ISB vs IIM: Which is betterIt’s an India specific problem that MBA aspirants from other countries don’t face. Blame it on regulatory policy constraints or a lack of consistency or an overload of creativity, we are stuck with management program names that confuse more than clarify what the student is getting.

Consider this:

  • The traditional 2 year degree you get from IIM isn’t technically an MBA degree, it’s a diploma called PGP (Post Graduate Programme).
  • ISB Hyderabad started offering it’s own PGP (again, not technically an MBA). But the program format and the class composition for this PGP is very different from the IIM PGP.
  • In close pursuit, many IIMs started offering their own versions of shorter programs to compete with ISB. But they couldn’t call them PGP (as they’ve already been using that name for the longer programs). So they got creative and started giving them 3/4 letter acronyms (PGPX, EPGP, IPMX) that don’t sound remotely close to an ‘MBA’.

While we’ve tried to clarify this in earlier articles and on our forum, every new year brings forth a new generation of MBA aspirants who are scratching their heads and wondering which is better – ISB PGP or IIM PGP or IIM XYZ.

November 30, 2015

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It’s an India specific problem that MBA aspirants from other countries don’t face. Blame it on regulatory policy constraints or a lack of consistency or an […]
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