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MBA in Germany for Indian student: ESMT

Germany is not considered to be the hottest destination when it comes to MBA programs. American programs dominate the MBA rankings game. Then there are several Canadian, Asian, Indian and European (mainly Spanish and French) MBA courses that rank high. But ask applicants about German MBA programs, and you are most likely to get a blank look.

Here’s the story of Shubham Jain, who took a different approach to selecting his business school. He threw MBA rankings out of the window and used a different set of parameters to discover, what he believes, is the best bschool for his aspirations.

ESMT MBA in Germany for Indian student

by Shubham Jain

ESMT MBA in GermanyMr X in his late twenties is a nice guy, who is ambitious. All grown up, he likes to party. Upon knowing that there is a big bash soon coming to the city, he is all gearing up for it. One of the condition to gain entry to the party is to look smart to the security guy at the entry door. Mr X intelligently thinks of buying branded clothes that will make him look smart. Initially he thinks of borrowing money from a friend to shop for branded clothes (right from underwear to tuxedo suit). His plan is to hook-up with a rich girl ( no offence to female readers) at the party who will help him to pay off the money and then live happily ever after. Some wise guy advise Mr X “hey!, are you nuts shopping for costly branded stuff, when you can find stuff that can make you look smart at Bombay fashion street ( I hope it still exists). All you need is to be good judge of quality”. Mr X starts to introspect and decides to shop from the fashion street.

Yes you may be wondering why this mindless story is on this post. But this story is quite common to all of MBA applicants. How? read further

I am Mr X, and I could very well be described by the world famous acronym IIM ( Indian IT Male), who aspired for MBA. Now let me demystify the story. The party is nothing but the place where Mr X want to be i.e Top firms or organizations. The security guy at the door is the HR/head/big shot of that firm. The friend who lends money is bank/co-signer/family member. The girl at the party is the role Mr X is aspiring for in that firm. The attire that makes Mr X smart is the MBA, and Branded clothes in a way are very similar to top ranked MBA programs

Still not getting the story? Read further

I gave my GMAT in the year 2010 and scored 720, and with this score I thought to have booked my ticket to a ‘top ranked’ MBA program, until I stumbled upon the admission process. I was ignorant of the fact that one has to look deep down inside, do a thorough introspection and then present the facts to the admission committee in the essays. Doing this is a mix of art and science, and I surely did not have this craft when I started on my applications.

When I realized that I would need help on my applications, I searched through websites/blogs and found MB Crystal Ball. After completing the MBA MAP exercise, Sameer gave me a detailed analysis on my chances to the top ranked business schools. He introduced me to his friend MG, who would help me on 3 business schools. I started with Ivey and got dinged after the interview, which I say was fair given my lack of interviewing skills. But the ding left me with a bruised ego, and the frustration was palpable, not particularly because of not making it to Ivey but because of failure.

Still dreaming to be at the party and find his dream girl, I applied half-heartedly to Manchester, mainly because it appeared a safe bet. The result was obvious, this time I did not even manage an interview call. I am sure MG can give a testimony of how many times I changed my choice of business schools, making an impression that I am a confused soul. But I knew that I was not able to connect to the ranked business schools, with reason varying from – return on Investment, duration, location and fit – not how I fit in the business school, but how the school fit in my expectations.

It was at this point I started getting disillusioned from the business school rankings. Though b- school ranking varies and remain disputed, they are the most widely used parameter by students to select their dream business school. Generally Only after going through these rankings, students then start to look at other parameters – fit, ROI, location, expectations from MBA. I was no different when I started as an MBA applicant but with time I began to find fault in this approach. I was looking for a 1 yr program and wondered how could be that only few well published names could give me what I want from the program.

I changed the game for myself to become unconventional and reordered the parameters, striking out the rankings from my preference. I started searching for a program that was small in class size, that was diverse in terms of students profile and nationality, and that was research oriented. As I have worked for almost six years in IBM, I did not want to let go my stronghold – Technology, rather I looked to connect it with Management. I felt that to start looking for Industry change just because I was working in a mundane job in the outsourcing model of the IT Industry is preposterous. I explored resources available within my company and on websites to come up with my short term and long term goals.

