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Searching for a free download of Beyond The MBA Hype?

Beyond The MBA Hype

The best things in life are free (if not freely downloadable)! Air, happiness, peace of mind. Even before Beyond The MBA Hype got released, guys have been searching on Google for a free pdf download of the book. Maybe a primary indication of the level of interest in the book. Or maybe an evolving world order where everything will be free and the only currency that’ll work is goodwill. If it’s the latter, I’m feeling rich already.

For the honest ones who’ve got the book through traditional, non-adventurous means, please skip this post. For the others, here are a few perspectives.

Financial angle:
You’ll be joining a top MBA program soon and shelling out over 50 lakh rupees for it. The book that can help you make the best out of (or completely avoid) that expense costs a meagre 299 bucks (with a nice big discount if you order it from Flipkart and they deliver it to your doorstep).

Legal viewpoint:
You know the drill (piracy = crime, pirate going jail, chakki peesing…and peesing), so let’s not beat a dead horse with it. If you reached this post after searching for ‘free book download’ the hosting server might have recorded your IP address. Naah, just kidding. Or are we?

Ethical perspective:
You’ll be joining a top MBA program soon and taking electives to ‘learn’ ethical behaviour in business. So this might be your bachelor party before the marriage vows.

Emotional pitch:
The traditional publishing industry is shrinking. With dwindling volumes, publishers are forced to push mindless pulp fiction into the market as that genre sells more than any other niche genre. For many years, I struggled to get a publisher as many felt I lacked the platform (this was before I launched MBA Crystal Ball) to make it a commercial success. Free downloads will only send across the message that new authors aren’t worth betting on.

Alright, now please wipe those tears and click here to order your copy or call 1800 102 3547 to order (toll free). If you prefer an Ebook version, here are the links.

Download your
EBook* now

For only $9.99 / Rs.99

International Edition | Indian Edition

* Kindle NOT Needed. Read on Computers/Tablets/Smartphones with Free Kindle App

Read Free Chapters

If none of this has made an impact, click here to download a free copy of Beyond The MBA Hype.

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About Sameer Kamat
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12 thoughts on “Searching for a free download of Beyond The MBA Hype?”

    • Thanks, Aditya.

      So we’ll soon have another ‘educated consumer’ of management education added to the list. Do share your thoughts after reading the book.

      Warning: Some things mentioned in the book may not be what you’d have liked to hear. But better to hear the not-so-pleasant news now rather than later.

  1. Can’t I buy a pdf version? As far as I’ve understood, flipkart only sends in India, so I won’t be able to buy the book from Turkey. Even if I could, I would prefer to buy digital version in order not to pay for shipment.
    Well, should wait till somebody sells it on abebooks, I guess.

    • Hey Sila,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Unfortunately, no pdf version for now. Flipkart doesn’t ship outside India, but others like do send it overseas.
      I just got a copy shipped to a mentor (Trivia: guess who? Hint: He’s mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the book) and getting it by regular post is pretty cheap. Overnight courier becomes expensive.

      However, if you are like most enterprising Indians, you could ask one of your buddies/colleagues who’s travelling to Turkey to get you a copy from India.

      Desi innovation…think local, act global 😛

  2. Prabhat,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Pick up a copy not because of what’s written in this post. Read it because you are truly interested in finding out what an MBA can and cannot do for you.

    Please come back and let me know your thoughts after that.

  3. Sameer,

    I have ordered the book today through Flipkart but I wanted it immediately. I live in US and when I looked at Amazon it quoted $38.69, so I decided not to order from Amazon. My friend wants 15 days to get the book from India. You should have a better supply chain or you should start distributing online.


  4. Viplav,

    The book hasn’t been published outside India. Amazon shows entries by other parties that probably import it and distribute it (not sure how their process works). And they put their own price tag on it, which can be exhorbitant and doesn’t reflect the real pricing at all.

    Best option is to order it through an Indian retailer who can ship abroad (e.g. or ask a friend to carry a copy. Tons of Indians keep travelling across the world, so if you have some patience, that’s a better option.

  5. I liked your article. I wanted to buy the book on Flipkart, just before that I searched PDF. But I was smiling after I finished reading this article and ordered my copy on flipkart.

    But link is not actually redirecting to the correct place.

    • Just tested the link, Nishant. Looks fine at my end.

      But folks in some countries have had issues earlier, so not exactly sure what Amazon is up to. Which city/country are you in?


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