Indian MBA Network for applicants & top business school alumni

Free MBA Networking for Indian Applicants/Alumni

Ask any MBA applicant to the top-ranked business schools. One of the key expectations people have from the top MBA programs is a strong and powerful network of batchmates, alumni and other contacts made during the course of their MBA sabbatical. 

But the price to be paid for that envious network is pretty steep too – at least a 100,000 dollars if we are talking about the elite MBA universities.

MBA Crystal Ball gives you the platform to start building your MBA network BEFORE you join an MBA program. For Free!

Our LinkedIn group has a growing number of MBA aspirants and high-potential MCB alumni from India and abroad. Check out the profiles of some of the existing MCB LinkedIn members to see what we are talking about. Strong profiles from almost every possible sphere – IIT-ians, successful entrepreneurs, finance wizards, marketing geniuses, technical whizkids from all over India and abroad.

Sooner or later, you will need to tap into your list of contacts – for seeking information, for jobs or for establishing business relationships. And as is the case with relationships, the earlier you start, the better and stronger it gets with time.

How to join our MBA network

Step 1: Establish a context

You don’t have to be an MCB client to join. It helps if you are though, as we’d directly know you then and that puts us in a better situation to recommend you to other folks from the MCB network.

If you have not worked with us, here’s what you can do to let us know that you are special and you have taken some effort to know us better:

1. Follow us on Twitter
Here’s our Twitter page –> @mba_cb. Follow us and tweet something (interesting / useful / funny) to us. Re-tweet what you like.


2. Like us on Facebook
Here’s our Facebook Page. Respond to our posts there or share them. Tell us if you like it, hate it or want to see something else.

Step 2: Send us the LinkedIn invite

After you’ve followed out company page, go to our  LinkedIn profile, send us an invite on info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com.

Don’t use the standard LinkedIn wording. That tells us nothing about you. Personalise the message. Something lke this would be effective:

“Hi, I am [an MBA aspirant / MBA alum / confused soul / your long-lost rich uncle interested in adding you to my will]. I have been following [your tweets / posts / book / PJs] since [tell us when: last night / last month / World War II]. I’d like to add you to my network [tell us why: ].”

There are many who have been in touch with us for years. It’s easy to accept LinkedIn requests from them. If you have just joined the party, allow us some time to know you. Tell us something about yourself – impress us, make us think/laugh – anything that helps us ‘connect’ with you.

Why even bother?

Because it’s good practice for you. You’ll have to go through pretty much the same process (while reaching out to alumni, employers, professors etc) when you start your MBA.

Unlike social media follows/likes, LinkedIn still needs mutual consent for a connection to be established. Which is why folks use it for professional networking. The more selective a network, the more is its net-worth!

So go ahead and start polishing your self-introduction skills.

It’ll make us more excited to have you in our network and you can pat yourself on the back for a well-executed networking strategy.

We are waiting to add you to the MCB family!