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Best Universities in Canada for Data Science & Analytics Courses

Data is probably the most omnipresent virtual quantity, of the 21st century, with astronomically high quantity of data being generated, every minute, almost as a score card of all the events, and non-events occurring around.

But this data is useless unless its vast resource can be tapped for further use. That is easier said than even attempted. When it comes to large quantities of data, traditional database extraction tools provide very limited access to this formidable quantity of Big data.

To make the best of the seemingly untappable resource, a new field of data extraction, visualization, management and manipulation has come about – Data Analytics or Data Science (For the interested, here are some advanced insights on data science and related fields of Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs Data Science Vs Deep learning).

People who indulge in this data mining and analysis are called Data Scientists. And the 20,000 data scientists worldwide are adept in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Programming.

Most of them don’t have formal training in the field, and usually gel in as interdisciplinary geniuses who have some form of self, or on the job, training in data engineering, machine learning and statistics.

Over time, and with the foreseeable increase in Data Analysis experts in the future, Data Science is emerging as a formal degree. Though there might be the need to catch up to a more universal curriculum, of sorts, quite a few universities are coming up with MS or Professional Certificates in Data Science/Analytics.

Canada, being one of the top countries for higher education, has now begun their bid to get into the data race. In this article, we will list some of the known universities, across all the Canadian provinces, that offer a formal training in handling big data. The list is in no particular ranking order. It can be referred to as the first step towards looking for degree programs for the data chaser. For a more exhaustive picture, you would be well advised to take the research into the pages of individual universities that you might be interested in.

Free online courses

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Canadian Universities with graduate degrees in Data Analytics/Science

1) McGill University

McGill offers many MS programs with courses focusing on data science skills. Here are some examples.

MS in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Information Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, Bioinformatics, etc.

Their courses align with topics like Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology Methods, Distributed Systems, Probabilistic Reasoning and AI, Applied Machine Learning, Data Mining, Optimization, Information Retrieval, and more.

Tuition: Upwards of $10,000 USD depending on the required credits for graduation.

Application Requirements: GRE/TOEFL

2) University of British Columbia

Master of Data Science (MDS)

Duration: 10 month accelerated learning

Courses listed here

Tuition: ~ $37,000

Application Requirement: TOEFL/IELTS. Any Undergraduate with a recommended Self Assessment

3) Simon Fraser University

Professional Master’s Program in Big Data/ Computing Science MSc in Big Data

Courses listed here

Tuition: ~$34,000

Application Requirement: TOEFL/IELTS. Expected prior training in languages like Java, Python,C++

4) Carleton University

Specialization in Data Science by participating Masters Programs

Application Fee ~ $100

Tuition ranges from $12,000 to $18,000/year

5) University of Waterloo

Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (MDSAI)

Duration: 16 to 20 months

Tuition: $4,000 per course for internationals

Master’s of Mathematics in Data Science

Duration: 4 to 6 terms

Tuition: $5,700 per term for internationals

6) Saint Mary’s University

M.Sc. In Computing & Data Analytics

Courses listed here

Application Requirements: TOEFL. Bachelors in Computing Science or equivalent. Minimum 70% on Computing Test administered by Saint Mary’s University. Complete a technical interview with the Program Director.

Tuition: ~$29,000

7) Ryerson University

M.Sc in Data Science and Analytics

Duration: 1 year Full Time and 2 year Part Time

Courses listed here

Application Requirements: TOEFL. Bachelors in engineering, science, business and economics. Prerequisite courses in Statistics, data structures and algorithms, databases and R software packages.

Tuition: ~$16,000 per year

8) University of Western Ontario

Master of Data Analytics

Duration: 1 year

Application Requirements: TOEFL. Background in Mathematics and Computer Science, introductory Statistics, calculus, linear algebra and computer programming

Tuition: ~$19,500

9) Athabasca University

Master of Science in Information Systems

Duration: 2.5 to 3.5 years

Courses listed here

Tuition ~ $18,000


Other universities that offer courses in Data science / analytics

Here are a few more Universities that dabble in Data.

School Degree
Augustana University College A Liberal Arts based Data Analytics Program
University of Alberta MS in Computing Science with Data Analytics

MS in Computing Science with Machine Learning

University of Calgary Information Security and Data Management
University College of the Fraser Valley Data Analysis Post Degree Certificate
University of Victoria Research in Data Science and Cyber Physical Systems
University of New Brunswick Computer Science with research in Data Management, Analytics and Mining
Acadia University M.Sc Computer Science with research interest in Data Science
Dalhousie University Institute of Big Data Analytics
Lakehead University Introduction to Data Science
Queen’s University Master of Management Analytics
Trent University Big Data Analytics M.Sc.: Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods
University of Ottawa School of Engineering and Computer Science

research in

Big Data Management and Analytics

University of Toronto Master of Science in Applied Computing
University of Windsor MSc in Artificial Intelligence Stream
Wilfrid Laurier University Applied Computing (MAC)
York University Big Data Analytics Program
University of Regina Computer Science MS with research in Data Mining

There might be many more programs, in other Universities, catering to the data demands of the current times. If you are interested, you will need to invest the requisite time to gather your intel. Given the trend, and the massive awareness for the need of data specialists, the inclusion of this new field is simply inevitable.

Good luck data mining!

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