Global MBA Rankings 2020

MBA Rankings for USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, India and other countries in the world

The first MBA program rankings began in the late 1960s. Since then, many publications successfully, and unsuccessfully, laid out lists each year based on their own emphasized criteria – alumni ratings, salary, faculty reviews, and more.

Given the fact that USA leads the world in the number of popular business schools, its programs dominate the lists compelling many ranking publications to follow separate US and non-US enumerations. However, those generally fail to provide a complete global picture. Hence, when it comes to judging the world scene, Global MBA Rankings are usually the place to sniff out the powerhouses of business excellence.

The purpose, of such rankings, is two-fold. A) B-Schools are able to establish popularity and enhance their brand value, thereby attracting the crème-de-la-crème and ultimately keeping the shop open for business, and B) aiding prospective students in determining their future alma mater based on characteristics that will ultimately put a number on their ROI for getting an MBA.

Global MBA Rankings

Among the many rankings available in the universe, we have collated the Global MBA Rankings from three sources.

  • The Financial Times (FT) Global MBA Rankings which uses surveys to gather information from alumni, graduated within three years of the ranking year, for salary and employment statistics.
  • The Economist surveys b-schools, to alumni, in a 4:1 ratio, factoring in GMAT, employment and the ever-relevant salary statistics.
  • QS Global 200 Business Schools that calculates rankings based on a two-year period of employer assigned points average.

Armed with these, our intention is to tabulate a rather crisp comparison of the above global rankings, of MBA programs in the world.

Here is a list of b-schools that have ranked among the top 50 MBA programs in at least one of the ranking schemes of the Financial Times, The Economist, or the QS Global 200 Business Schools, arranged geographically (Top Higher Education Systems of the world).

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Best MBA colleges in the world


Asian and Australasian Business Schools in Global MBA Rankings

B-School Country FT Global MBA Ranking (2018) QS Global MBA Ranking (2018) Economist World MBA Ranking (2017)
INSEAD France/Singapore 2 2 21
CEIBS China 8 28 NA
HKUST Hong Kong 14 56 97
Nanyang Singapore 22 72 78
NUS Singapore 18 42 99
ISB India 28 NA NA
IIM Ahmedabad India 31 49 NA
Shanghai Jiao Tong (Antai) China 34 98 NA
CUHK China 43 68 NA
University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 33 38 25
Macquarie Australia NA NA 49
IIM Bangalore India 35 58 NA
Queensland Business School Australia NA NA 16
Melbourne Business School Australia 66 34 27
ESSEC France/Singapore 96 27 NA
AGSM (UNSW) Australia 63 39 NA


European Business Schools in Global MBA Rankings

B-School Country FT Global MBA Ranking (2018) QS Global MBA Ranking (2018) Economist World MBA Ranking (2017)
INSEAD France/Singapore 2 2 21
Judge (Cambridge) UK 13 19 55
London Business School UK 4 5 31
IE Business School Spain NA 10 34
IESE Business School Spain 11 24 17
ESADE Spain 20 17 48
HEC Paris France 21 3 15
IMD Switzerland 24 21 29
SDA Bocconi Italy 29 22 28
Alliance Manchester UK 36 55 NA
Rotterdam (Erasmus) Netherlands 37 25 91
Said (Oxford) UK 27 9 75
Cass (City University) UK 46 72 65
Lancaster UK 70 97 74
Warwick UK 41 41 18
Imperial College UK 51 16 85
Mannheim Germany 61 44 39
ESMT (Berlin) Germany 88 NA 41
EDHEC France 75 29 44
Copenhagen Business School Denmark 100 26 88
ESSEC France/Singapore 96 27 NA
Vlerick Belgium NA 31 NA
Cranfield UK 61 40 62


North American Business Schools in Global MBA Rankings

B-School Country FT Global MBA Ranking (2018) QS Global MBA Ranking (2018) Economist World MBA Ranking (2017)
Stanford GSB USA 1 4 5
Wharton USA 3 6 4
Harvard HBS USA 5 1 3
Columbia Business School USA 7 8 9
Booth (Chicago) USA 6 12 2
Kellogg (Northwestern) USA 12 14 1
Sloan (MIT) USA 9 7 19
Berkeley Haas (California) USA 10 11 7
Yale USA 15 28 11
Tuck (Dartmouth) USA 16 44 8
Stern (NYU) USA 23 19 14
Ross (Michigan) USA 26 15 12
Fuqua (Duke) USA 19 23 13
Johnson (Cornell) USA 17 36 26
Anderson (UCLA) USA 25 13 6
Darden (Virginia) USA 32 46 10
Tepper (Carnegie Mellon) USA 40 35 30
McDonough (Georgetown) USA 30 61 38
Foster (Washington) USA 48 64 36
Kenan-Flagler (North Carolina) USA 37 51 24
McCombs (Texas Austin) USA 44 30 35
Kelley (Indiana) USA 57 33 22
Marshall (USC) USA 59 37 40
Hough (Florida) USA 58 59 20
Owen (Vanderbilt) USA 73 65 23
Carlson (Minnesota) USA 85 69 32
Goizueta (Emory) USA 47 53 33
Scheller (Georgia Tech) USA 54 54 37
Jesse H Jones (Rice University) USA 45 77 42
Olin (Washington St Louis) USA 50 82 43
W. P. Carey (Arizona State) USA 51 74 45
Eli Broad (Michigan State) USA 72 47 46
Mendoza (Notre Dame) USA 77 87 47
Katz (Pittsburgh) USA 82 NA 50
Questrom (Boston) USA NA 32 51
Rotman (Toronto) Canada 86 43 NA
Ivey (Western) Canada 90 48 59
Urbana Champaign (Illinois) USA NA 50 NA


We will also use this article to finally move on to individual country specific rankings to keep the decision-making process simple and organized.

