. So you’ll have to choose schools that are a good FIT for your profile.

  5. I agree that GMAT does play a crucial role in scholarships.In the whole application process, GMAT is the only objective part giving common ground for taking scholarship decision and can be used as an standard measure by B-schools.I say this from my personal experience as i and another applicant have been granted an attractive scholarship from a B-school that has not been generous to Indian applicants in previous years.Though many of the previous year’s and this year’s applicants(Indian) have quite competitive profiles(some even better than both of us), but what made stand us out was the well above average, co-incidentally same, GMAT score.

  6. Thanks for that viewpoint, Ankit.

    On a related note, based on what you’ve shared in the comments (on other posts), you have an interesting application story too. Would you be interested in writing a guest blog post for us?

  7. oh definitely,it would be a pleasure to share my app journey.However, if you permit,i would like to do it once i have finalised my B-school which would provide a nice conclusion to the story. Whatsay, Sameer saab.

  8. Thanks Sameerji, yes I had already been through this post. Anyway, I look forward for learining important info which you share. I will think of finances at the later stage may be.. Thanks again..

  9. Dear Mr. Sameer,

    Thanks for such a practical post.
    Please let me know that G-MAT is necessary for persuing MBA in fashion in usa/canada or ielts may also work. How could I get scholarships for my Mba? Could you suggest names of some good colleges for Mba in fashion in Usa/Canada & also let me know how much/how can I get education loan for study as I have done Bachelor in fashion Designing(4 years) from reputed college of Uttar Pradesh & keen to study Mba abroad.

    Thanks with Warm Regards,

  10. @Manish: IELTS (equivalent to TOEFL) is not a replacement for the GMAT. Some bschools insist on both. Others waive the IELTS / TOEFL. But GMAT is mandatory for all the top MBA programs.

  11. Hello Mr. Sameer,

    Thank you for posting such a nice article. It has solved many of my dilemmas, but there are a few things that I need to clear. If I have a high GMAT score and I have a work experience of 2 years from a fortune 500 company, will this profile improve my odds for securing a GMAT scholarship?

  12. @Arghya: If the work experience (quality and quantity) can’t match the general profiles that get in, the high score will not tilt the scales. Choose your bschools carefully.

  13. Hello Mr.Sameer,

    I have a 13 yrs sales and marketing experience in pharma sector as Manager at various level,want to improve on my profile by getting in top B school in india or abroad.I am 37 yrs old.
    Pls can you guide me wether it is time to start for Gmat or addmission in any B school or executive program will be better?

  14. Hello Sameer sir,
    sir I want scholarships for the MBA in us. so what is the procedure for get the scholarships. give me the particular exam list or any other suggestion. please sir its urgent.

  15. Hi Sameer,
    The post was something I needed to read. I have some realistic doubts that presently most of my generation faces. Basically, as I come from a middle class family, I need to know how good are my chances to get scholarship at a well to do B-School abroad. Now when I am talking scholarships here,
    I should let you know that I ve work experience of about to be 2 yrs in an IT firm, am done with monotonous life pattern here. I am now looking desperately for a change, management has always been my dream. Working with people, managing them and forming strategies to get the best out of each is what I love to do.
    Sad thing is, I ve a quite normal academia as in a 80+ in 10th, a 72 odd in 12th and 7.6/10 CGPA at college. Am capable of scoring well, but all I need to confirm here is that once I score well, crossing the avg scores of good B-Schools, what are my probable chances of getting one of the bright stars. Kindly share your thoughts.
    What things can help me in getting a good school ?

    -Every Indian aspires IIT, finally settles for what he/she gets, but the desire never goes down when it comes to education and our goals.

  16. Mrinal: We’ve come across folks with 2 years experience who sound much more capable and mature compared to those with significantly higher experience levels.

    Nobody can give you a quick, authentic answer (on a public forum) about your capabilities and the possibility of getting into a top bschool based on a single paragraph.

    A lot would depend on how you present your story in a coherent and credible manner.

    Start with the GMAT and see how the story shapes up.

  17. Hi sameer,

    i have plans of pursuing my MBA in the U.S next year . I heard about your MBA Map program from one of my friends . I have already given my GMAT once and I scored a 640, which I’m not satisfied with .So I have plans of giving it again in the first week of September . Can you give me a brief idea of how long it would take me to get done wtih my essays and reccommendation letters if I were to enroll for the program you offer . Do you’ll give me information about the schools to which I can apply as well ?? I already feel that I’m way behind on my schedule and need to get things done as soon as possible , and since I’ giving my GMAT in the month of september, would it be too late to enroll as the deadlines are mostly due in Oct. It would be great if you could guide me through as I’m having a lot of un answered questions .