Trust me there could be a lot of opportunities within the Industry that one may find exciting – you just need to explore. As I come from an education system that has taught me to respect, values and learn from knowledgeable teachers, I wanted to be guided by an inspiring faculty of the business school. Ultimately as the aim of any business degree is prepare one to help business, my eye was on the industry relationship business school shares with the corporations. Last but not the least, I also factored return on investment, just in case I have to return to India after the program. No wise person will suggest you to dig deep holes in your pocket to pursue a MBA

To my excitement I found the right MBA in Germany for me – the European school of Management and Technology (ESMT), a business school founded by the business. As I went through the school website I immediately was able to connect myself with the program – where Technology meets management. The 2012 intake was made up of 41 participants from 24 nationalities, with profile as diverse as one may find in any top ranked program. The Faculty is research oriented, with professors from Harvard, INSEAD, Wharton, Stanford – you just name it and you get it. The faculty is also as diverse as program participants – 32 faculty members come from 19 different countries. These numbers are not only comparable with a top ranked programs across the world, but can be even better.

Another aspect of ESMT that excited me was to know about the founders – 25 leading German companies and associations, that includes names such as McKinsey, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), SAP – the list is too long to include all here. This ensured that I would be meeting with C- level executives of these firms during the program. I then searched through web to know about Indian Alums who went through this program, and I saw strong profiles with GMAT score above 720. Without wasting my time I applied wholeheartedly to this unique (and I think the best) MBA in Germany within the first deadline.

As I felt excited about this program, I was able to come up with quality essays ( of course thanks to MG from MBA Crystal Ball) and I knew that at least I will be called for an interview. To avoid the tragedy I had with Ivey, this time I wanted to be sure about my interviewing skills. My lack of interviewing skills were due to the fact that I stayed in IBM for my entire career, even though I changed my projects frequently, I had no experience of getting interviewed outside IBM. And the funny thing about MBA interviews is that there can be difference in what you think and what you say.

I very well remember when Sameer bhai told me during our first interaction that I will have to prepare for interviews just as I had prepared for GMAT – practice, practice and practice. Financially constrained, I did not take services from costly admission consultants, but went to someone who offered me quantity. Interview is more about you rather than the person who is interviewing you, so it does not matter much who is taking your interview, what matter is what you say and how you tackle the interview. A number of mocks built up my confidence.

The day arrived when I had to meet with the Admission Director – Nick Barniville – on Skype. The day was Friday the 13th – enough to scare me out, because of the cult that surrounds this date. I was all nervous in the last 30 minutes before the start of my interview. But once my conversation started with Nick, I was able to take everything else out of my mind. I had a very relaxed conversation with Nick, and he was happy to know more about me and my reasons for choosing ESMT. I was positive about my interview, but had to wait for a week to get a confirmation from the Admission Committee.

The wait was sweet as I got a total waiver of 20,000 Euros from my tuition fees of 38,000 Euros. Berlin is not a costly city, as compared to European standards, and the yearly expenses can be around 12,000 Euros. The total cost of my MBA does not exceed or may be just marginally exceeds the cost of MBA from IIMs or ISB. Getting a quality MBA from Europe with Indian price cannot be termed as a bad deal from any aspect.

I wanted a MBA program that brings both tangible and intangible benefits, to me as a person. The ESMT MBA in Germany not only offers me business skills, it goes a step further by giving me a chance to test my adaptability and endurance – I get a chance to be with a German host for two months and have direct contact with the German language and culture.

Doing a MBA is a very personal choice and I will advise others not to get carried by what others do. It took me a year and a half, a series of failures and the right mentors (Sameer & MG) to understand what I want from the program. One thing that kept me going was that I never gave up in my quest to find the right MBA program that truly excites me. I have heard from a very famous personality, cannot recollect his name right now but he said, and I quote – “Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get but if you work really hard and you are kind then amazing things will happen”.

To end this story, I would like to quote another line from a famous Nirma ad of the 80’s – “Bhai Sahab, agar itni saari safedi kaam damo may mile toh koi yeh kyun le, woh na le

My name is Shubham Jain, and this is my story. What will be yours?

To be honest, the MBA Crystal Ball team had no clue about the European school of Management and Technology (ESMT) MBA in Germany before Shubham mentioned about it as one of the schools he’d like to work with us on. Like most MBA applicants, we’ve been focussing on the top ranked MBA programs in our MBA MAP offering. More than anything else, it had to do with the abundant information that is readily available in the public domain for background research.

