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Highest paying jobs in India

Highest paying jobs in IndiaPhilosophers might talk about money not being able to buy happiness. But the highest paying jobs in India (and the world) continue to attract millions of wide-eyed employees year after year.

So we kept philosophy aside and tried to dig out the best paying jobs with the highest salaries.

We’ve avoided niche careers that require a highly specialized set of qualifications and skills (any Breaking Bad fans out here?) who might be earning huge salaries that lesser mortals can only aspire for.

This isn’t a ranking, just a collection of jobs that pay the highest compensation in their industries.

Highest paying jobs in India

by Rohit Gupta

Ideally, the money we earn should only be a component of living a rich life, while we should be doing something we love to do. Yet, we don’t live in an ideal world and money somehow is the chief motivator for a myriad of life decisions, especially in the case of careers and jobs.

The deep-rooted tendencies due to a socialist past and the current reality of the rising education loans make the whole picture even more skewed. Hence, it is not an amazing coincidence when parents revel in the fat-pay packages of their children or Pinky Aunty wants her son-in-law to be an Ivy League graduate.

While correlation does not imply causality, a quick glance into the proximate causes for a fast tracked career progression is the ‘fit’ of an individual or the accompanying ‘passion’, I write this with full knowledge that the above statement immediately puts this article in a potentially risky territory of being tl;dr-zoned.

So if you are actually landing up on this article through a Google search with a search string along the lines of the best paying jobs in India or any variant, you are in for a good introduction to those jobs but I can’t see any prudence in approaching things this way.

Apart from just vying for a high package, most of us don’t want to venture too far in the high-risk zones of freelancing/entrepreneurship and prefer keeping a stable job.

So fellas, here is a super-practical list of high paying jobs in India which is compiled for guys who have an extra liking for the dough. These are annual salaries in Indian Rupees.

Software Engineering Jobs

I can already hear the hues and cries from the disgruntled techies who are perpetually distressed because of the painfully slow career progression in the IT sector and forever stagnant salaries.

The overall sector seems to be past its age of glory as far as the current trend is concerned, as the supply far outstrips the demand for majority of the software jobs out there.

But make no mistakes here, there is a difference between maintaining an outsourced obscure code and development of a happening UX from scratch. The competition is not that fierce at the top.

Average Salary for Software Engineers*:
Entry level – INR 3,50,000, Mid-Career – INR 6,30,000, Experienced- INR 12,50,000

Chartered Accountancy Jobs

All the years of labor usually reap rich rewards as Chartered accountancy continues to be one of the most respected professions in India.

Unlike the mushrooming institutes conferring engineering/medical/medicine degrees without reins (being slightly politically incorrect), the fort of chartered accountancy is still held secure as a single central bastion is responsible for the regulation of the profession.

Average Salary for Chartered Accountants:
Entry level – INR 5,50,000, Mid-Career – INR 8,80,000, Experienced – INR 11,70,000

Aviation Jobs

While the job market for pilots is in a pretty bad shape right now, sky is the limit for the right candidate (err… at the right time). Commercial pilot license is also a lucrative option and is offered by a few prestigious institutes in India, and there are plenty of options if one can afford an abroad stint.

Make sure you do take care of the bank balance of your parents while you pursue your dream of flying high.

Average Salary for Aviation careers:
INR 20,00,000 (Commercial pilot), INR 18,00,000 (Helicopter pilot), 9,80,000 (Aircraft maintenance engineer)

Careers in Medicine

No field of profession can be as recession proof as this one. The super-specialists in their fields have a high consultation fees and rightly so, but the amount of time and money one has to put in for excelling in this career is a major deterrent for many folks. No pain, no gain!

Average Salary for Medical Careers:
INR 8,10,000 (General surgeon), INR 17,00,000 (Medical doctor), INR 4,80,000 (General practice)

Careers in Legal Services

The top notch lawyers can command fees (for a single argument) which can be annual salary for the lesser mortals.

