Best admissions consultant for INSEAD

Best Admission Consultants for INSEAD

INSEAD Application Reviews, Essay editing, Interview preparation

INSEAD, one of the top reputed business schools offering one year MBA programs, has campuses across continents and was founded more than six decades back, in 1957. It has a huge intake of more than 1,300 students each year in its graduate and PhD programs and more than 11,000 participants across its executive education programs.

Its sprawling lush green campus in France located in Fontainebleau near Paris saw its first cohort of 52 students coming in from 14 countries and graduate in 1960. INSEAD expanded its footprint with its second campus in Singapore in 2000 and another one at Abu Dhabi which opened in 2007.

Giving tough competition to the US business schools that have dominated the business school rankings, INSEAD has ranked no. 1 in the prestigious FT global MBA rankings in 2016 and 2017 and consistently maintained its position among the top four global business schools.

It has also ranked at the top in the rankings provided by Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek as well.

Why is INSEAD so popular

Great career outcome

INSEAD is a hotspot for consulting careers. It sees several aspirants hoping to land their dream jobs with prestigious top consulting firms including the MBB (McKinsey, BCG & Bain) which hire sizeable numbers from INSEAD. A good number of those already working for these top firms complete their graduation to return to their previous employer.

Around 80% of the class sees a change in sector, country or function. With more than 300 recruiters each year, around 92% graduates are hired within three months of program completion.

The average salary for INSEAD grads is around USD $105,900.

Shorter program duration

Compared to the two year MBA programs, INSEAD offers a 10 month program, so it’s the top best choice for someone looking for a shorter quicker program option. You’d significantly reduce the opportunity cost (forgone salary during study period) and the cost of living.

International faculty

INSEAD has an internationally renowned faculty of over 165 members (93% international faculty) coming in from 41 different countries. The MBA faculty has earned global recognition due to its continuous commitment and contribution to research.

Networking opportunities

INSEAD has a culturally diverse mix of students coming in from over 80 different nationalities (96% international students). It has a robust alumni network of over 60,000 spread across 172 countries. Students have a great chance of leveraging the strong student and alumni network.

Campus exchange

The campus exchange allows students to spend time at the other campus or at partner schools like Wharton and Kellogg in the US and CEIBS in China. This exposure to an entirely different geography and culture can prove to be an enriching experience.

Multiple campus choice / intakes

While applying, you can give your campus preference. If that campus is filled up, you would be offered a place in the alternative campus or choose to be waitlisted for the campus of your choice.

INSEAD has 2 intakes – September and January. Both the intakes have a similar curriculum, course structure as well as class size. The only aspect that differs is that the January intake students get two additional months to take up a summer internship while with the September intake, you’d be able to complete the MBA program within 10 months.

What are my chances of getting into INSEAD?

Getting into INSEAD can be very competitive.

Due to visa restrictions imposed by the US for international students, in the recent years, there has been a decline in the number of international students interested in the US MBA programs. For such applicants who’ve been on the lookout for strong brand names outside USA, INSEAD is among the top choice.

At INSEAD, the admissions committee evaluate candidates’ profiles holistically taking into account various aspects including academic credentials, test scores, personality traits including interpersonal and communication skills, motivation, demonstration of leadership qualities as well as work experience especially any international exposure or working in a culturally diverse environment.

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Though the average work experience is around five years, younger candidates with a fantastic track record also hold a good chance of getting in. The admissions team would be interested in knowing what you bring to the table.

They’d be on the lookout for professionally mature well-rounded individuals who can add significant value to the overall student experience through peer interaction and class participation.

The published acceptance rate is slightly over 30%. However, the selectivity can be tougher for applicants from highly represented regions such as India and China.

Language requirement: For native English speakers, a test for knowledge of a second language would be required. Non-native English speakers would need to take the required certification for English language.

In addition, all students would need to have some basic knowledge of a third language. This is not required as part of the application. However, you’d need to pass the required test before completing your MBA program.

What do the top INSEAD Admission Consultants do?


School shortlisting and application strategy

While applying to the top business schools, it’s important to apply to a mix of MBA programs based on your profile.

