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Custom Services

Custom Services

Here’s a summary of what we offer. This is for applicants who don’t need comprehensive support that we provide with our standard MBA application review services.

Brainstorming: INR 18,000

Scope: 1 hour phone call to discuss the content of each essay for your chosen school (choice of stories, profile positioning, professional and personal aspects to highlight, connecting the dots across the essays etc). This will help you polish your essay drafts before you send them to us for the essay editing process.

Great way to make each review/editing cycle focussed and productive, so we spend less effort getting an off-track story back on the tracks. This is included in our standard 1/3/5 school packages (as described above).

Basic Package: INR 45,000

Scope: 2 reviews for Essays of 1 School

For those who’ve got the essentials sorted out and are looking for some help in putting it all together in an impactful manner. The package includes one detailed review on the structure/content of your essays for one chosen school.

The second review then focuses on refining the language and correcting grammatical errors. There is no brainstorming involved in this package.

Turbocharge Package: INR 27,000

Scope: 1 review for Essays of 1 School

For those who have completed their essays and are ready to submit, but not before getting a last-minute sanity check done. Always good to ensure that there are no major flaws or disconnects in your application.

Masters degree (MS) SoP Review Package: INR 45,000

Scope: Brainstorming for SoP (1 call: 45 mins) + SoP Review (3 rounds) + Recommendation Review (2 LoRs, 1 round) + Resume review (1 round)

This service is offered only for regular MS programs that have a single SoP requirement, and targeted at candidates with 0-2 years of experience. It is not suitable for other professional degrees (such as MSBA and SCMr) that have a more complex application requirement. Get in touch with us and we’ll let you know which package would work best.

Please note that we do not write the SoP for you. That is something that you do; but we will help edit it and make it better in terms of presentation and impact. This scope is for one university.

PhD SoP Review Package: INR 70,000

Scope: Brainstorming for SoP + SoP Review + Recommendation Review (2-3 LoRs) + Resume review

We offer unlimited reviews for the SoPs, LoRs and Resume.

Other programs

If you are looking for help with other programs like MFin, MFE, MiM, MPA, MPP, get in touch.

Custom-built Packages

You let us know how you want to build your package and we’ll give you a quote.

Contact us

Drop us a note with your profile details on the following email ID: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com