List of STEM degree programs in USA

List of STEM degree programs

STEM refers to degree education in fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It has been estimated that US would experience a shortage of workforce required to work in advanced areas related to the STEM designated fields.

As per the data provided by the US Department of Labor, the number of jobs available in the STEM areas would be close to 1.2 million by 2018, however there would be a deficit of suitably qualified candidates to take up these positions.

Hence there’s a growing need to encourage students to study and take up careers in these areas to keep a pipeline ready for the next generation of STEM professionals.

Importance of STEM designated courses for the U.S. Economy

Professions related to the STEM fields are considered to be of high importance, as the future of the country and the economic, scientific and technological progress in the long run is directly related to these areas.

United States has been the global leader in these areas and in order to sustain this competitive position in the global economy, there needs to be a concentrated effort to encourage more professionals to take up future positions in these areas.

STEM education cultivates a spirit of inquiry, logical and innovative thinking, exploratory learning and a problem-solving mindset among students which is the foundation for our future scientists, architects, engineers and educators.

Finally, it is from these fields that we can get our future scientific and technological innovations, which is the key to our prosperity and an improved quality of life, thus forming an essential component for a competitive society and for the entire US economy. The importance of the STEM courses has been recognised and emphasised by USA as seen from the encouraging efforts taken by president Obama to increase the number of majors in STEM.

International Students and STEM fields

International students and workers also play a significant role in this entire picture. It has been noted that a lot of start-ups by international students have successfully taken off, leading to a lot of job creation which serves as a boost to the US economy.

Better policies help attract top talent and retain them so that students can stay back and work after graduation. This retention of skilled STEM students in turn helps improve the country’s productivity.

According to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, foreign-born workers already make up about 17 percent of the domestic STEM workforce, with the percentage going upto 25 percent in certain areas like Life and Physical Science occupation.


Benefits and advantages for STEM students


1. STEM Extension for F1 students in USA

STEM students on an F1 visa who opted to work in the U.S. under the 12 month OPT could earlier extend it by 17 months, but now as per the latest rule, it can be extended by 24 months. This new OPT rule would be effective from May 9, 2016. Again, here too the students need to be employed by those employers who participate in E-Verify.

2. Better job opportunities

As per U.S Department of Commerce, the number of STEM related occupations are expected to grow at 17% from 2008 to 2018 compared to non-STEM occupations which are estimated to grow at only 9.8%.

3. Higher remuneration

It has also been noted that those who’ve earned their degree in STEM areas earn a higher salary in comparison to those who’ve graduated in non-STEM related fields.

4. Launch your startup

A large number of startups have been launched by graduates of STEM prorams. Innovation is the new mantra and if you’re from a STEM field, you can always think of creative ways to develop your own software or your new app or create a gadget and thus start a successful business. 

Sample List of STEM degree programs

Here’s a representative list of the degree programs included under STEM:

Agricultural Engineering
Animal Sciences
Architectural Engineering
Behavioral Sciences
Biomedical Technology
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer and Information Sciences
Computer Programming
Environmental studies
Food science
Forensic Chemistry
Forensic Science and Technology
Horticultural Science
Human Biology
Mechanical Engineering
Military Applied Sciences
Mining Technology
Molecular Biology
Nuclear Physics
Nutritional Sciences
Ocean Engineering
Petroleum Technology
Plant sciences

There are over 300 programs that we haven’t listed here due to space constraints. If you are interested in getting the full list, you can download the full STEM degree program list as a PDF file from this link.

If you see the big picture, it’s a fact that science and technology touches almost every aspect of our lives. Right from constructing the roads, bridges or buildings or remaining connected with others through social media; computers or medical research (vaccines, antibiotics, life-saving drugs) has become possible due to the efforts of the STEM professionals.

Choose the right specialisation based on your interests & goals and get a head-start in your career.

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After working for over a decade in technical and managerial roles in the corporate world, Swati now works as a freelancer and writes on a variety of topics including education, career guidance and self-improvement.


  1. Tushar says:

    I have a experience of 2 years and m willing to do a MEM degree because I have an engineer background and also my current job profile is technical.
    Should I opt for an MBA instead?

    • Anurag Sengupta says:

      Hello Everyone. I am planning to do Masters in Business Analytics frm USA, I believe it falls under the STEM degrees, further I wanted to know what are the job prospects of mine after completion of the degree in USA?

  2. Sameer Kamat says:

    Tushar: Choose your degree based on where you want to take your career, not where it is right now.

    If you are happy being in the technical role and the same industry, as MEM would be good. If you want to have a more generic degree that allows more flexibility, an MBA work better.

    For the latter, it would be helpful for you to get some more experience.

  3. ARJUN THAKUR says:

    Hello Sameer,
    Management science is listed as one of the programs in STEM category but what are the various degree programs covered in mgmt science.
    Does it also include MBA programs.

    Please elucidate and help.

  4. Sameer Kamat says:

    Arjun, MBA programs are not included in the STEM list. Some MS courses with a management focus qualify for it.

