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Free Online SoP Reviewer Software

Free Online SoP Review Software

Automatic SoP reviewer software

The Statement of Purpose (SoP) is arguable one of the most important components of your masters application, whether it’s for MS or MBA programs. It’s the only component where you can be creative, and break away from the clutter of similar looking candidates.

Think about it. Your GPA, resume, GRE test scores are all objective pieces of the puzzle. Your SoP is the only piece that gives you the freedom to share who you are beyond the numbers, what drives you and why you deserve the admit more than anyone else.

That freedom also makes the SoP a tough nut to crack. It’s very important to get it reviewed by an expert who can look at it objectively and give you feedback.

MBA Crystal Ball offers SoP review services for serious MS and MBA applicants who want to go beyond the freebies available online. Send us an email if you’d like to work with one of our experienced consultants:

info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

If you haven’t reached that stage yet, we’ve created a fun and free software tool for you to play around with. You can use it to identify and address the structural issues in your SoP draft and get it to a stage where a human can do a more advanced and nuanced evaluation of what the free reviewer missed out.

Free SoP Reviews?

A free SoP review sounds enticing. But unlike being able to download free SoP samples, it is not practical to expect a professional and experienced MS application reviewer to do a free SoP review.

As an alternative, you can approach people you know and trust – like your colleagues, friends, current students – who’ve gone through the process.

The flip side is that they may not be experienced in reviewing it from an admission officer’s perspective, and may shy away from giving you genuine, and brutally honest feedback.

Free SoP review online software

If you can’t find a person your know who’ll do it for free, and you don’t want to hire a professional SoP reviews expert, an online software might be worth a test drive.

Conceptualized and developed by Sameer Kamat, our SoP reviewer software uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) principles and our understanding of how essays are structured.

Before you get too excited, be aware that even the best free SoP software tools cannot mimic the human brain. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Process (NLP) haven’t evolved to that stage yet.

At best, online SoP reviews can give you an indication to what is structurally right or wrong with your SoP draft.

What to expect

Here are some features of our free online SoP review software.

  1. Statistics

    Other than the basics (count of words, sentences, paragraphs), it also highlights the number of very short & very long sentences, and complex words.

  2. Catch Typos

    This could help you catch some spelling mistakes that might’ve sneaked in, if you didn’t use a standard text editing tool.

  3. Clichés

    While ok in moderation, clichés tend to be seen as fillers and are usually not expected in formal writing such as SoPs.

  4. Lexical diversity

    In simpler terms, it’s an indication of your vocabulary. This section will tell you if you’ve overused several words.

  5. Voice Check

    Generally speaking, an active voice sounds more impactful compared to passive voice in formal writing. You’ll find out if where you’ve deviated.

  6. Reading Ease

    The difficulty of your writing has to be kept in mind considering your intended audience. This section tells you where your SoP stands on difficulty spectrum using multiple industry standard definitions.

  7. Coherence

    When you’re communicating complex ideas, you need to use structures that connect the various building blocks. This section helps you where you need to improve.

Here are some limitations to be aware of:

  • It cannot find logical flaws or infuse emotions in your writing.
  • It does not check for grammar.
  • Some results may seem too technical, making the report a tad difficult to fully comprehend. Depending on your feedback, we could consider making it easier to understand in subsequent versions.
  • You may find several false positives in the results. For instance, words such as would’ve you’ve may show up as typos, as they’re technically not independent, individual words. You can ignore such results and move on.

It is far from being accurate or fool-proof. In fact, if you intentionally try to fool it with garbage text, you will be successful!

But when used as designed, it may still offer some solace during the GRE preparation journey when you’re experimenting with your SoP.

How to use the Free Online SoP Reviewer software

You don’t need to download any software. The free SoP online reviewer is available online. And unlike other websites that use such tools to capture your email and then bombard you with promotional material, we’ll won’t ask you for personal details. And we’ll give you the analysis results immediately.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Write your SoP draft offline in any editing tool (such as MS Word) which offers a grammar check.
  2. Copy and paste the SoP (simple, unformatted text) in the box below.
    [Wait for the text box to load. If it’s taking too long, refresh the page.]
  3. Click on the ‘Analyze’ button.
  4. Your SoP analysis will be displayed instantly.


If you have ideas, issues or experiences related to our automatic online SoP reviewer software, share them as a comment under this article: How to write an SoP
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Disclaimer: This is a proprietary software tool we’ve developed. It is not an alternative to working with an experience SoP consultant. So use it with caution and at your own risk.