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MBA Scholarships for Indian students

It’s not just Indian students applying to GMAT based programs who want MBA scholarships. Everyone wants it and there’s isn’t too much of it in free supply. Think about a free ride at the top bschool. Aah! The sweet smell of free cash.

Here’s a core dump of what we could find out in the public domain about GMAT / MBA scholarships for students from India. All the regular caveats apply. The data on some of these sites might be outdated. Many of them are vaguely worded and the eligibility criteria could differ, so it may take a while for you to really judge if it’s applicable for the course you are targeting. But it’s a good starting point nevertheless.

GMAT MBA Scholarships for Indian Students

British Council

Administered by the British Council

Commonwealth scholarships:

Quite a few of these get handed out every year.

Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships

Vyomworld has got a bunch of sources for you:

Top MBA lists down school specific and general MBA scholarships

J.N.Tata Scholarship

KC Mahindra Scholarship

Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship

Prodigy Finance Scholarship

If you are planning to work in the financial services sector then check this out

Keep an eye on this sarkari page as it has the occasional announcements related to scholarships

The process for these scholarships starts very early. So the early birds will have an advantage here.

If you are aware of any other scholarships and you don’t mind sharing that with the rest of your competition, let us know and we’ll update the list.

Alternative approach for GMAT MBA Scholarships for Indian Students

The GMAT scholarships listed on these pages are extremely tough to get, because the demand is too high. So what do you do if you don’t get one of them?

Fortunately there’s another way to get MBA scholarships for Indian students. It’s a strategy most of our clients use quite effectively.

Check out the MBA Crystal Ball reviews & testimonials page. You’ll find several Indian students who have got generous MBA scholarships from some of the best GMAT score accepting business schools in USA, UK, Canada and Europe.

Some of these GMAT MBA scholarships are in the range of $30,000 – $40,000 (15-20 lakh rupees). Then there are also the 100% full-tuition scholarships with stipend.

How Indian students can get MBA Scholarships from GMAT bschools

Here’s the secret 3-step recipe.

Step 1: Forget the quick and simple ‘free MBA profile evaluations’ that are offered on MBA forums. Get a thorough MBA profile evaluation that goes beyond the obvious aspects such as GMAT scores and number of years of work experience.

Step 2: Select the right business school that matches your profile and career aspirations. Spread the risk across Ambitious, Stretch, Practical and Safe bschools.

Step 3: Submit an MBA application that is strong in most (if not all) departments – MBA essays, recommendations, interviews.
At MBA Crystal Ball, we manage Steps 1 & 2 (i.e. the Application ‘Strategy’ part) as part of the MBA Mock Application Process (MBA MAP) and Step 3 (i.e. the ‘Execution’ part) with our MBA Application Services.

Of course, there are no guarantees. Not every would get MBA scholarships, or even an admit into the school of their choice. A whole lot depends on the profile that we get and there are several factors that we can’t influence – your background, industry, role, GMAT score, nationality, gender.

So we try to the best we can with whatever is under control – a solid storyline that connects the MBA applicant’s pre-MBA accomplishments, post-MBA career plans and the why MBA rationale.

From the reviews we’ve got so far (which is directly linked to the admits and scholarships our clients have got), seems like we are on the right track.

Definitely check out the various external website links listed in this post. But in parallel, don’t forget the other more direct route to getting MBA scholarships for Indian students – a well-planned MBA admissions strategy coupled with a rock solid application.

If you need help, contact MBA Crystal Ball. Drop us an email early on in the process: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com
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MBA Scholarships Abroad

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21 thoughts on “MBA Scholarships for Indian students”

  1. Hi Suhail ,

    I have been following profiles of Reliance Stanford scholarships recipients. Do only IIT undergraduate get such scholarships ?

    I have B.E Computers from affiliated College from not so great university in India. Though I managed to get 75% but have 60 in 12th.

    Am I eligible to apply or dream for such scholarship or not ?

  2. Sameer ,

    Sorry for the identity crisis

    Suhail is one such scholarship recipient. He was too spread in thoughts that I forgot to write the right name , the man behind Mbacrytalball Sameer Kamat. I still have same question which I posted in the name of Suhail. I feel so offended and understand why cracking IIT JEE is religion.

  3. Hi Sameer ,,,

    Could you please take a look at concerns I posted here ?

    Would I get an intimation of my mail id whenever you will reply ? I am accessing site everyday as I do not want to miss it.