  18. sir
    my name is atul .i want to know that in order to study abroad especially for mba .does toefl score is enough or should i have to go through gmat and gre exam.i am literally confused about which exam to please sir help me out .

  19. hey !
    i am new graduate in the pool of brimming confidence for masters. i wish to get totally funded for my ms. in management from a reputed university in paris.could let me know some scholarships and and the required gmat drill to score significantly high. Thanking you in anticipation.

  20. @Atul: You’ll need the GMAT score and a TOEFL / IELTS score, among other requirements. If you are confused about how the whole thing works, pick up a copy of Beyond the MBA Hype.

    @Juhi: For any management degree, we strongly recommend having some real world work experience. Folks who’ve worked with us for MBA applications (I know you are targetting MS programs, but a similar rationale applies) have a substantial amount of not just technical, but also managerial/leadership experience.

  21. Hi Sameer,
    I am following your blog from past 2 days and impressed with the way you explain the process. I thought of preparing for GMAT and came across your blog. Actually i want to pursue MBA (Marketing/Finance) from Canada. I have 1.3 years of experience in IT field as a Software engineer. Can you please guide me in this? I II will really appreciate you for providing me the right strategy for MBA program and any scholarship.
    Thanks in advance

  22. Sharma-ji, experience thoda kam hai aapka. Why not wait for a year or two and then apply? Your odds of getting in and (of course assuming you have other nice aspects to highlight), the chances of getting a scholarship will improve.

  23. Hi Sameer
    I came across this article while searching for MBA application strategies. I have done my engineering in computer science and have more than 2 years of work experience with CISCO as a software developer. I scored a 740 (97 percentile) for my GMAT and have 8.0 out of 10 GPA from my b-tech. I am looking at 2014 fall admission in a US school. I don’t have much extra-curricular activities to boast about , but I do have a couple performance awards from my company. Do I have a chance at getting a good scholarship in a decent school ? It would be very helpful if you could me some pointers to the “generous” universities . Thanks in Advance.

  24. @Deepthi: We have someone with exactly your profile (better extra curriculars though) working with us this season. We don’t know whether she’ll get scholarships or not, but she has already started getting calls from some solid universities. You should’ve started early, as the chances of getting scholarships are higher in earlier rounds.

    Choose the right schools (it’s impractical for anyone to tell you what schools to target based on the data you’ve shared) and put in some strong applications. And hope for the best.

    @Karthik: The concepts are similar, but the way they are tested is different. Don’t use CAT content to prepare for the GMAT.

    • sir I want scholarships for the MBA in us. so what is the procedure for get the scholarships. give me the particular exam list or any other suggestion. please sir its urgent.
      Actually i want to pursue MBA from states of usa. I have BCA A GRADUATION DEGREE . Can you please guide me in this? I II will really appreciate you for providing me the right strategy for MBA program and any scholarship.

  25. Hello Sameer,

    I have 2yrs of experirnce in IT industry . Do i have an option to study MBA in finance from CANADA or US.
    I have an avg. profile in und. grad. (66%)

  26. Hi Sameer,
    I’m currently pursuing B.Sc. Hons. Mathematics from Delhi University and will be graduating next year. I have 720 on GMAT and i do not want a break in my education. I am considering to go for MS in Management or Finance. Can you please suggest which country should i look for?
    Also, since my undergrad degree is of three year, can you please mention some schools in US and Canada that accept a 3 year undergrad degree?
    Also, how is New Zealand as an option for further studies?

  27. I have completed my graduation this june and i plan to study abroad next year but as far as i have known minimum 3 years of experience is required and a lot of money too can u please advise me on what should i do go for some work experience or appear in gmat my grad score is 69.4%.

  28. @Ashutosh Singh: Choosing the country is completely up to you, buddy. Just ensure you don’t jump in prematurely.

    @Ashutosh Bhardwaj: Choose the country you want to work in. US has the maximum universities to choose from. Can’t help you with MS selection, but on your query about Indian education, here’s a list of MBA programs that accept 15 years of education.

    @Khushagra: Very clear decision, bro. Go for the experience. GMAT can wait.

