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Mays Business School Texas A&M University with scholarship

Mays Business School is the Best value for money school in the US (and 4th in the world) according to Financial Times 2012 MBA rankings. FT also gives it a thumbs up for other aspects such as ‘Salary Percentage Increase’ (2nd in US), ‘Employment at Three Months’ (7th in US) and ‘Aims Achieved’ (6th in US).
The Mays MBA program has a strong technology management concentration and ties with the industry which translates to the strong placement statistics.
These were a few reasons why Samim Riaz chose the Mays MBA program at Texas A&M University (TAMU).

My CAT to GMAT journey – Mays Business School MBA
– Samim Riaz

Mays MBA Texas A&M UniversityHow to bell the CAT? This question haunted me for 3 years of my career. My score was always at the breakeven point from where an average CAT score becomes exceptional. This hope drives me for 3 attempts at CAT. By the 3rd attempt CAT changes the exam format and I found myself as a victim of the unstable pattern. I was dejected but had not given up. With more than 3 years of experience under my belt I looked at other career options.

GMAT looked as the next stop to me. I started preparing for it, aiming for a score more than 700. The D day arrived and I scored 690. This GMAT score is average because I am an IIM (Indian IT Male). I had the option of either shedding $250 again and re-take the exam and take a risk by applying to the college late or applying early and make other parts of my application better. I talked to different people (Sameer Kamat from MBA Crystal Ball was one of them) and finally decide to stick to the score.

The next challenge in front of me was to choose the college. As my work experience was around 4 years and score on the average side there was no point in going for Asian colleges such as ISB, NUS, NTU, and HKUST.

European universities are out of scope due to my lower work experience and language barrier. Thus my apparent choice was US B-Schools. Obviously I was initially biased by rankings. But another thing I was worried about was the high tuition fee. One college that fits into my requirement was Mays Business School (Texas A&M University). It was an A list B-School with tuition fee around $46,000 for out-of-state students and $31,000 for in-state students.

It is also ranked 1st in US in Best value for money school (FT 2012). But that was not the only criterion. Texas A&M has a strong technology background and Mays business school also has Information Technology management department which ensure that it has more learning opportunity for people who has IT work experience. I also looked for internship and job opportunities available and was very impressed by it.

Deciding upon the first school I started writing my essays. Greatest thing about writing b-school essays was it imposes upon you the same question again and again i.e Why MBA? From bottom of my heart I had never given any serious thought to this question.

It took me one month to do self evaluation (you can call it the moment of epiphany for me). Different aspects of me such as what I would like to do post MBA, what I want out of MBA, why this school should choose me. Finally I submitted my essays just before the round one was over.

10-15 days after that I got email for interview. Due to initial preparation I was able to convince the admission committee that I fit into their MBA program. After 15 days I received admit letter. But the best part was the funding. I was provided In-state status which reduces my tuition fee to $31,000.

That is not all I was also awarded a huge $$$ scholarship which bring downs my tuition fee lower than any of the top level Indian b-school. As the Full Time MBA at Mays Business School is only 16 months its ROI becomes higher that some of the best 1 year programs. I am done with my visa, have packed my bags and am looking forward to my MBA program at Mays this year.

I hope that you found this useful.

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4 thoughts on “Mays Business School Texas A&M University with scholarship”

  1. Hi Samim

    I found your blog very informative and even more motivating. I am sure this will be of help to many aspirants. Best of luck for your future.

  2. Hello Samin,
    Congratulations!! on your admission to MAYS.Your blog was really helpful and inspiring.I had read and heard about MAYS, but had never come across a first hand account of a MAYS candidate.I believe MAYS has a specialization as MBA in MIS , and their MIS course is also strong.As you have mentioned , it has a strong IT focus.I too am from IT background and also interested in an MBA with technology focus.Thanks very much for all the Info you have shared.Your paintings are truly beautiful and work of art, lovely FB page.Wish you all the best in your B school journey and all your future endeavors.

  3. Hi Samin,

    Congratulations on admission to MAYS!! Your blog has been helpful. I gave my GMAT and scored 700 and i have 4yrs of work ex in IT services and plan to take up ITM. I have a query regarding the 1st essay of TAMU .. 3 professional achievements. Can i write about something that i did in my college as a student representative in the placement and training cell as a part of professional achivement. Can you please suggest?

  4. Hi Samim. Congratulations on the achivement. Since, its 2 yrs since u posted this blog, can you please tell things about the life you had in TAMU and the job opportunities u got there…


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