    However, given the preference that many international students have for such programs, you may find some universities trying to tweak their MBA courses and finding technicalities to pass them off as STEM.

    In fact, there’s one university that calls their program the STEM MBA. But on a closer look, you’ll find that they are just focussed on applicants who have a STEM undergrad background. Very sneaky.

    Be careful what you are getting into, and make sure you read the fine print.

    • Onisha says:

      Sameer, can I consider M.Sc. in management a part of STEM? I couldn’t find d any accurate information stating that any management course (M.Sc, MIM) are infact a part of STEM

  5. bridgette says:

    Are masters programs also considered for STEM

  6. AISHWARYAA says:

    Hi , I intend to do my Masters in Forensic Molecular Biology from USA . However this course is not listed under STEM courses , however I find Forensic Science and Molecular Biology as separate courses listed under STEM .
    Can you please clarify or let me know who can help me in this regard .

  7. Vijay S says:

    I am on H1B and my nature of job can take me to different locations in USA. I want to pursue my MS in Computer Science which is falling under Stem. I have 3 doubts.

    1. Whether I can take online MS courses? Since I am unable to stay in one location for very long. Hence I may not take a college course. Hence I was preferring online course to be able to attend classes from any location in US.

    2. If I take online MS Computers, will that have same weightage as a regular classroom course.

    3. If I take Online MS in Computers Science, will I be able to take my H1B lottery under Masters cap 20k in future after my current H1B is complete?

  8. Nilesh Rughani says:

    MBA-Healthcare Administration included as STEM Course ?

  9. parveen banu mohammed says:

    hey sameer, i have been admitted into stem mba program at sdsu .is it worth joining

  10. Swarup Patra says:

    Are all programs similar to MIS (Management in Information Systems) listed under STEM. IF no then how should we check if MIS for a particular college is listed as STEM course.

  11. Yinka B Abimbola says:

    I have a degree in economics at graduate with second class lower division (2.45) and i want to enrolled in a STEM course. Which course will you advice me to pick and which school.

  12. Kaival Shah says:

    Coming from Management background currently i completed my under graduation(3 years) course i’m confused to go for one more year diploma course(3+1) that completes my 16years of education, my question is it is necessary to have 3+1 credentials for applying to good universities of united states and for STEM courses?
    Can you please suggest few STEM courses which can be applied as per my profile.
    If you are aware of this course, Management Information System(MIS) how is the course feedback and opportunities as per your knowledge.

  13. Shahbir says:

    Halo all,
    Is it a wise decision to pursue M.S in regulatory affairs at North Eastern university if I have seven years of experience in life sciences research( not in regulatory affairs) plus a certificate (not certification) from RAPS (Regulatory Affairs Professional Society). The M.S program is not STEM designated. It will cost me around 40000 U.S dollars ( tution plus living) in total to complete the study. I will be glad for having suggestions.

  14. Neha says:

    Hi, I am an MBA with HR with 6 years of experience. I would like to know which STEM course should I opt for to have a better career in US since I will be settling in US on dependent visa.
    Please advice.

  15. Neha Rajput says:

    Plz Help me with career question. I have done M.Pharma in Pharmaceutical chemistry from India. Now Living in US on H4 Visa and wanted to go to school so that i will be able to work in future. Plz suggest some of the MS program Or Associate degree which comes Under STEM. Thanks in advance.

  16. Alay says:

    I Have Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic engineering, and i also have 2 year of work experience of my field. i want to do my master in management which should come under STEM (1st Priority) so please can anyone suggest me all the management courses which comes under STEM and any management courses related to my bachelors.

  17. Krishna says:

    I have done my bachelors in physiotherpy
    Does Masters in exercise science or exercise physiology comes under STEM ??
    If it comes under it which courses should I select for persuing job after masters?
    I want to apply in Cleveland State University
    Kent State University
    University of toledo
    And University of akron

  18. sanjay says:


    I BTech graduate with 10 years of experience as a Programmer. I want to pursue a STEM designed machine learning course in new york. Could you please help me with some information

  19. Alishka says:

    Does MA in Biotechnology from Columbia University count as a Stem course?

  20. Aparna says:

    I m pursuing my BSc. in physics from Kerala India and I would like to move for astronomy .Is their is a course called Msc Physics and astronomy over there. How can I apply for this. Is there any entrance exam for this.

  21. Aishwariya Vaidyanathan says:


    I have my Bachelors in Architecture. I would like to pursue my M.Arch in USA. I would like to get a list of STEM accredited colleges for M.Architecture. Where could i find them. It will help me zero down on the colleges to apply.

  22. prathyusha says:

    hello, does m.s in psychology comes under stem ? can f-1 students do m.s in physiology program ?

  23. Fiona Manonn says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m pursuing B.Sc. Computer Science final year and thinking to apply for M.Sc. in the USA. Could you please help me out in selecting the best college for M.Sc. along with STEM Programmes? I would really appreciate any kind of help.

    Also, how does one apply for scholarship programs in the USA?

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