  29. Hi sameer,
    I have completed my degree in electronics & telecommunication. Worked in Accenture and TCS for 3.2 years as a SAP ERP developer. Currently working in income tax department Govt of India. Will try for admission in 2015. Not yet started prep of GMAT. Can I get scholarship if I do well in GMAT.

  30. Hi Sameer,

    I have 3 years work experience in IT and a 720 and a 750 in GMAT (that is my range).
    Is there a chance of admission into top overseas B-schools ?
    I have got a lot of recognition in my company, but I think I have never really tried hard, but now i am willing to.
    Considering the profiles of the students in top colleges (top 15), isn’t my profile weak ?
    Also, I will be writing CAT this year. What are the advantages/disadvantages of going into a top Indian B-school with 4 years work experience ?

    – Many thanks

  31. @Abhishek: Apart from the GMAT, you’d have to manage the other components equally well. Including the choice of schools, timing, application strategy. Lots to juggle before you can get the sweet news from Adcoms.

    @Sandeep: If you are targetting the top schools, then your approach and attitude needs to change…dramatically. You can’t kill your case before you’ve launched it. And be practical about the school choices.
    Technically, nothing stops you from attending an Indian program. But you will not be the regular student in that class. be ready for the challenges that come with being the odd one out.

  32. Hi Sameer,

    I completed my in 2013. But after that due to some health problems, I had to stay at home. Meanwhile I gave GMAT. Following are the details.
    Class X: 90.2% (CBSE)
    Class XII: 87.4% (CBSE)
    B.Tech: 63.3% (Electronics)
    GMAT Score: 710

    What are the chances of getting into a good b-school? Please guide.

  33. Hi Sameer,

    My name is Sundar and I work as a Manager (Automation Presales) in Tata Consultancy Services in Chennai. I completed my PGDM (Marketing) from ITM Business School with a Silver Medal and a class topper. I somehow feel that the MBA has not taken me to the elevation that I wanted to. Back home, I still find myself competing against non-MBA’s, most of the time doing some operational activity.

    I just wanted to know from you, if I can do an MBA in US again. What are the chances of getting into one, given that I already have a PGDM (Equivalent to MBA) degree? Will it be detrimental in getting into an MBA program? I am going to be risking my job as well as move my family to the US if I get admitted. Not sure if this is a prudent decision. What are the long term prospects of getting a job after an MBA in the USA?

    I have furnished my details below for your reference.

    B.E – 68.5% – First Class – 2004
    Worked in Ramco Systems, IBM
    PGDM – 3.91/4 – Class Topper – Silver Medal – 2010
    Worked in Aspire Systems and working in TCS till date

    Would appreciate your reply.

    Sundar M

  34. @Sameep: Did you just take my name and shuffle the letters to create a psuedonym? Hope your health is better now. Take up a job and get some experience. The illness can be justified, but not the fact that you want an MBA with zero experience.

    @Sundar: This might help -> USA business schools accepting second MBA applicants from India. Job hunting won’t be easy though. The US economy and general sentiment towards international employees isn’t exaclty warm and friendly right now. So the risk remains.

  35. i am Pradeep Tripathy..i have completed my btech(mechanical) this year ..and i have two jobs in hand…one is local forging company related to production (mechanical) and the other is logistics supply chane management (warehousing , marketting) .. which of these would make a betr job profile to show as experiance after 2 years for mba abroad

  36. Hi,
    My son has scored 730 in GMAT and is applying to various colleges for his MBA. I want to know whether Canada is a good choice for MBA, if yes can you please let us know the college where to apply, the expected cost and chances of scholarships if any.

  37. Hello Sameer sir
    i have a score of 680 in GMAT and my GPA is 3.4 . I have just completed my graduation,
    i belong to a middle class family , so kindly please tell me sir in which b schools my chance of acceptance are good and getting scholarship. I wish to get in BYU Marriott School.

  38. Hello Sameer!!
    The knowledge you shared is quiet helpful for me. I have done MBA in Finance and HR from DAVV and got my result declared in feb 2014. Somehow, I realized that i am not getting enough opportunities with it. Will it be a good choice to do MBA again from recognized university from abroad, another option for me CFA from London business school. I wanted to go for abroad jobs. My core area is finance. I really need to decide on everything scholarships, GMAT to name a few.

  39. @Pradeep: Don’t make choices to impress other people. Choose the one that you’ll enjoy, as this choice will decide the direction that your career takes.