  4. Rahul,

    You don’t need to have an IIT degree to be competitive for the Reliance Stanford scholarship. However, you do need to have a solid track of impressive accomplishments.

    We’ve been approached by folks (2 so far, both non-IIT) who won the full ride at Stanford, but were unable to clear the super-tough MBA applications part.

    No point in winning a scholarship when you can’t get into the school, right?

    My advice. Don’t just chase the money. Focus on the school where you think you have the best odds of getting in. If Adcoms think you are good, they’ll try to attract you to join by giving incentives.

  5. i am a 3rd year student in civil engg. i want to know that if i want to do mba from the best colleges abroad & with a scholarship,, what steps have to do,, please reply

  6. I have completed my engineering in computer science this year and have started working for a Software company. what is the ideal time frame (starting from now) after which i should pursue MBA and accordingly give GMAT? because i have read that the B-schools prefer if your GMAT score is no more than 2 years old?
    appreciate your help.

  7. Hi sameer ji
    Today my GMAT score is 660/700 (80%). In B.Tech. The score is about 78.5%. My score in inter (10+2) is 92%. At my 10th standard the percentage is 89. I am working hard to improve the score in GMAT score remains 80%. Would you pl guide in whether in can get admission in MBA in USA universities followed by
    Financial support/scholarship to reach my goal. Further I am working as associate lead in a US based MNC
    With 7 years experience. Pl guide me how to proceed.

  8. Hi i am tarun samanta,studying from brainware group of institutioms in mechanical .i have a interest to study in mba after finishing my i don”t know that what type of programme i can select & also about scholarship. So kindly inform me about this.

  9. @Aditya: Wondering if you read the blog post above.

    @Aditya: Take the GMAT 1 year before you plan to apply. That way you have enough time to re-take it if you don’t hit the target score that you were targetting.

    @Krishna: A higher score would make it easier to get scholarships. If you can’t go beyond the current levels, you’d have to be more flexible with your bschool choice.

    @Tarun: You can target Indian MBA programs. Too early for overseas education i.e. GMAT MBA degree.

  10. Hi Sameer,

    I’m a having an experience of 5 years. My education: MCA(78%), BSC(63%), 12(68%), 10(69%). Though i was a college topper but did not have good marks in 10,12 and Bsc. Would be nice if you can suggest for my hope to get scholarship for top business school if i manage to get good GMAT score.


  11. Hi Sameer

    I have been offered a place at Oxford MBA without a scholarship. I had hoped to raise funds through Prodigy and even that too has been denied. I am in the rather uncomfortable position of having a chance to join a top class institute but having no funds to do so. What scholarship you suggest I aim for?

  12. Hi sameer,
    l am Deepika persueing engineering from EEE branch want to do MBA from d best universities abroad how much I have to scscoring GMAT to get d max scholarship….

  13. Hello Samir, I am Perusing my pre-final year in EXTC branch. I have following questions
    1- what is the average score needed for getting into uk ‘s any university..?
    2- what is the minimum aggregate required for eligibility for GMAT..?
    3- I don’t any have professional background. In what way would affect me?
    4- considering one year mba programme in UK; what is the average expenditure including college fees..?
    Thanks a million for your support….

  14. Hi Sameer

    Can you give an idea on how much easy it is to get a bank Loan if I want to do an MBA from India . As i am planning to do one year MBA from the Great Lakes Institute which requires min. of 2 years of work ex which suitably fits in my case.

    As finance is one of the top hurdle which i am facing at the moment.

    Please help.

  15. Hi Sameer,

    I am a finance Graduate from Calcutta University with 66% in 2010. I have an overall work experience of 4.5 years in companies like Genpact, Tata Consultancy Services and am currently working with British Telecom. I want to do my MBA from any of the top ten management schools in the world. Please advise me how to prepare for GMAT and get good score and scholarship as well.

  16. Hey,
    I have question that the precentage of 10 or +2 or graduation or maybe post gradution does it really matter even if we get highest score in GMAT ?

  17. @Shubham: We wrote a few articles that may interest you: On the GMAT score requirements:
    On MBA costs in UK:

    @Rohit: Many good MBA colleges like ISB have tie-ups with partner banks. Not sure about Great Lakes.

    @Amit: We have shared many GMAT preparation resources and material here:

    @Aksh: The grades of your last degree (graduation and post-graduation) do matter. 10th and 12th standard marks don’t matter.

  18. I am in twelth class want to know about MBA job aspects and want to study with a scholarship. Plz reply me .How to apply and the name of scholarships to persue MBA.
    I am a general category student.


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