Law Schools in Australia

Law schools in Australia

Unlike USA and Canada, Australia offers both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in law.


Australian law schools offer various degrees such as LLB (Bachelor of Laws), JD, GDLP (Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice), LLM (Master of Laws), and PhD. To study law in the country, you require an education equivalent to the Australian Year 12 qualification.

However, some law schools, such as those of the University of Melbourne, admit students to the JD course based on their university degree and on the LSAT scores.

For admission to a postgraduate law course, you require to hold a law degree and prove your proficiency in English.


The JD application process is same as it is in the US: applicants can register and prepare for the LSAT, research law schools, register for the CAS, and apply online by sending transcripts and recommendations.

Tuition fee

The annual LLB course tuition fee is in the range of A$36,000-A$47,000 (US$25,500-US$34,000) at reputed universities such as the University of Sydney, Monash University, and Murdoch University. Additionally, living expenses for international students might come up to at least A$20,300 a year.

How to become a lawyer in Australia


Academic requirement

To become a lawyer in Australia, you should complete the academic degrees such as LLB (Bachelor of Laws) or JD (Juris Doctor).

The LLB is a four year duration degree, however those who’ve completed their undergraduate degree in another stream can complete LLB in three years.

There are dual degree programs as well in which you can study law along with another programs like arts, commerce, science, engineering, media to name a few. Though this would take 5+ years, you’d have an alternate career option other than law once you graduate.

The JD is a post-graduate degree and can be completed in three years. It is suitable for those who have completed their undergraduate degree in another discipline or from a different legal system.

Practical Legal Training (PLT)

In addition to completing the academic requirement, it is compulsory to complete Practical Legal Training (PLT) or Supervised Legal Traning inorder to practice as a lawyer in Australia.

The PLT (also known as Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice or GDLP in short) is the more commonly adopted route. It can be completed in a six monthe period and can be taken online or at the education center. It would comprise coursework as well as work experience that’ll help you apply your acquired skills to real-life legal issues.

Supervised Legal Training would involve a minimum 12 month supervised training in law to gain on-the-job practical experience.

After completing your GDLP, you apply for admission to legal practice in a state where you would be practising. After securing a Practising Certificate, you can decide to remain a solicitor or become a barrister and chose to complete LLM.

To become a barrister, you need to complete the Bar Reader’s Course and pass the Bar Examination.

Top ranking law schools in Australia

Some of the top reputed law schools in Australia include the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Australian National University and Monash University.


The average annual salary of lawyers in Australia is A$69,000, and the range A$49,000-A$117,000, according to Payscale.
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