But the top-level material is few and far between, and the majority of lawyers work for peanuts scouting for ‘business’ outside courts and other government establishments signing/printing government documents. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Average Salary for Legal careers:
INR 6,10,000 (Corporate lawyer), 9,50,000 (senior attorney)

Business Consultancy Jobs

As a breed, consultants are the most sought after business problem-solvers of the current decade. Due to their cross-industry expertise and quick learning abilities, they are the favorites for solving conundrums that prove to be a pain for the higher management of any organization.

Moreover, they also have a very dynamic lifestyle and move places quite often. Ideal for those who get bored too easily and want a (somewhat) stable income rolled up in a slightly profligate lifestyle. You can read up Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat to have an inkling about the profession, in Hollywood style!

Average Salary for business consultants:
Entry level – INR 14,00,00, Mid-Career- INR 25,00,000, Experienced- INR 80,00,000

Read more about consulting careers.

Investment Banking

Investment bankers are extremely well-paid individuals and possess a specific set of skills such as number-crunching ability, excellent communication and a capacity to work long… hours.

They raise capital for companies, offer specific financial advice (e.g. mergers and acquisitions) and do a whole lot of other brainy financial stuff. The entry barriers are real high yet carving out time to spend the hard earned money proves to be a tougher nut to crack eventually.

Average Salary for investment banking jobs:
Entry level – INR 12,00,000, Mid-Career – INR 30,00,000, Experienced – INR 50,00,000+

Read more articles on investment banking careers.

Social Media

One of the most favorite channels of the youth holds a very promising future for a new kind of marketing paradigm that can be highly customized and based on permission marketing, rather than mass produced one-size-fits-all media marketing campaigns with hazy figures for return on investment.

Social media marketers and copywriters have a role which is fairly automation-proof and a proficient social media manager can command a salary with a good upside potential.

Average Salary for Social Media jobs:
INR 4,00,000 (Social media specialist), INR 4,70,000 (Social media marketing manager)

Careers in Business Analytics

Analytics is nothing novel but the proliferation of data due to steep cost reduction in electronic data collection and memory devices have made the organizations open up to the concept of leveraging data to stay ahead of the curve.

A good analyst should be well-versed in mathematical concepts (primarily statistics and probability), open to learning new technological platforms (though they are usually vehicles to get the idea across) and be knowledgeable enough to fill the gaps in understanding through an acute business sense.

Average Salary for Business Analytics Jobs:
Entry level – INR 6,00,000 – 8,00,000, Mid-Career – INR 15,00,000, Experienced – INR 25,00,000
Looking at lists like this is usually a bad way for looking into the possible skill-sets to be acquired and education paths to pursue, because relative figures for various jobs is a cyclical phenomenon and absolute job stability is a myth.

It makes real sense to inculcate invaluable and irreplaceable skills instead of following just any high-paying job trends. If love marriage with career isn’t happening for now, it makes eternal sense to yearn for the right kind of love from an arranged marriage.

*The above figures are obtained from the data at for entry-level (0-5 years), mid-career (5-10 years) and experienced (10+ years) professionals. The figures are provided for indicative purposes only and no blind faith is warranted under any circumstances whatsoever.

Note: Consulting and i-banking are for front end units and not captives (KPO / Back-office roles). We’ve tapped into various websites plus our own experience for these numbers. Let us know if we are way off the mark.
Author Bio: I am Rohit, an engineer by education, a data analyst by profession and a reader by inclination. Since 2012, I’ve been writing about self-improvement, productivity, coping with life as it comes and just being plain happy. I blog here

If you are going for a career only because it’s listed among the highest paying jobs in India, it would be a mistake. There are many more tangible and intangible aspects that you need to keep in mind when you decide to make a career or job change. If you want to know what other elements you should be considering before making a choice, try out this Free Career Guidance Tool

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23 thoughts on “Highest paying jobs in India”

  1. HI,

  2. Actuarial jobs pay pretty well outside India where it’s more of a mainstream career.

    In India, it’s still gaining traction. There might be exceptions, but in general actuarial salaries in India aren’t sky high, specially at junior & mid levels.

    If you have numbers to share about salary ranges, we’d appreciate it.

