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Best LSAT Books 2022 – 2023

Best LSAT Books | 2022 – 2023

A high score on the LSAT is the perfect start to a law career. Not only it leads to admission in the best law schools, it also enhances the chances of getting a scholarship. The difference between your initial diagnostic score and the score you want to achieve can be bridged only by efficient practice from worthwhile preparation resources.

One can even pull off a 15-20 point increase with the right effort. Based on your circumstances and inclinations, you can choose to opt for self-study or an LSAT prep course. For a candidate opting for a self-study regimen, it is imperative to create a realistic 3-4 month schedule and stick to it religiously.

Selecting the right books to study for LSAT is absolutely crucial. If the wrong set of books happen to be in your cart, you may end up going round in circles instead of making actual progress. The right set of books also ensures that you have the best strategies/tips in your arsenal to tackle all question types in a smart manner.

We have compiled a list of books available in the market that should propel you towards your dream of studying in a top law school.

List of the best LSAT study guides


10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V

As you might have guessed already, the book contains 10 official LSAT tests. In your LSAT prep journey, the best thing you can do is practicing with the actual questions from prior tests. If you want to get just one book, this should definitely be the one. It is especially awesome when paired with a book that has explanations and strategies for questions – the book provides official practice tests that one can take every week to gauge progress.

For folks who have plenty of time and want to start the preparation from scratch, this is not a good first resource. There are no explanations for the answers and no strategies to tackle the exam. Reviewing the questions that you get wrong is very crucial; you need to consult some external source for help on the feedback. Make sure that you start taking timed practice tests as you advance in your preparation for full benefit.

You can buy this book from Amazon here.

Kaplan’s LSAT Premier 2016-2017 with Real Practice Questions

This book is a good overall book for LSAT preparation. It provides a comprehensive overview of the exam and also elucidates the most common mistakes the candidates commit. A huge portion of the book is dedicated to logic games, complete with diagrams and sketches to teach you how to approach almost every logic game question you’ll likely encounter.

The basics of formal logic are also pretty solid and help in tackling both the analytical and logical reasoning sections. The book even has good suggestions for approaching the Reading Comprehension section. Although the book does not contain any full-length practice tests, it forms a potent combo along with the Official LSAT PrepTests.

You can buy this book from Amazon here.

PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy

It is one of the most comprehensive sets of books for LSAT preparation, and also the most expensive. It has elaborate methods and strategies for every section of the exam — well suited for candidates who have ample time on their hands and looking for in-depth explanations. Every LSAT section is accompanied with drills and practice problems. The book also contains useful advice on timing/pacing. Another plus is that all practice problems are taken from the official sources which leads to much less confusion as compared to the “model LSAT questions”.

You can buy this trilogy from Amazon: Book1, Book2, Book3.

The Princeton Review Cracking the LSAT Premium 2015 Edition

The general tips provided in this book are quite good and the strategies are summarized nicely at the end of each chapter for better recollection. Logic game questions are accompanied with detailed sketches to better explain the thought process that goes into solving them. The book also gives you access to the “Premium Portal”: exclusive videos of teachers explaining concepts/strategies, study guides, and law school profiles. The book even has advice on the law school application process and the legal job market.

You can buy this book from Amazon here.

Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Quick & Dirty LSAT Primer

The best thing about this book is its colloquial and humorous style of writing. The author lays out the 10 commandments for the LSAT, along with excellent tips for various question types. The descriptions of logical reasoning questions are lucid and detailed. The logic games are also explained in a way that makes them quite interesting.

The teaching style certainly helps in taking some edge off the exam preparation. The book focuses heavily on logical reasoning though, and should not be the only book you practice from. It is also focused towards the beginners rather than the advanced candidates.

You can buy the Kindle version of this book from Amazon here.

Some other good books for LSAT Preparation include:

In the end, a large part of the success at LSAT revolves around timing. As there are a fixed number of question types that can appear on the test, extensive practice makes sure that you have a strategy to tackle each one. Taking timed practice tests that mimic the actual test conditions is imperative, and so is looking at the answer explanations for the questions you get wrong.
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