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Robotics Specialization

This course provided by the University of Pennsylvania, introduces you to how robots are able to perform complex tasks, the various places and situations where robots have been made use of and their future potential. Also includes a project where you’ll pick up skills to program a robot to perform movements such as flying and grasping objects.
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Cybersecurity Specialization

This course created by the University of Maryland covers the various concepts that are made use of in building up a secure system, including hardware, software and the user interface, using cryptography. It includes hand-on experience and modern day examples.
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Android App Development Specialization

This course from Vanderbilt University will teach you how to use core Java programming languages features & software patterns required for mobile apps with core Android components and fundamental Java I/O & persistence mechanisms.
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Software Product Management Specialization

This course will cover Agile software management practices. You’ll be able to apply the techniques you learn in the capstone project.
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Architecting with Google Cloud Platform Specialization

This course developed by the Google Cloud Training Team includes services provided by Google Cloud Platform including creating solutions involving securely interconnecting networks, customer-supplied encryption keys, security and access management and resource monitoring.
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Cloud Computing Specialization

This course is a part of the online Master of computer science degree offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This specialization comprising six courses gives you an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing systems.
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Algorithms Specialization

This course created by Stanford University provides an introduction to algorithms. This specialization is for those with at least some programming background.
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Fundamentals of Computing Specialization

This course covers most of the first year computer science curriculum at Rice University. You’ll learn Python programming skills and build more than 20 fun projects.
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Object Oriented Programming in Java Specialization

This specialization offered jointly by Duke and UC San Diego can be a good addition for those whose wish to make a career as a software developer. This course will cover object – oriented design using Java so that you’re able to solve more complex problems and develop programs to handle huge amount of data.
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Virtual Reality Specialization

This course from the University of London will teach you the skills required to develop your own virtual reality game.
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Game Design and Development Specialization

This course created by the Michigan State University makes us of Unity 3D game engine to cover the theoretical and practical aspects of video game production. In addition, you’ll also be acquiring the required business knowledge for positioning yourself and getting your game to the market.
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Leadership Development for Engineers Specialization

This specialization from Rice University is for engineering who wish to take up leadership and managerial roles within the organization. This course will help you to assess your strengths and weaknesses , manage relationship, resolve issues or conflicts, plan goals for the success of a project.
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