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Management Consulting Jobs India | Strategy consultant

Management Consulting Jobs | India

The 3 Horizons towards a career in Management Consulting

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Management Consulting Jobs | Strategy consultant jobs India

Get mentored by a former McKinsey Strategy Consultant / Recruiter


1. Know the consulting industry from Inside

No matter where you first got the whiff about management consulting (or strategy consulting or any of its variants), more often than not, most outsiders are in awe of the profession. And not for no reason, for it is a very high profile job, both intellectually and monetarily. And most people are drawn to management consulting because of those two reasons. But there is definitely more to consultants than meets the eye.

– Do you know what it means to serve a client when you are charging the equivalent of the CEOs salary every month?
– Do you know the life and beyond of these supernatural beings called management consultants?
– Exactly what are these “CEO Level” problems that you solve when you become a management consultant?

All these and many more questions will get answered through MCB’s ‘Know the MC industry – an Insider’s view’ package. In a no-holds barred 1-hour session, we’ll take you through the trials and tribulations of being a strategy consultant, plus answer any doubts/concerns you have.

Apart from the general overview, we’ll also personalise the package for your profile by including the following:

– A SWOT analysis of your profile. This will give you a good idea of the challenges that you are up against as you compete with many other extremely talented folks vying for that same role.

– How can you make your profile better and more attractive to consulting firms, by enhancing your qualifications and professional experience?

This is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be a management consultant but hasn’t been one. We will put all your anxieties to rest and you will be able to spot a consultant when you see one. And build a solid foundation for yourself.

Fee: INR 8,000

2. Prepare yourself for a management consultant’s job

a. Resume revisit: You may have applied to tons of jobs and may have successfully moved from strength to strength. But the resume for a top-notch strategy consulting job is like no other. You don’t want to be too loud but you cannot afford to be soft either. Every word has got to tell your story; remember this is your ticket to superstardom – so better have the right ticket.

Your mentor at MCB has been an expert at screening resumes while at the job and knows to spot a winner resume from the stockpile. However smart you feel you may have been in all your previous endeavors, the consulting Resume needs a very different approach and we are here to provide you just that through our ‘Resume Revisit’ service. You can avail of two services:
i. 1 Pass: You send us your resume and we fine tune it highlighting all the loose ends. This is ideal for candidates who already have keen sense of resume and need the final professional touch.

Fee:INR 6,000
ii. 2 Pass + Setup: Ideal for those who would like to get on the phone with us to first ensure they have the right elements and only then proceed towards the actual content. In this service, we will let you talk us through the elements of your resume and we will take out a lot of information from you during this process. Post that, we do two rounds – the first is a higher level input that’ll push you. In the second pass, we will polish the resume and make it application ready.

Fee: INR 15,000
b. Interview Interrogation: For a newbie, the typical management consulting interview will come close to an interrogation – only here, the end result could be glory. So what’s different? Well, to begin with, the heart of a strategy consulting interview is really the case.

So what’s the case you may ask? A case is nothing but usually a ‘real-life’ problem that the management consultant asking the case had actually solved for a client. Only difference being, unlike in real-life, there will be a model solution to the case.

Is it like a puzzle where you need to be really one of the smartest persons around? Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes because you do need to be quite smart to be able to solve these cases in the first place and become a management consultant eventually. No because, the smartness is not an indication of your IQ score but more a matter of how logical and structured your approach is towards problem-solving. 70% of the interview’s weightage is on how well you lay down the structure. Solving a case is as much an art as it is science. You need to really practice very extensively to be able to mould your skills in the right fashion.

Having taking umpteen such interviews and passing this stage, your MCB mentor can help you trump the case interview – apart of course from a good understanding of other aspects in an interview. We charge per session for this – with a minimum requirement of 3 sessions. We believe that without 3 sessions, you will never be able to grasp the fundamentals.

Fee: First 3: INR 25,000 | Subsequent: INR 6,000 per session

3. The all important Connect

So you’ve done up your resume and have aced the case interview preparation. What next? We are sure you would have the right contacts atleast in a few places – assuming that that’s the reason you are interested in the management consulting industry in the first place. So go on and start applying to the big ones as well as the next in lines.

If you are just starting off and aren’t fortunate to have a ready contacts list to tap into, we’ll give you a roadmap to build your network in the industry:

– Identify the correct category of consulting firms (top-tier, big-4, boutique, IT consulting etc) where you’d have the best chance of getting selected.

– Adopt effective approaches on your own to break into the management consulting world. This includes developing online and offline initiatives to develop your own contacts within the industry.

– Use various ‘cold-calling’ and ‘warm-introduction’ techniques. There are right and wrong ways of doing both. So ensure it works for (and not against) you.

– We’ll introduce you to concept of ‘Informal informational interviews’, a powerful way for you to establish a link with the right people in the right company and leverage it to take you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Fee: Free! We’ll bundle this along with any of the earlier two packages.

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