However, we do realise that there may be many excellent programs around the world that’ll give you what ranked programs might not. The tough part is finding them. We are happy that we were able to help Shubham get into a good German MBA program and get a substantial MBA scholarship.

So if you have been considering non-ranked programs and want to bounce off ideas with Shubham about the selection and background research process, or how important learning German language skills might be for such programs, feel free to share your question as a comment below.

Alternatively, if you’ve done your analysis and need some no-nonsense help with your applications, drop us a note on info at mbacrystalball dot com

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42 thoughts on “MBA in Germany for Indian student: ESMT”

  1. Tough character…. strong mind! A good story that should inspire. Hopefully more like Shubham will see the value of small & independent MBA programs like those offered by ESMT.

  2. hey shubham ,
    my name is shivam ( as mentioned above ) , actually i m a college goer , i am pursuing my from delhi university regular & this is my 2nd year starting and i m very much confused about what will i do in future , i want to do mba from top b-schools n i m very much confused about the exams of cat & interview shits and i don’t know whether i would be able to make my life lavish n i have a dream to work in an organization in abroad while getting heavy bucks ,, so plz help me what should i do after bcom(hons) , should i go for cat,gmat,esmt or what else ?

    n also tell me what are u doing these days ? whats ur salry ? whats ur designation ? in which comany ?
    plz help as soon as possible

  3. Hi Shivam,

    First of all you need to catch your breath and go easy on yourself. You have just about to start your professional career and have a long way to go.
    I don’t this is the right forum where I would be able to answer all your questions.
    First let me tell you about myself – I completed mechanical engineering before joining a MNC. After working 6 years in the IT Industry, I gave GMAT and applied to couple of b-schools both in India and Abroad. I got a call from ESMT and decided to join it.
    The course will commence from late October 2012. So ESMT is a business school that asks for a GMAT score, ESMT is not an exam itself.
    I am not sure if I am disappointing you but I am jobless these days, and without any designation and salary. For starters, the basic difference between CAT and GMAT is, through CAT you could join a business school in India without any work experience, GMAT will be helpful to get admission abroad only when you have some work experience. So you will have to take a call about CAT or GMAT.

  4. Hi Kiran,

    As of now I am yet to join the school. My knowledge is limited to what I have come to know from others. The fact is that German economy needs human capital for a sustainable development, meaning that there is scope for immigrants. Speciallly in the area of IT and engineering there are openings. I have come to know that there have been students who were able to land a job in Germany, but also there are others who have not been able to. So I would say chances are high but there are lot of variables that should be in your favour, but not entirely in your control.

  5. Hi Shubham,

    I have been very keen in finding an MBA program in Germany. More so because i spent about two years in Germany, onsite from one of my jobs and i have been in awe of the country ever since, inspite of visiting about 10 more countries nearby. I have a profile that goes like:
    -7 years IT work ex
    -2 years onsite exp

    I wish to pursue my MBA from Germany, land myself up in a job and plan to live live there as i feel comfortable with the people, the language and the general rules there. I seek your advice regarding this.

  6. Hi Bappa,
    As far as Germany is concerned, there is a little doubt that it is a great country to live. You look to have a good enough profile for MBA. MBA as a degree, has gained prominence in Germany only in the last ten years. You would not find German b- schools placed high in any ranking list. But there are some good b- schools which can get you want you are looking for. Here are few that you can look at
    -University of Mannheim
    -University of Leipzig (HHL)
    -WHU in Koblenz-Vallendar
    -Hochschule Reutlingen University

    Best of luck!

  7. Hi subham

    I have been complete my graduation with 50% approx from aligarh muslim university .
    And i want to do mba from germany .so plz tell me about the prosedure about that.

  8. Hi Shubham,

    I shortlisted some colleges in europe to apply. ESMT is the first in my list. The reasons, as you have already mentioned above, small class-size, diversity, faculties from top b-school, and most importantly short course and affordable fees.

    My profile is 5 yrs in TCS incl 2 yrs Onsite in UK.
    I would like to know is there any chance for IIM (Indian IT male) like us to get into ESMT with score of just above 600. Or Does it like other b-schools, ESMT also expect 700+ from IIM?