Country Specific MBA Rankings

Besides the global picture, a list of the most popular business schools, in a country, provides an indication of how they are positioned with respect to the business, and employment, demands of the nation. The rest of this article is motivated to inform the reader of the regional MBA rankings, with links directed to the individual, more detailed, pages.

MBA Rankings in USA

USA is the birth place of MBA. And being the grandparent of business education, it has kept up with its origin legacy by housing some of the best MBA programs in the world. More than 50% of the top business schools, of the world, are American. Follow the link below to educate yourself with the top MBA programs in the US and other pertinent information that can help you along your pursuit of the coveted degree.


MBA Rankings in Canada

Canada’s education promise is looking more like an underdogvictory story with the country featuring in almost all Top Education Destination lists. Its MBA programs have also received popular recognition, with a couple of Canadian B-schools having made it to the Global MBA rankings. Follow the link below for the MBA rankings, within this North American wonderland.


MBA Rankings in UK

The Queen’s country has some of the oldest universities and is among the best MBA abroad countries for Indians, and other international, students. The familiar language, the multicultural society, and London being one of the economic/financial centers of the world, makes the UK quite a lucrative option after an MBA degree.Here is a list of the top UK MBA programs suited for all the anglophiles out there.


MBA Rankings in Germany

An MBA in Germany offers up the opportunity to study in the world’s fourth largest, and Europe’s biggest economy. The country has some of the best education resources, there is, and to top it all their education costs are very low, with public universities granting degrees for a buck and a smile. Their MBA programs are globally respected. Follow the link to scan the names of the top MBA schools in Germany.


MBA Rankings in Australia

The land down-under has a lot more in store besides the miles of beaches and exotic, yet poisonous, multi-limbed creatures.Competitive salaries, job opportunities, and world class resources, top its already favorable features of common known language and cosmopolitan culture. Here are the best MBA programs offered in the land of the ‘roos


MBA Rankings in India

India offers a relatively reasonable education alternative with rewarding results. The IIMs, S P Jain, and ISBs, are globally recognized brands with incredible ROIs, well worth your money. These schools offer various tailored MBA options suited to individual needs. Follow the link below for best MBA programs in India.


MBA Rankings in Singapore

Singapore has become one of the most popular business centers in Asia, and in the world. The cost of an MBA degree is cheaper than the US, and yet offers incredibly lucrative career options in companies like McKinsey, Boston Consulting, Amazon, and more. Its multicultural society makes for easy living for students, and its schools, like NUS, Nanyang, and INSEAD, have worldwide recognition.


MBA Rankings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is yet another crucial financial center of Asia and beyond. Besides being highly ranked as one of the best student cities in the world, according to QS, it provides an excellent secure option for international students to obtain full-time employment in Hong Kong. Therefore, an MBA, with great career prospects, makes for a very desirable investment in the future.


MBA Rankings in China

China is a formidable name in today’s economy. Its fast-growing market has created a perfect environment for business growth, and thereby practical business education. The number of MBA schools have grown in the past few decades to accommodate the need for trained professionals which also constitutes a healthy number of international students. For a complete guide on Chinese MBA programs, best schools, careers, and post-MBA salaries, take a peek at the link below.


MBA Rankings in Philippines

Philippines’s education system falls within the top 50 in the world. The cost of an MBA degree is reasonably low, with post MBA salaries promising smart returns. For information, on the top MBA programs, career prospects, and more, you are recommended to browse the link below and follow it up with your research.


MBA Rankings in Africa

Africa is an emerging market with the demand for MBA graduates gradually catching up to meet that from other parts of the world. The growth is slow, such as the 1% growth in the jobs for MBA, in 2015/16 as compared to Asia’s 17% and North America’s 16%, according to QS TopMBA Jobs and Salary Trends Report of 2016/17. However, salaries in the continent have remained consistent despite the slow growth. Pockets of the continent, like Egypt and South Africa, continue to show some demand for MBA graduates and relatively high salaries, such as South Africa’s average of $92,500 plus bonus. Some of the well-known African b-schools are tabulated below.

School Country Rank in 2016/17
Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town South Africa QS Global Rank: #141-150

FT Global MBA Rank: #76

Wits Business School, University of Witwatersrand South Africa FT Business Executive Education – Customized: #68
GIBS Business School, University of Pretoria South Africa FT Business Executive Education- Customized: #45
University of Stellenbosch Business School South Africa FT Business Executive Education – Customized: #80
The American University in Cairo Egypt FT Business Executive Education – Open: #73

End Note

Besides the above list, we, at MBA Crystal Ball, have also come up with a homegrown MBA Ranking which is based on the online popularity of the programs. Our methodology uses overall website traffic and other social media parameters (followers, likes, interactions, online activity) on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Follow the link – Most Popular GMAT Business Schools – for the list. For a deeper understanding on the implications of this ranking scheme, you are recommended to read our article on Insights from the MBA Crystal Ball B-School Rankings. On a related note, you may also find Global University Rankings, for Undergraduate Studies an interesting read, if you are looking at some of the most well-renowned universities for undergrad programs in various fields.

Remember to research your cause and keep your sights set on your MBA goal story.
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