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SP Jain Global MBA (GMBA) – Dubai, Singapore, Sydney calling

The SP Jain Global MBA, as the website says, is designed for mature participants. Their 2-year MBA designed for applicants with lesser experience has already carved a niche for itself in.

With the Global MBA (GMBA) offering, they’ve taken the SP Jain brand to an international level – literally. With cities like Dubai, Singapore and Sydney added in for good measure, the exposure is truly international.

Aditya, a current student attending the SP Jain Global MBA program describes his application experience that got him the GMBA seat.

How I got into the S P Jain Global MBA program (GMBA)

About me

S P Jain Global MBABefore applying for my MBA app I used to think that I too belonged to the IIM (Indian IT Male) group. However, during my application process I learnt one thing. All of us are humans and yet we are so different. This was one thing which I tried to project all throughout my application. Before I share few of my learnings during the apps here is little background about me.

Overall – 5.5 yrs of exp.
Last org. – Deloitte consulting (Consultant)
GMAT – 680

Why MBA – The big question
Though I put in different reasons during my app but actual truth was I really wanted to study… (I really wanted to know why things are the way they are, economics, markets, pricing, operation management… I just loved it :)… )

My application process

I want to pen down three major learnings from my app process.

1. MBA Crystal Ball – I luckily bounced upon this site. Which I feel was one of the luckiest thing which happened. Talking to Sameer helped me clarify some basic questions and lay a sound foundation to my app process. I think this is the most important thing that one should accomplish before starting out with the application process. The conversations helped me understand my differentiating factors and how I should go about positioning myself (considering the fact that I was an IIM :). Once the framework is created, the rest of the things can be customized based on individual college needs.

2. Time Management – Time management is not something which is taught in Bschools, it is something which one must learn to get into a B-school. 🙂 While working on the essays its a good idea to put equal focus on the selected schools as early as possible. There might be chances that we may tend to spend to much time on our top priority school and let go other import schools. So time it well. !!

3. The Essay – Be careful! if you are seeking help from alumni of some good bschools. A alumni form a good bschool does not suggest he/or she has good writing skills they might in the schools for all different reasons (exceptional qualifications, say). Do treat them as Gods but do find the right God :)… So just Just a word of caution… choose your mentors well.

College Selection Criteria and Results

1. ISB – I was interested in schools in India and Asia (one year program), so ISB was the first choice
Status – No interview

2. SP Jain GMBA – The college does not have great ranking, but I knew they had good faculty and two-tier model made sense.
Status – Converted and joined.

3. NUS – 1 year – Status – Selected for interview, could not convert.

Current Experience of SP Jain GMBA

Currently I am in Dubai and about to complete the first term. The course has been a great learning experience so far. We are bombarded with 2 courses every 9 days, taught by some amazing faculties from around the world. We had a course on macroeconomics today, which gave us insights on how the economic centre is moving to Asia and role Indian managers will play. Quite motivating I would say for all future managers, specially around Asia Pacific region.

On the fun part, managed to steal some time and make it to desert safari and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

In other three months will be off to Singapore for the II semester. However, For the next batch which starts in December things are going to change. The program is a 3 city model (Sydney, Dubai, Singapore). The idea is to get a feel of the three important cities for the future. All students start in Sydney and spend 4 months together. Then one group goes to Dubai and the other to Singapore. The groups change cities after 4 months.

Hope all this variety of experience helps us transform into true global managers.

If you have questions for Adi about the program or if you are looking for some more insights, head over to the SP Jain Global MBA (GMBA) forum.

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20 thoughts on “SP Jain Global MBA (GMBA) – Dubai, Singapore, Sydney calling”

  1. Hi Aditya,

    Hope you are doing great.

    Hi All,I got an admit to the SP Jain for CMM for the dec ’12 intake .Would be great if you could share your views and answer a fewquestions to help me take a final call whether to accept this offer.
    1)How is the programme in terms of curriculum, faculty , industryprojects and exposure ?
    2)Is there any assistance to help get the industry projects , or do wehave to look out on our own?
    3)Is there assistance for placements in Singapore/Dubai/Sydney/India?
    4) Would be great if you could throw some light on the actual placementscenario. What were the placement stats this yr/last yr? whatpercent of students from the entire batch got placed? To be morespecific , how are/were the CMM placements?
    5) We have been asked to arrange for the fees by the 17th. Can Idefer my admission. Does it makes sense to defer in order to try to other schools and then evaluate my options?
    6) How much does the avg living costwork out to in dubai/ singapore/ sydney ?

    Your feedback will definitely help me take a call on my furture course of action.
    Awaiting your reply.
    Thanks alot in advance.


  2. Dear Sir,

    I’m an IT/ITES Professional with over 12 years of experience. Currently I’m living in Singapore and Employed with a IT Major as a Business Manager.

    I’m planning to do my MBA to further enhance my career prospects. Can you share some insights on University of HULL EMBA and SP Jain EMBA Programs.

    Your inputs will be very valuable.

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi,
    I am targeting GMBA september 2014 intake in SPJIGM. I will be appearing for SPJAT in july 2014. Kindly guide me on the facts i should consider while i prepare for my SPJAT. I really wanna crack the exam and convert the admission in the institute. Please guide me for the same in the best possible manner.
    Response is eagerly awaited.

  4. Hey me plannin to do GMBA in supply chain management from SP Jain.

    i have 2+ year of expirence and i want to intake in the tricity model course of 16 month.

    Please if anyone can guide how to go about it and whether its worth to intake in that course.

    please also share the fees structure for the same course.


  5. Hi Aditya,

    Could you please guide me how to prepare for the SPJAT? I cant find any books or test papers online.

    A quick response would be highly appreciated.



  7. @Gaurav: If you are unsure about it, then better hold on to that money till you get clarity.

    Apart from the inputs of counsellors, current students alumni etc, you need to be clear about what you want from the investment.

  8. I have received an offer for CMM GMBA Jan intake. I wish to know the advantages/disadvantages of choosing to defer this to May intake. I, for some work related matters cannot quit now and hence the decision.

  9. Hi Sameer,

    My academics are not so impressive, I am a B.E. in Comp Science and Engg from not so reputed college with 59,6%. In 10th I got 64% and in 12th I got just 62%.

    At present, I have exp. of 2.10 years in Sales and Business Development. Other than that I am also Co-Founder of an NGO group.In my professional life I have been performing really well and I have always been rated highest in my all performance appraisals till now. I enjoy a lot of respect among my peers, subordinates and my seniors.

    Just wanted to check with you, with my such low academic scores, do i stand a chance to get into top colleges like IIMs, ISB, SP Jain and XLRI and few more. I am inclined towards 1 yr MBA. Also wished to know, the minimum GMAT score i would need to even apply for these colleges.


  10. Hi Aditya
    I would like to know the answer’s for Neha Katyal questions. Also would like to know how the scholarship is provided.
    Thanks in advance

  11. Hi sir my name is hasnain. My marks in 10th and 12th are very bad. They are less than 50 percent. But yes i have scored 94 percent in am i still eligable for MBA in SP jain institute of management research. Will my poor academic score affect my admission. Will the companies consider my poor academic score before giving me a job. Please help me.

  12. Hi Sameer, found your blog quite informative.
    I have received an offer for GMBA May 2017 intake. Iam planning to get settled in Dubai. How good is GMBA in that one can fetch a job in Marketing(automotive) in Dubai? Any comments on the perception of this course among Dubai corporates?
    Your view would be appreciated 🙂


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