  3. Hi !
    I just read the article …n it said that C.A. is one of the highest paid jobs…..Could you tell me what is the average package offered for C.A. + MBA ?n is it better to do MBA after C.A. ?

  4. Asees,

    Chartered Accountants have a range of jobs that they can fit in. In India, you’ll find many CAs in top jobs where traditionally MBAs are preferred – like investment banking / transaction advisory services, consulting, etc.

    The bulk of CAs take up mainstream jobs like auditing (Big 4 audit firms being the top recruiter). For folks who feel stuck in such roles, an MBA can be a good way to break out and move into the earlier category of jobs where the salaries are way higher (as mentioned in the post above).

  5. Hi Sameer,

    I have to ask one question on behalf of my sister.
    Actually she is an MBA from an average college in India and she did sales and marketing.
    Now after 5 years she has become very uncomfortable with Sales job though they are paying her good.
    she wants to move to public relations, human resource or something else which is peaceful than sales.
    Please advise on how to help her.

  6. Hi Sameer,
    I have done ECE IN 2003(electronics and communication engineering) but due to some unfortunate events I was not able to land up good jobs in IT company.For the last 9 yrs I am working as technical specialist.No career growth and my salary is very low 6L/annum.I am really frustrated and want to go for Gmat and global mba.Can u counsel me regarding the same.

  7. @Luv: She could talk to her HR team and express her interest in moving into another role. If the company is supportive and flexible, she can continue working there. If not, she could look for opportunities outside.

    @Rohit: We can’t help with GMAT prep. You’ll have to manage that part on your own. We can help after that with MBA applications.

  8. Hey Sameer

    Read your article. Very much informative. Need a little help. I have done b tech in IT and then MBA in HR from average colleges. I have two and a half years of experience in a private firm. First year in operations and then in HR, as that was my specialization in MBA. Now after looking at the career graph and pay packages of people around me I feel that HR is not a high paying job. Especially if you have done your mba from an average college. Want to shift to marketing, as I feel that in marketing my salary package will increase quickly.
    Please do reply. I will be so thankful to you. I’m in a dilemna fir so long.

  9. I do not agree with Salary package you have shown here for Chartered Accountants at experienced level. They are getting 40 to 50% more of what you have stated here. May I know how much experience you have considered for 12 lacs salary?

  10. What do you mean by Social Media Manager??
    Is this related to Digital Marketing??

    And is the pay INR 4,00,000 (Social media specialist), INR 4,70,000 (Social media marketing manager) mentioned is Per Annum?
    If yes, i do not think this is one of the Highest Paid profile

  11. sir, i just passed out my isc but with an average of 51% marks. Would you please tell me which way to take so that i can earn better in my future….

  12. mba is not at all top paid investment bankers world over are not paid higher it 1 out of 10000 that you are talking marketing has unstable life, finance hr all are bullshits

    Chartered accountacy i think has most money along with lawyers.

  13. what about marketing jobs, i am an MBA with marketing major specialisation, whats my future or what should i learn in extra. im in second year now, and my cgpa is going just above 6 , will i be in trouble.