You may apply to a few dreams schools on your list (such as INSEAD) where you may or may not have a fair chance of getting in, but it’s also necessary to apply to practical schools where you have a good chance of being admitted.

You need to do a thorough research about the school, its culture, location, reputation, faculty, electives and concentrations offered, career-support and employment outcome to ensure a mutual fit with the school.

Before actually beginning with the applications, it would be worthwhile if you could take some time out to first chalk out an application roadmap.

A thorough profile evaluation would help you know your strengths and weaknesses, develop a good storyline, choose the right mix of business schools that can help you realise your career goals.

You’d also get clarity on how to manage your applications to different schools and when it would be a good time to apply.

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INSEAD MBA essay reviews and editing

INSEAD applicants are required to complete the job description (4 compulsory questions and1 optional question) and motivation essays (3 compulsory questions and 1 optional question).

Job description questions focus mainly on your career progression, job role and your career goals. The motivation essays, on the other hand, would focus on yourself and what motivates you.

How an MBA admissions consultant can help

A brainstorming by an expert can get the creative juices flowing so that you’re able to identify the important events that shaped your personal and professional life and come up with stories for your essays.

A good consultant would never write your stories rather would expect you to come up with the best possible version, then provide insights and guide you on how you could polish your essays.

These play an important role in the MBA application process and can be used to make your application stand out and convince the admissions committee about your candidature.

An experienced MBA admissions consultant, who has review many (good and bad) INSEAD applications, can provide unique perspectives that can help you write better INSEAD essays and get them to a different level.

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Admissions Video Interview

After submitting your INSEAD MBA application online, you’ll be receiving an email with a link to the video interview. You’ll have enough opportunity to practice before you’re ready for the four video interview questions.

MBA interviews

There are two interviews with INSEAD alumni. Interviews may last for 30 minutes to an hour while some may stretch even longer. Interviewers would be interested in knowing if you’re a good fit for INSEAD.

Get enough practice with someone who can offer you genuine feedback. Be confident. Do some research about your interviewer’s background.

You can also take professional help for interview prep from an experienced MBA consultant who can provide good practice and useful tips.

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Best Admission Consultants for INSEAD Admission


INSEAD MBA Admissions Consulting Reviews

Our MBA consulting team includes ISB, Stanford, MIT, INSEAD and other elite MBA program graduates and toppers (Meet our consultants).

Our team of consultants at MBA Crystal Ball have successfully helped candidates, including candidates with profile constraints including low GMAT scores, low undergraduate GPA, reapplicants, overrepresented applicant pool to INSEAD and other top MBA programs across the world, often with scholarships.

Some of our clients have shared their application experiences while working with us. More than just testimonials, these blogs also include nuances of the application strategies they followed. So, make sure you click on the links shared below and read about their full application journey.

Here are a few samples:


Conversation with some of their past clients and a thorough reading of all the online reviews of MBA Crystal Ball cemented my decision to go ahead with MBA Crystal Ball. In the hindsight it was the best decision…
It was Manish’s honesty and precise feedback that really helped me sharpen my essays. Also, Manish had an eye to pick out certain details in my profile which I had overlooked.
In the entire application process, you need someone who constantly keeps showing you the mirror and who calls spade a spade. Manish did exactly that.

This applicant got into INSEAD in spite of a low GPA in engineering. Read the full story here.



MG’s critique of my essays really helped me to understand how my essays would appear to a third person. He helped me put my best foot forward with a well-rounded application…
With God’s grace, not only did I make it to INSEAD, I also received two financial grants (MBA scholarships) from the school!
In my opinion, an MBA application is your life’s story in a nutshell, and thus the application is a test of storytelling. No one can change your story, but good MBA application consultants can help you tell it in a way that no one else can tell it better…

This applicant got an INSEAD admit with scholarship. Read her entire story here.



I asked for Sameer’s help in rationalizing the content and editing out the flyaways, and I pushed my application in on the last day for round 2 applications.
The MBA application is not about a sky-high GMAT score or your Dean’s List GPA or the amazing extra-curricular activities you have purposefully cultivated – it’s about your story and how well you narrate it through your essays.

This candidate got into INSEAD as a reapplicant in the second round. Read her full story here.

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