    @Diggy: Check out the webites of Rotman, Ivey, Schulich. These are good MBA programs in Canada.

    @Shivam: If you’ve just completed your graduation, you shouldn’t be thinking of an MBA abroad at this stage. Focus on building your profile.

    @Rashmi: Another MBA will help only after you have spent
    3-4 years in the industry. Jumping into a second MBA immediately after completing the first one is not a good idea.

    NOTE: Please post your queries on our MBA forum.

  40. Sameer sir, you did not elaborate on getting full scholarship in top b-schools.I am low in my academics but want to study abroad. Please guide as how can get a full scholarship in top b-schools.

  41. Hi sameer
    very nice piece of information you have provided with this site.
    I am an average student with following details
    Bsc 50 % second class from Pune university followed by mcm 59 higher second class
    I have been working as marketing executive for last two years .I m planning to do MBA
    If I score GMAT VERY WELL what are the chances of getting good B school and scholarship
    in.US or UK .your advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  42. sameer bro i want to study in uk but i dont know how to search good university and collages and also dont know about full process about this can you please help me. And bro i can’t afford financialy so how can i manage this please help me in this case.

  43. I want to do a mba from UK.and Australia. I have done my graduation this plz tell me eligibility criteria and scholarships And how much I scored in gmat that I gat a scholarship.


  44. Sameer,

    Nice article. Have a query.
    Though am too late to apply for Round 1 for B-schools, what are the chances that I can get scholarship if I apply in round 2. I have heard that applying earlier for scholarship does help. Planning on giving my GMAT in November.
    My Profile : 10+ yrs of experience, IT professional, Playing a role of Project Manager, Have done some community work , Have a 5 years old kid 🙂


  45. Hi Sameer,

    I completed my btech in Electronics & Communication in 2010 and have been working as a Senior Telecom
    Engineer in Ericsson,India. I now have four years of experience and planning to go for GMAT.
    I have following queries:
    1. Is four years of experience considered good or bad for MBA from US/CANADA?
    2.If I want to get into institute in 2015(fall) , what would be the prospective time to apply?

  46. Sir

    I am doing bcom in madurai kamraj university in distance will I get a admission and scolarship in top b school in uk for mba if I have a good gmat score

  47. how is scholorship given in mba colleges (abroad) … if scholorship is given … do they take it back if we don’t perform well in some tests ,after joing the university ?

  48. Hello,
    I’m planning for mba overseas.
    But I completed my only with 50%.(i know iys very low)
    At present i am pursuing chartered accountancy And i have a work ex of 2 years.
    Do i need to go for further study in india to become eligible
    For the programme??
    And am i eligible for some financial aid or scholarship.
    I’m quite confused.

  49. Hi sir ,
    My son has done his GMAT his score is 650 and has done tofel with 104. He has 30 months of work experience .he has started applying for colleges in the US .but I am not financially sound being a single parent
    Is there anyway my son can get financial aid or scholarship . He has done his engineering in electronics & instrumentation he got a scholarship in the first year his GPA is good has passed out in first class

  50. hello sir iam doing my eee 4-1 right now iam not having no intrest in my core subect i want to do my mba in abroad can u please suggest me wchich group will be better and also high demanding group in international market , so can i get scholarship and is gmat compulsary?

  51. Hey

    I got a very low GMAT score of 480 as I had to study while working and couldnt really take out time and do justice for the preparation. Recently got an admit from University of Tampa for MBA in International Business. However I am reconsidering actually going through with the course as I have some financial constraints and the university doesnt offer any waivers or scholarships. I have a B com (Hons) degree, a PGDBM (Distance) and 6 years of Deloitte Consulting experience. Please advise.

  52. hello sir,
    I have completed my graduation in biotechnology this year and I’m planing for mba. is it a good idea? and also, while preparing for CAT can I simultaneously study for GMAT.? it can go well hand in hand?

  53. Hi Mr.Sameer,

    i m really amazed the way you clarify doubt for people who are sincerely seeking for opportunities…and my question is…

    I have completed my B.E and M.E..withing four months i will complete my PhD in the same field what i studied in my UG & PG. I want to start my own company related to what i studied. i want to learn entrepreneurship and management principles from very reputed institution in US So that it would be much helpful for me later. kindly help me to know about the courses in top B-schools in US. other than full time MBA, any diploma courses are there? and what to do..what are the exams i should come across…from where i should start…? is there any age limit? because i m 27 year female..please give me suggestions…


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