Supply Chain Management Game | MBA Crystal Ball

How to play the game

Don't start the game unless you've read these rules first --> SCM Game Guidelines.

Proceed only after you are familiar with the concept and game screen layout. As you are taking over an existing and running supply chain, you'll find some data already filled in.

- Step 1: Review the Status - Check out the total demand (calculated as New Customer Orders + Backlog) and see if there's enough quantity in the inventory to satisfy the demand. Also, check the status of the goods in transit.

- Step 2: Enter production quantiy - Based on the previous step, decide on how much you need to produce. Keep in mind the delays that'll happen before the products can reach the inventory.

- Step 3: Submit the decision - The supply chain logic works behind the scenes to process your request and display the updated status for the next week.

Repeat the process till you achieve equilibrium (Success!) or till your probation period ends (Failure!).

- View Results: The final screen will show you an analysis of how you performed. You'll also learn the basic theory at work, so you can pull up your socks and try to do a better job in the next attempt.

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