    Al the best for you study at ESMT.

  9. Hi Shubham,
    I have also been admitted to the ESMT class of 2013. I got my offer of admission last week. I would like to get in touch with you as we would be in the same class. can you send me your email id?

  10. Hi Alekh,
    To make it to a decent business school in Europe you would need to add atleast 3 years of work experience. MBA in Europe OR Germany is of 1 year, so it is vital to have some work experience. Then, you will have to take IELTS/TOEFL or GMAT, or both depending on the requirement of the business school. If you are just a pass out from the Aligarh University then first look to add some work experience, and along side plan and prepare to take up these exams.

  11. Hi Roshan,
    With time you would realize just as I did that GMAT is one of the parameter, and not the only parameter on which a business school judges a prospective student. I would suggest that try to do your best with GMAT exam, and atleast score above the business school average. Once you give the GMAT and are ready to apply, concentrate on the <essays. They play important part in selection. So do not have sleepless nights thinking about how to get high GMAT score, rather spend time on learning more about the school and essays.

  12. Hey Shubham,
    Yours is an inspiring story. Even i am looking forward to study in Europe and i’d prefer Germany. But I want to know about the job scenario over there. What is the likelihood of getting a good job in Germany after completing the MBA.
    I am currently working in manufacturing industry (2.5 yrs of work-ex) and i recently took GMAT and scored 680. I’d take GMAT score again to improve my chances of admittance. Kindly suggest me the way ahead. I do need a job after MBA and i’d love to work in manufacturing/auto sector..

  13. Hello bro,
    Good job!

    I am in a similar state as you were in: Confused.
    I have a 740 GMAT, with a GPA of 9.04 and work ex, 2 years @ SAP Labs, India.
    Thinking what to do.
    Where are you currently placed?
    I am considering applying to schools in Germany, but need to know before doing so.

  14. hw good is Germany for doing Mba ??? is it really worth to give it a shot ???…… Hw abt the packages and jobs offered ????

  15. Hi Shubham/ Sameer

    I am also interested in the ESMT MBA. I wanted to know about jobs and placements since Shubham must have joined by now ? Does anybody has his email address.. Sameer would you be able to share that?

    I am an Indian, Female, 25, 660 on GMAT with 5 years of work-ex ( PwC, Nestle) , Chartered Accountant.

  16. Hi!
    I’m planning to apply to this BSchool but i have a concern: does the ESMT have a very competitive environment? I’m not afraid of it but I’d rather to have a more collegiate approach to study, I feel that is more applicable for me.
    I hope you can help me
    ps: i hope you will see this post soon or later 🙂

  17. Hello Sameer ,

    I have read quiet a few articles and feedbacks from people about MBA Crystal Ball, and I really want to know more about your consultancy services.

    I gave GMAT yesterday on 23rd Sept, with less than 2 months of preparation , and I scored a dismal 600 , AWA and IR scores are still awaited. Can you let me know if I can get any decent college in India with this score ?

    I have almost 5 years of exp in IT and have worked in 2 big MNCs so far – TCS and BNP Paribas.

    Thanks !

  18. Hi Sameer/Shubham,

    can I please get some inputs on how does ESMT interviewers evaluate. What will be there question to a person from It background.

    Thank you.

  19. Hello Subham,

    Firstly, i have to thank you for your fair share of opinion and information you have been posting. I am already glad that i stumbled upon this blog.

    I am a 27 year old IT Professional working with a reputed Houston based MNC as a Senior Consultant with a total work experience of 6 years. I have completed my B.E in Computer Science in 2007 from Mumbai University and i have also bagged Executive Post Graduation Diploma in Business and Management (EPGDBM) from Symbiosis Institute of Business and Management (SIBM) last year. It was a two years course along with my day job.

    Although I have got my ducks in a row, i am not able to make my way to European Network to secure a Job which will help me to relocate. I dont want to waste any penny on those job consultants and neither want to wait more. I am planning to persure another MBA, full time this time in Germany, just to get a work permit after the course and live with my girlfriend who basically is from Europe. I have recently got myself certified for German Language level B1 from Goethe Institute which is a requirement fir getting a PR in Germany.

    So, would you care to share some light on my way? If you can let me know if my decision for second MBA sounds absurd or if there is any other way to go about it, i would really appreciate that.

