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INSEAD ILPSE Admissions and Interview

ILPSE INSEAD IndiaThe ILPSE (formerly called ILPSIE) program is among the top programs for professionals seeking an advanced management education. The INSEAD brand gives it credibility and the format gives it the flexibility that experienced professionals are looking for.

The ILPSE is meant for senior professionals – 10 years for work experience being the minimum and 12-15 years being the class average.

Ravi Kirpane shares his ILPSE application and interview story.

ILPSE Admissions and Interview Story

by Ravi Kirpane

I am very happy to share my experience here about my interview. Before I do that, let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been in Information Technology sector for over 2 decades now. My experience includes working in various geographic locations around the world. About few years ago, I planned to immerse in MBA education and thus attempted to get myself selected at INSEAD and ISB, 1 year program. I had a GMAT score of 680, which probably was not upto the mark for such programs.

ILPSIE admissions

I had given up on a MBA till I had an email one day regarding ILPSIE (INSEAD Leadership Program for Senior Indian Executives). This allows me to work and complete the leadership program in one year.

The ILPSIE program is run by a local firm called Eruditus based in India. The course will be taught by highly skilled professors of INSEAD and at educational sites such as Singapore, France, Goa and via tele-presence.

The process of selection at ILPSIE is 4 fold viz. Your profile, 4 Essays, References and Interview.

ILPSIE Interview

My Interview was taken by ILPSIE Alumni member. We connected over the evening. The interview was very informal and friendly. Here are the questions he (interviewer) asked.

a) Tell me about yourself.

(My belief) He wanted to know about the industry and experience information. What has been trajectory of my career? Additionally, he was also interested to know the global exposure I had with the projects.

b) What are your goals for doing ILPSIE?

(My belief) He was probably looking for goals I am targeting and what I am articulating is in line with my goals mentioned in the application. Additionally, How sold I am with the goals mentioned in the application.

c) What type of leader are you?

(My belief) He wanted to understand the leadership style. I attacked the answer and what style I work with the team. I am more of a collaborative style leader. I generally manage the message to the team. Get the buy-in and move forward.

d) What is your next step post ILPSIE? Is it a 2 year plan or a 5 year plan?

(My belief) He felt that my plan of moving into a “new” role was very aggressive. I gave my reasons of where I am in the career right now and why I want to move to next role aggressively. He provided me input on what should be considered when you plan for the move and why he thought it will be a bit stretched out timeline.

e) How do you plan to manage your time with this course being modular?

(My belief) ILPSIE is a part time course, i.e. the course is modular and almost a week per month will be spent out of work and in a class-room setting. With the current work load, how I plan to handle the course? Have I thought through the process and have options to work with?

f) Any question for me?

I was prepared with questions to ask him. I asked about his experience with the course. What he got the most out of the course? Did it help him to achieve the goal he has set ?

I had spent very good time writing my essays and thinking through the goals for the program. My interview answers were around the theme that I believed in. The Interviewer provided great details about what the course benefits are and how he sees ILPSIE course to be for an individual with my profile.

Tips for ILPSIE applicants

a) Spend time to finalize your essays
b) Be sure of why you want to do ILPSIE
c) Be prepared with questions to ask the interviewer


Accepted at ILPSIE, we start our program in Aug 2013.

– Ravi Kirpane

MBA Crystal Ball wishes Ravi good luck as he embarks on an exciting journey.

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3 thoughts on “INSEAD ILPSE Admissions and Interview”

  1. @ Sameer Kamat,

    I hope you are well.

    I have a question. Similar to ILPSE of Insead, MIT sloan offers a course EPGM through Eruditus in Mumbai. If I understand correctly These courses will provide a certificate but not a degree. I am an experienced professional in oil and gas. I think both EPGM and ILPSE courses are suitable to learn management and leadership. I spoke with Eruditus professional who confirmed the same. I saw their videos on youtube and all of them were on better positions before they did the course as VP, Group head, etc. I am in middle management level. Will these course help me to lift my career to senior management.

  2. @Narendra: As you might already know, part-time certificate programs generally don’t have the same career impact as full-time programs do. But the fees they charge are quite high, in fact sometimes higher than regular courses.

    We were curious about these other Executive level certificate courses promoted by Eruditus in India. We tried several times to get in touch with them (over the phone and emails), to understand the value proposition beyond their Facebook ads and brochures. But our emails didn’t get a response.

    So, I’m afraid we don’t have any first hand inputs to share.

    Apart from the marketing material you see on such courses, it would help if you can get in touch with real students (not just brand ambassadors) who have gone through these courses.

    Learn about the pros and cons of the course and then decide for yourself.

  3. I had a question similar to the OP; how good are these executive programs being offered by Eruditus really? They are big brand names alright, but do they have the kind of career impact that a mid-level guy would hope for after shelling out so much money? Executives already at a relatively senior level might not appreciate the anxiety of people like us about value proposition from these programs but it is crucial to evaluate before considering these programs. Any perspectives on this?


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