  14. Hello Sameer Sir,
    I accidentally posted this on your facebook inbox for anonymity, but than got the hint to post this on your blog itself :). First of all, I simply love your website. I so wished that back in the old days of engineering boom (I am 2013 passout), someone gave me an insight on the real job profile of corporate culture.
    I particularly liked this quote: “If love marriage with career isn’t happening for now, it makes eternal sense to yearn for the right kind of love from an arranged marriage.”
    I was hoping that you would explain the meaning of this quote, as I can somehow relate to it. My aspirations have always been simple enough for a small town average guy : a stress free paying job in India which allows you to lead an affluent comfortable lifestyle, the upper middle class. But I can’t find the love of my career to fund that aspiration. I simply don’t know what my true calling is professionally? What would be a discipline that I would invest 90,000+ hours on?
    The love of my career fits the following bio : I want a job of low stress in an Industry which gives me the corporate free lunches and team outings along with a stable holiday plans to allow the annual foreign vacation and the time to spend the money on weekend shopping. Stress at work is a deterrent for me as I simply can’t handle stress and it gets into me. The wrong job will be the end of me in every possible way, but in India money talks and speaking with pure statistics in mind, MBA in India gives you the stable money to work for. But what about the job?
    It’s true that for any kind of job, stress will be there. And for that, I am willing to take the right kind of stress for a career which makes me happy professionally as well. But the major problem with the 23 year old software engineers like me is that we still haven’t figured out our true love. The love at first sight with career, it’s not happening. And with time running out, I am forced to make the best decision and opt for CAT (hyped, but MBA do open up high paying career ventures) to fund the stability.
    So i humbly request and seek a honest advice from your expertise to please create a arranged marriage for me with my career. The yearning for the right kind of career has gone very strong and intense, upto the point of sucking out happiness professionally and now, personally. My bio would be a frustrated Software Engineer in a 4.0 CTC range MNC with no real idea of where his life is heading and will MBA be the solution of finding the true career love? My interests are to enjoy simpler things in life like drinking, golfing and video gaming in “client meeting free” weekends and on weekdays, to follow a great leader/manager in any Industry which has the least stress/money ratio.
    With warmest Regards,
    Avid Fan!

  15. Hello Sameer,
    First of all i would like to thank you for the information provided above.

    I am a I.T degree holder currently pursuing MBA is the area of Finance and HR.i would be finishing it by 2016 april from an average college.
    The question i would liked to ask is what are the opportunities in the those streams and how should i go by and prepare, so i could be prepared to meet the present industry requirement and have a competitive edge towards my peers
    thank you

  16. @Wishing to anonymous:

    You never mentioned the name…
    I visit the page now itself…
    What you think or (written in the forum)is ,,always running in my mind….
    Life for enjoy free… Not ruin our mind for high salaries…

    And specially thanks TO MR. SAMEER KAMAT..

  17. Hi Sameer,
    Just went through your blog and thought of giving you some input as I have close to 10 years of experience in the Software Industry.Even though the entry level salary for a Software Engineer(One holding BTech) is 3.5 lpa in some companies such as Infosys,Wipro most of the product based IT companies and even some services pay much higher ranging from 6-12 lpa(example-CISCO,NetApp,Google).Similarly a mid career guy with 5-6 years experience easily gets 10-12lpa if he jumps to a good product company .For Senior Techies having 10+ years of experience service based IT company pay14-18 lpa on average while product based pay 20-25 lpa.

    Besides,many IT company provides opportunity to go abroad and earn in dollars/pounds which is not so easy in other professions.

    These are the reason why people take up Engineering(many prefer MBBS too) and many Engineers get into IT.

  18. HI Sameer,

    You blog is actually an encouraging read!

    I have around five years experience in ‘Content Development’. At this juncture, I feel I have reached a dead-end in my career. Being from a M.C.A background, this field not actually something i should be doing. Now when I want to shift, I am a bit scared starting from the beginning in IT. Please suggest what alternatives can non-IT people avail to in order to make the transition smooth and in which firls of IT.

    Thanks in advance,

  19. Hii Sameer,
    I Just read your blog. Your blog is too good to encourage anyone but i think Ethical Hacking is also providing highest paying jobs in India. Professional Ethical Hackers are also getting very high packages.

  20. Hi all I am an MBA & after 2 years of MBA I’m getting just 4LPA. I’m really frustrated with my career. Please guide me. It’s not that I’m not trying…..but all in vein… & other job portals also I kept on applying but of no use. Please help if possible.

  21. Hello sir.
    This is Nishank bhatt.
    Sir,i have to ask about future after MBA.
    Basically sir,i have completed my graduation( and now i want to take admission in MBA.
    SO sir,tell me which branch is better in MBA means like as IT,IB HR,FINANCE,MARKETING etc.

  22. Hi Mr Sameer

    Noted that you did not mention about merchant mariner salary, they are also getting quite a good pay in dollars and also tax free so its quite a lot and even more if some one one working in specialized vessel.


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