    Hope i will get to hear from you soon.


  20. These are some Golden Words for future German MBA aspirants – Do not come to Germany for an MBA.

    I have lived here for the last three years and seen the environment inside out. So I will lay out what a typical Indian, Chinese or heck even other non-German speaking aspirants face here.

    1. Germany or France or Italy or Spain are not ‘immigrant friendly countries’. If you have never set foot outside your native country, then I assure you that the initial few months will be extremely nice and you will feel thankful about landing up into this beautiful country with many promises but as you live here you will realize that the opportunities for you are not only limited but non-existent. This is not the USA where people look upon immigrants as something desirable and there is no differentiation of whether you are highly educated or an asylum seeker. So when you start sending out your resume you will notice that you dont get called for interviews.

    2. The German language: Yes its THE thing to be fluent in. If you are not, you can kiss your chances of a post-MBA job bye bye. Seriously the MBA school interviewer will not tell you this. All the so called ‘International’ companies majorly work in German internally and before they even consider to hire you they will hire the Germans first. You will be the last of the last pick if at all. Just check the linkedin profiles of candidates from Mannheim Business School or WHU, half of them are still searching for jobs, 2 out of 10 are placed somewhere nearly decent. Thats about it.

    3. Now if you consider yourself as a hopeless romantic and a go-getter ready to have the European experience, please go ahead and enjoy your one year here. But as time goes by, the sullen faces, the lack of service and courtesy in public places and restaurants and never ending trips to the dreaded Bureucracy will suck the life out of you in three years. Then what?

    Here are some tips:
    1. If you can go to an English speaking country like the USA, UK, Australia or Singapore, just go there! Only come to Europe if you are really that desperate to escape your own wretched country.
    2. Come to Europe for a holiday, not for making your life here. If someone says ‘eh, Europe is not for everyone’, just tell that person to take it up his ass because well, It is not for anyone.

    Why do you think German MBAs are so cheap and give ‘discounts’ to early bird applications? Because NOBODY in their right minds apply here.

  21. @TheGermanDesi : It’s important for readers to get both sides of the story, so they can make an educated call. So, thanks for your perspectives.

    We’re trying to see if Shubham can share about his experiences after this post was published.

  22. I generally do not check my gmail and have done that once or twice a year, but was little shocked to read the comment by TheGermanDesi. I do not subscribe to the views completely and they seem more out of frustration than prudence. One needs to have a balanced view rather than taking an extremist position. I will avoid writing a long rhetorical reply but just would say this

    1. One should not paint everyone with the same brush, had this been the case Indians as well as the other Asians student would not have been flocking the European countries.

    2. To integrate into the society and communicate with others, local language is important. Level of skill required depends on role, and industry. If the role requires you to speak with local clients then of course language will be a requirement. Not knowing local language would certainly limit down the scope and possibilities, but some companies would be happy to see that you intent to learn the language. Not everyone is completely foolish to ask for Fluent language skills in one year or so, but yes getting started is a good step. Just that we are not proud of our language and feel “elite” speaking English, does not mean that every other country would be that way. I do not see why one needs to blame them for love of their language.

    3. Well, Bureaucracy sucks everywhere; I think everyone will agree to that. But no one ask for a bribe here. Coming specifically to Germany, it is not a service oriented country, and even other Europeans complain.

    One coming here should be willing change, adapt, and be flexible. I think many of us would say this in interview that these are our strength.

    Coming to Jobs, I think one should know that outside India, where campus placement rules, and specifically in Europe, there is no concept on campus placement. I completed my MBA in December, Job activity picks up in mid- Jan after holidays. And it can take time (3 Months) to find a job. I am having interviews and my friends with non IT background have got into Accenture, Amazon, Hilti etc. I do not know where I will end up, and maybe I will not be successful. But still I would not have such a pessimistic view because every person is different and has different expectations in life. Also, blaming others for failures would neither lead to any bliss nor would help someone to reach his goal.

    Hope it helps, and address some of concerns, as this discussion can stretch on without an end.

    Guys, My post should not be seen as an endorsement or disapproval. Selecting and doing MBA should be a personal decision, reflecting both subjective and objective reasoning. Making informed decision is always better than taking a formula based approach.

