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MBA in Hong Kong – Best business schools ranking, costs, salaries

Best MBA in Hong Kong

Top business schools in Hong Kong – Ranking, costs, salaries


Trivia: The employment rate at this business school in Hong Kong after 3 months of graduation was around 96%, with 93% students finding job opportunities in Asia. A whopping 82% managed to change industry/function.

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Top MBA in Hong Kong

It is a matter of shifting your gaze. “Asia-Pacific accounted for 61% share of global IPOs and 44% share of global IPO proceeds”, according to the Global IPO Trends Q2 2017, surpassing the US and boasting of five out of the top ten most active stock exchanges in the world. The part that is relevant to this article lies between the high dollar lines.

The world is witnessing a consistent rise of Asian hubs as crucial financial centers of the world. And Hong Kong is one of its leaders. Besides opening up lines of trade with China, it also has the advantage of a highly skilled populace to back up the growth in business, research, and education (Read Hong Kong among the top higher education systems in the world).

A combination of the above qualities puts Hong Kong in a very cozy position to home some of the best business schools in the world. Read Top MBA Colleges in the world.

In this article, we will explore all the possible reasons why Hong Kong is such a popular destination for students, not just in Asia, but from all over the world, to head there for their MBA degree. In other words, we will explore the advantages offered by a Hong Kong MBA.

Best MBA in Hong Kong


Why study MBA in Hong Kong?

Going by numbers, Hong Kong was ranked 11th in QS Best Student Cities in the world, in 2017 – a combination of desirability, employability, affordability, rankings, student mix and student opinions. It has a healthy international student body.

According to data from the University Grants Committee, a government body handling education in Hong Kong’s universities, the number of international students has been growing, comprising a total of 14.22% of total enrollments, based on numbers from 2012.

There are a number of possible advantages drawing them in, perhaps leading us to the factors that are making MBA candidates constitute a large portion of those enrollments. Let’s find out what.

Cosmopolitan to the T

It may be close to China, but the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) is a much more open society, encouraging a healthy mix of various cultures. Most of the population is Chinese, followed by smaller groups of ethnicities originating in the Philippines, Indonesia, Europe, India, Japan, and so on. So English is pretty common and also structured well into the education system.

This ethnic mixing also ensures a world class multi-cuisine at every street corner – an essential for any student wanting to satisfy the sudden pangs of homesick food cravings.

Unlike the US, Hong Kong does not have any number quota on how many internationals can secure a full time employment there. There are three categories for work permit there (subject to revision by HK immigration).

  • For individuals graduating out of a Hong Kong university, under the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG). It is valid for 1 year but can be renewed further. If you apply within the first six months of graduation, you may not even require an offer letter to get a visa.

If, for some reason, you apply after the first six months, you will need an offer of employment.

  • For individuals who want to immigrate to Hong Kong. The requirement is that you will need to be highly skilled and your job should be in your field, unlikely to be filled by a national. This is called the General Employment Policy (GEP). This is open to all internationals except Chinese professionals.
  • And finally, there is a third one for Mainland China professionals. It is called the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP).


Quality of Life

The quality of life, in Hong Kong, is often challenged by its rather high cost of living. But that burden is softened by the high salaries, of MBA graduates, going over $100,000 (USD for the entire article). It is an extremely safe city, with exciting lifestyle afforded by many outdoor activities, events, festivals, and world class restaurants.

Numbeo‘s quality of life index, in Hong Kong, is shy of London, New York, or Singapore, but holds its own at 100.19 which still guarantees a very decent living. It is only when you decide to buy a property, in Hong Kong, that you may have to hope for a windfall of sorts.

Item Cost per month (Numbeo)
Food Prices $354
Rent for a one-bedroom apartment $1,400-$2,100
Single household cost of living $902

The country also offers numerous scholarships for non-local (international) students, encouraging a healthy influx of their participation in their education system. Follow the table below for individual university related scholarship information.

World class business schools

Four, of the 10+ business schools, are ranked globally within the top 50 in MBA quality. An MBA, with a Hong Kong brand, is respected in the international community. With expert faculties spanning the whole world and curriculum designed to cater to the burgeoning economic demands of Asia, and the west, it offers a wholesome business training platform for candidates interested in taking their expertise to a global scale.

Let’s jump right into the details of the MBA programs, the business schools that offer them, their global standing, cost and all that it takes to build a big picture of business education in Hong Kong.

Top Business Schools for an MBA in Hong Kong

No. B-School World Ranking (QS 2017) Average Post MBA Salary
1 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) #20 $95,000
2 The University of Hong Kong (HKU) #28
#1 in Asia (Economist)
3 The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) #39 $62,550
4 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) #40 Not Available
5 City University of Hong Kong #49 (2018) Not Available


Full Time (FT) MBA & Part Time (PT) MBA in Top B-Schools in Hong Kong

Program Name Duration Tuition
HKUST– Full Time MBA 12-16 months $75,300
HKU – Full Time MBA 14 months $67,100 for 1 year


HKU – Part Time MBA 2-4 years $48,300
CUHK – Full Time MBA 12-16 months $67,100
CUHK – Part Time MBA 24 months $49,200
CUHK – JD (Juris Doctor) MBA 36 months (FT)
60 months (PT)
$90,500 (FT)
$41,500 (PT)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – MBA 2-4 years $29,400
City University of Hong Kong –Full Time MBA 12 months (FT)
2-3 years (PT)
$38,900-$56,350 (as per number of credits)


Top Executive MBA in Hong Kong

Program Name Duration Approximate Tuition
HKUST– MBA for Professionals Weekly Part Time 2 years $55,200
HKUST– MBA for Professionals Bi-Weekly Part Time 2 years $61,000
HKU – EMBA Global Asia 16-20 months $175,000
City University of Hong Kong – EMBA 22 months $65,800

Besides the above, listed, other MBA programs offered by the Hong Kong Baptist University, and collaboration programs with the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management and the Manchester Global Part Time MBA programs are also well recognized. You are encouraged to spend some time researching options that suit your bill.

Hong Kong does give an opportunity to experience the world where east meets west, and in all the best of ways. So, if you want premium global business training while enjoying an occasional whiff of the historically rich orient, an MBA in Hong Kong is the right way to go – east that is…

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