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GMAT Score Range: Minimum and Maximum

GMAT Score Range: Minimum and Maximum

The minimum GMAT score is 200. And the maximum you can score on the GMAT is 800.

The total GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800.

So how is the total GMAT score calculated?

The total GMAT score is the most important of all the scores and the one that matters a lot during admissions. This score is derived by taking into account both the quantitative and verbal scores, while the other sections do not contribute to this score.

The Quantitative section has 31 questions while the Verbal section has 36 questions. However, in both the sections, the score range is from 0 – 60. Candidates usually attain scores from 6 – 51 in each of these sections.

So how does this scaled score in both these sections get converted into a total GMAT score out of 800?

Well, this conversion is based on an algorithm that takes into account the number of questions you’ve answered, the correct answers you’ve been able to provide and the difficulty level of the questions answered.

Both these sections are computer – adaptive. This means that the level of difficulty would goes on increasing gradually with each correct answer you provide; however incorrect answers would mean a drop in the difficulty level.

Most of the test takers land a score between 400 and 600. According to GMAC, around two-third of the test takers’ GMAT score falls in this range. The total GMAT score is obtained in increments of 10.

AWA and IR sections

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section has one question with a score range on a scale of 0 – 6 with a 0.5 point increment. The scoring is independent and this score does not get added up with any other section score.

The Integrated Reasoning (IR) section has twelve questions and this section has a score range from 1 – 8 with an increment of one point. This section score is based on the number of correct answers you’ve been able to provide.

If a question has multiple parts, you would be required to provide correct answers for all the parts or you may not receive credit for the question. This section score doesn’t add up with any other score.

The following table gives you the various GMAT sections and their score range. You’d be able to view these section scores on your official GMAT score report.

    Score range
1. Verbal 6 – 51
2. Quantitative 6 – 51
3. Total 200 – 800
4. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) 0 – 6
5. Integrated reasoning (IR) 1 – 8


Mean GMAT scores

According to GMAC, the mean total GMAT score of test takers during the period 2014 – 2017 was 561.27.

The mean quantitative scaled score during the same period was 39.93, the mean verbal scaled score was lower than the quantitative mean at 27.04.

The mean IR section score recorded was 4.29 and finally the mean AWA section score was 4.48.

Score report

Immediately after completion of the GMAT test, you’d get to know four scores – verbal, quantitative, total score and integrated reasoning. If you accept your scores, you’d get an unofficial score report showing these scores.

The AWA section receives two score – one automated score and the second from an expert. Each of the score is on a six point scale and the average of the two becomes your AWA section score. As this section needs both human and machine rating, this is the only score that you wouldn’t receive on the test day.

Your official score report would take some time and would be available within a three week period.  In addition to the scores available in the unofficial score report, this report would also have your AWA score, GMAT percentile rankings, as well as previous GMAT scores for tests attempted in the previous five years. Your GMAT scores are valid for a five year period.
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