    In the end – If given a chance to take a decision one more time, I would again choose ESMT. Period

  23. Hi Shubham,

    I would like to know a little more the GMAT score for mba colleges in Germany. I am looking for alternatives and would really appreciate if you could give me some additional info.
    Hope your still available on this forum.


  24. Hey shuvam,
    i went through our article and found it very inspiring.
    I am a Btech student in Computer Science and am currently working as a Software developer in an IT company. Honestly, I hate programming and love management oriented fields.
    I would like to be guided by you, regarding everything related to GMAT, or any other test or procedure that helps me get into a great b-school.

    Hoping to hear from you soon

  25. i am a mba aspirant. currently i am enrolled in iitb.i want to pursue mba from UK,Germany or Switzerland.are there any institutes in these countries that do not require work experience?

  26. Hi I’m wasim from Bangalore I have the German language proficiency until A2 level .ielts score overall 6.5 and 2 years of experience in a logistic business . Im planning forward to pursue mba in international business in iubh bad honnef university so is it a good move to start ?

  27. Hello Shubham,
    This is Shahrukh here ..currenty m pursuing b.m.s i.e bachelor in managmnt studies(last year) nd is willing 2 apply for GMAT exam..but as i read d above info it’s said dat it needs job it true??how will it go for me??do I too hav 2 gain job experience??i heard some where dat if i dnt hav job experience there are no chances for studyng abroad but top B-schools in India as they require only GMAT scores it ??till how many years d GMAT score is valid??

  28. Hi Shubham,

    First of all congrats for ur successful MBA story. Your story was inspiring enough to give me a drive to choose Germany for an exec.MBA after 9 yrs of work exp. As I scrolled down this post I came across the comment of TheGermanDesi and of course the reply of yours too.
    I was wondering this may be an apt time for you to kindly complete your story. That maybe a great plus for guys like me who are still aspiring.
    Further I am completely agreed with your views on German language, culture and industry practice. As it goes, “When in Rome do as Romans do”, one should be equipped with German language skills before applying for interviews. I started learning German casually now before I’d join the next session of the Goethe Institut.
    Hope t o hear from you soon.


  29. Hello Shubham,
    First all, Congrats for going the off-track way for your MBA.

    It’s almost 2 years since you graduated from ESMT. and I sincerely hope you would have landed with your best offer.

    Request you to kindly share your post-MBA experience vis-a-vis job search, German Market,.

    As I am really interested to have my MBA from Germany and ESMT is one of the list of schools I have shortlisted, so, if you could please hsare your experience, either here or elsewhere. Just let me know where I can take up this conversation.

    due regards and Best of luck for all your future endeavors.


  30. Hai sir,
    I am in my final year mechanical engineering which is about to complete. I want to do MS in Germany, for that I want to spend one year for GRE coaching and German language classes after which I have planned to take GRE. Is it a good choice?

  31. Hey Team
    I have been selected for the MBA program at ESMT for the Jan’17 session, i just wanted to get feedback on what to expect and how to prepare for my MBA experience as i am really excited,and want to make the most out of it

    • Hi Harsh,
      Hope you are in the middle in endeavoring the great management experience, i am sure you are doing good at it.
      Please let us know your experiences (profile and interviewing exposure) with ESMT .

      Eagerly waiting for your reply.


  32. Shubham Sir,

    I will introduce my self, my name is Tushar Vikram Singh and currently I am pursuing Mechanical Engineering (6th semester) in Bangalore, after reading your article, I found that the doubts you had before selecting a college that satisfies all your needs even I had the same doubts (before reading your article), but now after reading your article that has all what i could connect with. Because even i feel that “Nirma line” is very correct. I really want to know whether a work experience of 2 yrs is enough to get into ESMT? , and what minimum score of GMAT they accept?

    #PS= I want to get into technical companies!

    Thank you for sharing your story!!

  33. Inspiring struggle subham…can you just give me a glimpse of opportunity available in Germany after MBA which i am planning to do from EBS Weisbaden…My specialization will be in General management and i will be targeting to land up in a cool job in beverages firm because of my love for wines & beers!!!

  34. Hi Shubham, Inspiring story!

    However did you get a job, as your linkedin profile says you are an inhouse consultant seeking oppurtunities since 2014.

    Please dont take it in negatively, I am asking as I am also applying for german B schools.

    However a current market scenario would be very useful.


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