ILPSE | INSEAD Leadership Program for Senior Executives – India


For professionals in India looking at top tier part-time management education programs, INSEAD offers a Leadership Program for Senior Executives – India (ILPSE).

Note: This program was earlier called Leadership Program for Senior Indian Executives (ILPSIE). It has now been rebranded to ILPSE, (maybe) to make it more appealing to non-Indian candidates.

INSEAD ranks among one of the leading business school offering multicultural diversity to the students with its two campuses spanning across two continents: the Singapore campus in Asia and the second one at Fontainebleau, France. This program is popular for its focus on entrepreneurship and prepares the candidates to become business leaders.

The high growth rate in India over the last decade and the tough competition among companies to excel has led to a demand for an MBA among senior Indian executives. Sensing this growing trend INSEAD has come up with a program (ILPSE) specially targeted to suit their requirement.

INSEAD ILPSE caters to Indian senior executives’ need for management education. This program provides fresh perspectives on business knowledge, helps improve interpersonal skills and prepares them at a global level to become effective leaders.

INSEAD in association with Eruditus is the first international business school to offer such a program specially customised for Indians. This program is targeted for senior professionals with a minimum of 10 years and an average of 12-15 years experience. It is a one-year program and comprises of highly-immersive classroom sessions across Singapore, France and India. In addition to these, 10% of the content is by means of online pre-programme tutorials and telepresence sessions.

The advantage of this program is that it is quite intensive and you can pursue it along with your job. The fee for this course is Rs. 18.0 lakh. The first batch of INSEAD ILPSE started off in August 2011 and had around 56 senior executives participating in. Considering the INSEAD brand, this program is likely to achieve good response and draw favourable results.

ILPSE INSEAD Essay Questions

Describe your career goals and aspirations – over the medium as well as long-term horizon. What do you see as the biggest barriers to realising those goals?

In your view, how (if at all) will participating in ILPSE help you advance towards these goals and aspirations?

What are your three most significant accomplishments so far?

Looking back at your professional life, describe your biggest failure. What did you learn from it?

Word limit for each essay: 400 words.

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